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654 Means to Serve a Purpose

Chapter 654: Means to Serve a Purpose

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The fire outside seemed to be getting more and more concentrated. Dino looked at Yu Miaodan and said very carefully, "I agree to 10 minutes negotiation. Please, give us 10 minutes time and stop the attack."

Yu Miaodan smiled, "It'd be fine even if you asked for 100 minutes, but I can't command the navy. Politics and the military are separated issues. My City Lord only looks at my report, not my suggestions. Mr Dino, if you really want a quiet and peaceful outside, it's best to settle the negotiations as soon as possible."

Dino's face was green but before he could reply, his assistant gave the phone to him. After the call ended, Dino's expression had gotten calm again. He sat down and said to Yu Miaodan,"Chief Yu, we're willing to give Luo Yue as compensation 70 billion Luo Yue dollars. In exchange, your side must stop the invasion immediately and retreat."

Yu Miaodan said slowly, "It it had been before, that compensation amount would have been just fine - we would have gladly accepted it. However, after this war, our losses are immeasurable."

Dino was so angry that he didn't even want to sit down. He said rapidly, "How much do you guys want? Just tell me!"

Dino wanted to cry. It was no negotiation, they were pointing a gun at his face and robbing him. Luo Yue had lost some missiles at most, but Indonesia's losses that were truly immeasurable.

Yu Miaodan scrolled through the files in front of her and said after a while, "Originally, the City Lord asked for 300 billion Luo Yue dollars."

Dino was almost paralysed after hearing that. 300 billion Luo Yue dollars. It was half of the nation's GDP.

But Yu Miaodan continued, "However, the City Lord wishes to maintain peace, so he has decided to reduce it to 100 billion."

Dino breathed at ease. 100 billion was still acceptable. He wiped the sweat off his head, but Yu Miaodan hadn't finished, "Still, Luo Yue needs a place to stay in the Sunda Strait, so we will be renting the Jason Giambi Island for 99 years."

"No, that's impossible," Dino rejected it without thinking. The Jason Giambi Island was the passage to the Sunda Strait. If it got rent, what about the Sunda Strait Bridge they had been working on these years?

Moreover, the Sunda Strait was one of the US' stations. It was the American 7th Fleet main passage into the Indian Ocean from the Pacific ocean. If Indonesia agreed to that, the US wouldn't let it be.

Yu Miaodan sneered, "Of course, we will give Bali Island back and we won't interfere with the bridge building."

Dino sneered. They had to give Bali back no matter what. Even if he didn't ask for it, other countries would intervene in this matter. Suddenly, he realized that if Luo Yue took over Jason Giambi Island, then the US would have to face a problem when entering the Indian Ocean. That way, the conflict would be just between Luo Yue and the US, Indonesia could get out of that issue. Why should they help the US? Furthermore, that island wasn't a big loss to Indonesia.

If the US and Luo Yue fought, Indonesia could just sit back and reap the benefits. Thinking about this, Dino had a bleak smile. That island would be taken back by the US sooner or later, why would Indonesia help the US? If it hadn't been for them, Indonesia wouldn't have suffered such losses. They would have only had to pay 70 billion Luo Yue dollars.

But now, it was 100 billion and the damage on Bali was immeasurable.

Dino went outside and made a quick call. Then, he ran back in and said, "Okay, we agree. Let's write the agreement now."

Yu Miaodan pushed the files over to Dino and said, "No need, Luo Yue has already signed. We're just waiting for your signature."

Dino looked at the ready printed files and suddenly felt like he had walked into a trap. That feeling wasn't good.

When Mo Hai walked into the meeting room, it was near its end. It seemed that the Union had made a decision while he was away.

When Mo Hai came in, Jipan acted as though he didn't see him. It was obvious that he didn't care about Mo Hai's opinion anymore.

But for the first time, Mo Hai requested to talk. Many people thought that he would be speaking meaningless garbage, but Mo Hai said, "Luo Yue puts international peace as top priority. Considering that peace is hard to obtain and considering the will of the Union, Luo Yue has now reached an agreement with Indonesia. We will retreat from Bali and not attack Java. Perhaps no one believes us, but the moment I entered this room the army had already started retreating."


The news shocked everyone. They had just reached a consensus to attack Luo Yue in order to keep world peace, but Luo Yue was retreating now!

Many country delegates felt at ease. Luo Yue retreating meant that they hadn't really invaded Indonesia and that they were just putting up a show for the Indonesians. After all, they had killed Luo Yue people and then didn't want to pay compensation.

"I suggest to immediately suspend our previous decision about Luo Yue. Luo Yue is retreating, we can't attack them anymore. After all, Indonesia started the problem. If we still attack Luo Yue now, it would be going against keeping world peace," Russia was the first to talk.

Peter immediately wanted to get up and rebuke this idea, but he knew that it would be inappropriate at a time like this. No one would agree.

Ji Pan could rest assured. He was the person who didn't want the war the most.

At that moment, the US President had received the contents of Luo Yue and Indonesia's agreement. He didn't care about how much Indonesia was compensating Luo Yue, but what infuriated him was that Indonesia had actually rented Sunda Strait to Luo Yue.

With this, Luo Yue could control the US' every move. He couldn't allow this to happen, but the island belonged to Indonesia. If they wanted to rent it, the US couldn't intervene. He would bet that the reason Luo Yue had asked for the island was to be able to fight the US.

The Indonesian government was garbage. The President wanted to roar, he had no other means to stop it. He even suspected that Luo Yue had already thought of the outcome before they started the invasion.

The US had finally found an opportunity to attack Luo Yue, but it ended before it even begun. If Luo Yue really had calculated all this, they were a political enemy that couldn't be underestimated. They were masters in schemes and shenanigans.

Thinking about this, the US still had another breakthrough point: the Philippines. However, not long after that, his assistant gave him news that Luo Yue and the Philippines had also reached a consensus. The Philippines had asked for peace and resolution after Luo Yue took over Bali. Seeing that the Philippines had come to them first, Luo Yue reduced the compensation amount to 30 billion Luo Yue dollars.

"F*ck!" The President swore and smashed the files on the ground. He felt like he was failure as a president.

Right this moment, the President believed that the person who had orchestrated the plan must have the experience of a bunch of lifetimes. Otherwise, how did he manage to calculate the timing and everything else so precisely?

"Announce right away that we're holding a meeting at the white house." The President was worried, he felt like he was a step behind Luo Yue every single time.

Yu Miaodan admired Ye Mo's means too much. She finally understood what war was now. It wasn't the final goal, but the means to serve a purpose.

They had just provided a simple war plan, yet Ye Mo had calculated everything to the minute.

At the same time, Ye Mo was surprised at the Meng family's fortune telling art's power. When he combined it with the battle plan he had made, many things fit into place allowing him to make the perfect plan.

The only problem was Bali Island, but now that they retreated, they no longer had to worry.

Just when Ye Mo was about to leave and go to the welcoming ceremony for the soldiers, Xu Yuehua knocked on the door desperately.