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660 Encounter in Antarctica

Chapter 660: Encounter in Antarctica
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Ye Mo was feeling colder and colder in the water. The submarine seemed to be heading towards Antarctica. Even Ye Mo couldn't take it after being in the water for so long, and the water just kept getting colder and colder.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to go to the surface to take a breathe, he felt an extreme sense of impending danger. He jumped out of the sea without hesitation, and a missile exploded at the spot he had been before.

Ye Mo's face was very bad. He didn't expect to be caught already, yet he was still stupidly following this submarine and getting frozen in the sea.

Ye Mo knew that it was pointless to follow the submarine anymore. The only option was to destroy it before it sent any news of him out.

Thinking like that, Ye Mo shot out his flying sword without hesitation, and it turned into a white ray of death.

Ye Mo wouldn't allow any news of him to be sent out whatsoever.

The submarine that just floated up a little was sliced open, and the immense water pressure immediately killed everyone inside.

Ye Mo cursed. He had been following the sub for so long and failed at the last minute.

Ye Mo came to the surface and shot a few fireballs around himself to wash away and evaporate the sea water.

Looking around, he was already near Antarctica. Ye Mo went onto the ground nearby and searched around with his spirit sense. He was sure that the submarine had only discovered him at the end. It couldn't have found out about him immediately, so the submarine must've been heading to somewhere near there.

But what entered Ye Mo's vision was all just snowy white. Ye Mo didn't find any place suitable for living. As sea water splashed on some rocks, they revealed the only colors that weren't white.

A few penguins were slowly walking on the rocks, and Ye Mo stopped looking. Other than those animals, he really couldn't think how a normal person would be able to live there.

Perhaps the submarine just wanted to stop there for a bit? Ye Mo shook his head and went onto the snow.

The snow was very deep but sturdy. Ye Mo simply left two footprints behind, but he didn't sink in.

Ye Mo walked a few steps and stopped. His gaze was set on a print next to his foot. It was very faint, and if he didn't happen to walk right there, he wouldn't have noticed it. It was clearly a footprint, so someone had passed by there before.

Ye Mo looked around carefully, but there was only that footprint and nothing else. But if someone had been there, they couldn't have just left behind one footprint, and indeed, four meters away, Ye Mo saw another footprint.

It was obviously the same person's. Someone who could travel four meters with one step? Ye Mo immediately became careful - this person was definitely an ancient martial artist if he was able to travel that far with every step.

Ye Mo squatted and pressed on the footprint. It seemed a bit hard.

Ye Mo soon realized that he was missing something. Although there were only four meters between the two footprints, they faced different directions. As Ye Mo kept looking, he found that this person actually crossed at least six or seven meters with every step. This guy was a master!

This person had come to the sea and gone back. What did he do at the seashore? When Ye Mo followed the footprints some more for a few kilometers, he finally understood. The footsteps going to the seashore seemed lighter, while the footsteps away from the seashore seemed heavier. This person must've been carrying a lot of things when he left, which meant that he had come to the seashore to hunt for food.

This was someone who permanently lived there. Someone who could live in Antarctica permanently was no ordinary person. Ye Mo followed the footprint for more than ten kilometers at which point the tracks completely disappeared.

Even Ye Mo had to commend this person for running that far to get food.

Ye Mo looked carefully around the area where the footprints disappeared but didn't find anything. He was a little disappointed. He was sure that someone was living there, because there wouldn't be such footprints otherwise.

However other than some glaciers, the most eye catching thing around was a tall mountain in the distance. Ye Mo estimated it to be over 4000 meters above sea level.

Ye Mo came to the foot of the mountain. He believed that if that person really lived somewhere in the area, it would be there, because that would be the place he would choose too.

When Ye Mo found more footprints near the foot of the mountain, he became excited. The footprints in between missing might be caused by the wind.

Although there was just one footprint there, Ye Mo still looked around carefully. What bewildered him was that the temperature at the foot of the mountain seemed to be even colder.

A few hours later, Ye Mo stood shocked in front of an extremely hidden valley and murmured, "Hidden formation."

This was definitely something from the cultivation realm - how could it appear on Earth in Antarctica?

Were there really cultivators there? Ye Mo suddenly thought of that Lu Yingying he met at He Feng. Her grandpa had gotten a spirit gathering formation disk to grow the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass. Theoretically, that wasn't something ancient martial artists should be capable of making.

This was the second time Ye Mo found something related to dao cultivation.

But this formation was of a much higher level than that spirit gathering formation disk. This formation didn't require spirit stones and could self-sustain on the scarce spirit chi in the environment. Even he couldn't make such a thing at the moment.

Ye Mo was amazed and didn't know how to deal with it.

Although he could just go in, what if there was an ancient monster living inside? That would be suicide.

But he would be unsatisfied if he didn't go in. He had finally found some cultivation ruins, perhaps he could find what he needed there.

The best approach would be to wait until he got stronger and then come back, but Ye Mo knew that if he didn't have another magical encounter or some spirit herbs, he wouldn't be able to reach a higher level.

Cultivation was to seek freedom, and an opportunity was right in front of him, but he was actually afraid. Ye Mo thought, 'If I don't even dare chase after such an opportunity like this one, then even if there will be more opportunities in the future, I will never be able to get stronger.'

Moreover, since this person still left footprints behind, it meant that he wasn't a supreme master. Would a true master leave any footprints at all? No, he wouldn't even leave half a footprint.

Thinking in that manner, Ye Mo didn't hesitate anymore and stepped into the hidden formation. After walking a few steps, Ye Mo disappeared from the valley entirely.