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655 Another Wave of Trouble

Chapter 655: Another Wave of Trouble

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Ye Mo immediately knew that something was bad when he saw Xu Yuehua's face. He immediately asked, "Sister Yuehua, what happened?"

Xu Yuehua calmed down upon seeing Ye Mo's calm face.

She had been worrying a lot, though. Before, she was worrying about the US and those other countries who wanted Luo Yue's wealth, not about Indonesia. If they used Indonesia as an excuse to attack Luo Yue, then Luo Yue would be really facing hardship. That army wouldn't be a one hundred thousand men army. It would be a one million men army.

And the Union had too many ways to deal with Luo Yue - they didn't even need to send an army. All they had to do was lock down Luo Yue geographically and Luo Yue would go bankrupt. Luo Yue was a city completely reliant on import.

"Something happened on Bali," Xu Yuehua replied.

Ye Mo thought, 'This Meng family fortune telling art is powerful indeed. Something really did happen on Bali.' Ye Mo nodded, "Have we retreated out of Bali already?"

"Yes, our armies left an hour ago, but five tourists have gone missing from our military camp," Xu Yuehua replied.

Ye Mo frowned and said quickly, "Even if they did, that shouldn't be too much of a problem, right?"

Ye Mo knew that this would reduce Luo Yue's popularity and increase the enmity of other countries, but Ye Mo had already warned Huang Yinian about it, so the first thing they did when they took over Bali was to protect the tourists properly and send them to the airport.

This was to prevent Indonesians from causing chaos and killing people while blaming it on Luo Yue.

Xu Yuehua said worriedly, "People have released clips of these five tourists going into Luo Yue's military camp. Among them are three women, two of which are very important people."

Ye Mo felt like that wasn't normal. It was normal for people to go missing in war, but for them to happen to have been filmed going into Luo Yue's military camp before disappearing? That wasn't normal.

Xu Yuehua said, "Two of the five are American, two are British and one is Indian. The most troublesome are the two British women. They're a mother and daughter pair, more precisely the wife and daughter of the late Marquis Rodd. After Marquis Rodd died, his wife and daughter worked very hard as philanthropist and are deeply loved by the British people. They were touring in Bali when the war started and went missing in Luo Yue's military site."

Ye Mo realized that they must've been set up. How could there be such a coincidence?

"Has the news gotten online?" Ye Mo asked.

Xu Yuehua nodded, "Currently, the British citizens are very angry and ask Luo Yue for an explanation. Although the US and India haven't made any announcements, I'm sure they will soon."

Ye Mo realized that this had probably been done by the US. If Luo Yue could start war with Indonesia for a few employees, then the British would have all the more of a reason to start a war when members of their nobility went missing.

And if England wanted to attack Luo Yue, the US would help them for sure. If India joined them too, then Luo Yue would be facing enemies from three sides.

"How is Commander Huang dealing with that now?" Ye Mo asked.

"He ordered Liang Di to take a squadron of soldiers, search the campsite and search for clues. Although he wanted to send the army back, I figured that that wouldn't be appropriate, so I stopped him," Xu Yuehua answered.

Ye Mo nodded, "You did well. Not only should Commander Huang retreat, but so must Liang Di. I will deal with this myself. When our army returns, install the maximum defensive state until I come back."

If Huang Yinian brought the army back to Bali, that would be falling for their scheme. Luo Yue would lose its credibility, and Huang Yinian wouldn't be able to find any clues anyway.

Ye Mo was sure that making Huang Yinian return to Bali was one of their goals, but if that didn't happen, then their second goal was probably to have England, US and India start a war with Luo Yue with a good reason.

Ye Mo knew that only he could deal with this problem. As long as those five weren't dead, he would find them. And Ye Mo believed that they wouldn't kill the five so easily.

"Yes," Xu Yuehua replied.

"Hold on-" Ye Mo stopped her again and said, "These five tourists can't have disappeared magically, so check the soldiers that were stationed there at the time of the five's disappearance as well as the soldiers' higher ups."

Xu Yuehua was shook. It's not like she hadn't thought about checking them, but she subconsciously didn't want to. But since this had happened, it meant that there had to be traitors somewhere. She wondered if Huang Yinian had realized that.

"No matter who it is, if you find him, lock him up immediately and wait until I come back. Remember to send me the results immediately," Ye Mo said.

As soon as Xu Yuehua left, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue appeared together. Hearing that Ye Mo was going out, Ning Qingxue helped Ye Mo tidy his clothes and said, "If I had known this earlier, I wouldn't have asked you to build a city. I didn't think it would give you this much trouble."

Ye Mo held Luo Ying's and Ning Qingxue's hands and said, "It's not that hard, and I'm doing this for our future. I want everyone in Luo Yue to be able to live peacefully and happily. I want to be able to enjoy walking in the city and cultivate here in peace."

Luo Ying grabbed Ye Mo's hand in satisfaction and didn't talk.

Ye Mo kissed the two and said, "Wait for me. When I come back, we will have our wedding."


The White House was holding an urgent meeting when they suddenly received news that five tourists had disappeared from Luo Yue's military camp. And Luo Yue had only retreated after they disappeared. Luo Yue's army obviously couldn't distance itself from this. The US President felt like laughing.

With his wits, of course he knew that this had happened due to someone scheming against Luo Yue.

He knew that after this happened, the US would be the first Luo Yue would suspect, but he didn't care anymore. The US would have loved to have done it, but someone else just did it for them. No matter why someone had done it, he liked it a lot.

Because he had an excuse to do something now.

"Pause the meeting, I need to call the British Prime Minister," the US President said.