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652 Luo Yue Offending Everyone

Chapter 652: Luo Yue Offending Everyone

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They hadn't started to fight yet, but letters of help were being sent like crazy. The President felt helpless - Indonesia was too useless. Even if Luo Yue declared war, as long as they could stall Luo Yue for two days, they would lose.

Luo Yue didn't have the power and storage to hold a long-term war. If they were stalled, the world Union army wouldn't take long to arrive to the Indian Ocean. But looking at the letters, the President knew his idea wasn't plausible and Luo Yue seemed to know this. Hence, they had declared war now and began to fight.

Huang Yinian led Luo Yue's fleet into the Indian Ocean like no one was there.

The US wanted to fight back immediately, but they couldn't. Also, even if they did, they had to wait for the approval of the Union. Although Luo Yue's declaration of war wasn't in accordance with the code of peace, they had their reasons - despite them being very ridiculous.

How could the US justify sending an army? They would need a few days to find an excuse, and in a few day's time, Bali would've been devoured by Luo Yue already.

The moment Luo Yue started the war, the US President also urged the Union to hurry up. He knew that for all sorts of reasons the US also had to join the war.

Because if Luo Yue really took over Bali Island, then most of the countries in Southeast Asia would be under the range of Luo Yue's fleet's canons. If that was the case, with Luo Yue's dimwitted brains, they might really attack other countries and even cause World War III. The outcomes might not be that serious, but who knew if Luo Yue would end up trying to control the Indian Ocean?

If the Southeast Asian alliance intervened, then perhaps Luo Yue would take the Strait of Malacca. It was a route connecting the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Many of the US' interests were there.

The US had to control that area. If it went into the hands of Southeast Asian countries, the US could still control it and plan for the future. However, if it fell into Luo Yue's hands, it would be impossible for them to get it back.

If Luo Yue controlled that area, it would only increase Luo Yue's development. How could the US let that happen?

It's tactical use was also very important to the US. If the US controlled the Strait of Malacca, then:

First, they could force the Russian navy to give up going back to their base in the North Vietnam Bay. Second, the Strait of Malacca was near China. It was China's southern gate and an important cruise line for energy. Guarding this region of the sea would allow them to stop China's growth whenever they wanted. Third, if the US Army was stationed there, they could stop the Luo Yue Army from expanding to India or the Pacific.

What the US President feared the most was that Luo Yue would give over the control of the Strait to China once they had it. if China got the Strait, then-

The president didn't dare to keep thinking. But Luo Yue wasn't Iraq. They were countless times stronger than Iraq.

While the Union was holding an urgent meeting, Luo Yue's feet took over Bali Island easily. The Indonesian fleet that tried to stop Luo Yue didn't even manage to get near them.

There were planes flying around everywhere, but Indonesia couldn't stop the planes from dropping bombs. Almost every two bombs, a ship sank.

Looking at the old ships sinking, Huang Yinian felt very satisfied. He didn't need those broken ships, Ye Mo had already taken all of Indonesia's high-quality ships in their previous fight.

It was an uneven battle. Luo Yue had it better in terms of quality and quantity.

Indonesia barely had air force power.

After fighting the battle, Huang Yinian realized how overpowered Ye Xing was. If Ye Xing would have really been working for Northern Sand non-stop, he was sure that World War III would be about to start.

The US was worried that Luo Yue would start World War III, but Huang Yinian knew that Luo Yue wouldn't do that. It was Northern Sand who would.

Despite the Indonesian fleet coming with an aggressive temperament, Huang Yinian could see they couldn't even aim properly. Of course, this was all due to the interference machine.

The battle started quickly and also ended quickly. Under Huang Yinian's lead, Luo Yue's fleet sunk all sorts of ships of different calibres.

They had captured two big ships, two guard ships and three light ships, as well as 5000 soldiers. They were all taken back to Luo Yue to help with construction.

The whole battle didn't even last an hour - most of the time was spent accepting surrenders.

The strongest fleet in Southeast Asia couldn't even resist against Luo Yue's attacks. After this battle, Indonesia wouldn't be able to recover from the losses for at least a few decades.

The most ironic thing was that their ships didn't even get a chance to dock on the bay. This was also partially due to Huang Yinian's experience in maritime warfare.

Without the obstacle of the Indonesian navy, Luo Yue's fleet quickly destroyed all the military facilities on Bali and boarded the island.

Just as Yu Miaodan suggested, Huang Yinian took over the airport first. Afterwards, he sent back all the tourists and he killed the Indonesian agents hidden amongst them.

Luo Yue's power and decisiveness shook the entire Southeast Asia. Not even the Indonesian navy could resist Luo Yue's power. After that, none of the south-eastern countries wanted to support Indonesia.

The moment Luo Yue declared war, the Union immediately reproached Luo Yue and held a special meeting.

But the meeting hadn't finished yet when news of Luo Yue winning the war and taking over Bali got spread. Luo Yue had sent away the tourists, and they acted like they were going to attack the Java Island.

Indonesia was really worried now, Java was different from Bali. This was where the capital of Indonesia was at. It was the political, economical and cultural centre of Indonesia. Moreover, it was also the gate to the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

If Java was taken, Indonesia would be like choking the country. But now, all the maritime power was Luo Yue's and the other countries in Southeast Asia were retreating their fleets, they didn't dare intervene in this at all.

This time, not only the US was angry, but many other members of the Union were also siding with the US. Taking over Bali was barely acceptable, but invading Java would be breaking world peace.