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651 Declaration of War Means Start of War

Chapter 651: Declaration of War Means Start of War

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"Okay in that case, Huang Yinian will be the commander for this war. We don't need to wait, send our ships there immediately. Wait around Bali for the declaration of war, and as soon as we declare war, attack their military facilities," Ye Mo ordered.

Xu Yuehua added, "I agree to the president's decision, but Bali is a global tourist attraction. There are people there on holiday from all over the world. When we start attacking the island, we can't casually deploy missiles or that would cause international problems. So I'd like to know what Commander Huang has to say."

Huang Yinian smiled, "I've long since thought of Bali as a possible point to attack. For one, that would show Luo Yue's dominance, and secondly, it would deal a heavy blow to Indonesia. Most importantly, our outlet store there was smashed, and two of our workers were killed. Now, Bali has been a victim of terrorism more than once during the past ten years."

Looking at Xu Yuehua's expectant eyes, Huang Yinian continued, "So even if we cause an international dispute, we can say that that was Indonesia collaborating with terrorists to attack Luo Yue. We can say that since the Indonesian government hasn't reacted properly, it has clear animosity towards Luo Yue. Luo Yue's rights have been stepped on, and in Luo Yue, justice is the most important thing. Any offenders must pay the price. Of course, we will only attack the military and not the civilians."

Ye Mo nodded. Although this reasoning was a bit far fetched, it was better than nothing. Plus, Luo Yue did indeed suffer heavy losses by Indonesia's hands.

"I believe I might have a good suggestion too," Yu Miaodan said. "Although Bali is big, it won't survive long under our force. I suggest that Commander Huang take over the airport and docks first, after which we can send back all the tourists. As for all the touristic facilities, we can destroy them just like they destroyed our store."

Yu Miaodan didn't say it out loud, but everyone knew that it wasn't realistic to think they could take over Bali for a long time. Even if Luo Yue had the power, the Union wouldn't allow that. Once Indonesia agreed to some form of compensation, Luo Yue's army would have to retreat.

But if they destroyed all the touristic facilities and sent away all the tourists, then that would be a huge blow to the Indonesian economy.

It was an extremely big risk to so much as invade the island of Bali, much less to want to seize it. If Ye Mo wasn't a cultivator, perhaps he wouldn't even be doing it. Ye Mo knew that once most of the power in the world joined together against Luo Yue, Luo Yue wouldn't be able to stop them.

But Ye Mo had his trump cards too. If he really had no other choice, he would use nukes and go around assassinating people.

No one would dare to push a country with nukes too much.

Although this world had all sorts of rules, people with power still made the final calls. For example, if the US wanted to invade a small country suddenly, they could find a hundred reasons to justify themselves.

Power was the ultimate deciding factor.

Meanwhile, Ye Ling was with Tang Beiwei.

Hearing the truth about everything, Ye Ling was dazed for some time before looking at Tang Beiwei in disbelief, "Beiwei, you mean that you're brother's real sister, and I'm not?"

Tang Beiwei nodded and said after a while, "In fact, I'm not sure if I'm his real sister either, but he doesn't want to do any blood testing. He said that we're already true sisters to him, and we will be regardless of any tests. I don't want to lose him as my brother, so I didn't insist on the check either."

"Then that means that I might be his real sister after all?" Ye Ling was pretty worried.

"En, but I understand brother. He doesn't want to lose us two sisters, so when he asks you later, don't disappoint him. He really loves us," Tang Beiwei said as she looked at Ye Ling.

Ye Ling breathed a sigh of relief.

The second day after Ye Mo came back to Luo Yue, Luo Yue suddenly declared war on Indonesia and said that all who helped Indonesia were enemies of Luo Yue.

Unexpectedly though, Luo Yue only declared war on Indonesia and actually gave the Philippines a week to pay Luo Yue 50 billion Luo Yue dollars.

Luo Yue's actions shocked the world once more. Luo Yue was just a newly establishment government. They might have been able to defend against the Union's invasion, but no one believed they could really invade Indonesia.

And this time was special too - Indonesia clearly had someone supporting them, yet Luo Yue still declared war.

Luo Yue was basically just a corporation, but it declared war on a country over the death of a few people. This seemed too childish, didn't it?

And this was with the Union requesting peaceful means. Politicians all over shook their heads - how could they so easily declare war on a country?

Ye Mo only felt contempt at all this, and he really didn't care. Even if an army ten times their size came, he still had a bottle of essence chi pills and with the interference machine, he would be able to at least end the battle in a draw.

He might not be a politician, but that didn't mean he didn't have a brain. He had thought of all the consequences already.

But what happened next ignited the world: ten minutes after the declaration of war, news of Luo Yue's fleet attacking Bali appeared.

Indonesia was worried, and Bali was worried. In fact, Indonesia sunk into chaos. Although they had been buying weapons and acting tough, that was just all an act to gain some bargaining chips.

But Luo Yue was a mad place and had actually declared war, even starting it as soon as they declared it.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's defensive status was just on its regular level. It hadn't believed that Luo Yue would truly start a war over such small matters.

Luo Yue's fleet destroyed Bali's military port without any resistance, only leaving the civilian port intact.

And as Indonesia started crazily amassing an army for Bali, Luo Yue's missiles were already accurately striking military facilities. Bali's defenses were like a layer of paper in Luo Yue's eyes, while its counterattack was rendered useless by the interference machine.

The US President slammed the sheets of paper he was holding on the table in front of him. Luo Yue was crazy!

Indonesia was supported by the US, and he had suggested their course of action. Although the previous president had been impeached thanks to Luo Yue, allowing him to step up, he didn't have any good impression of Luo Yue. He also thought of Luo Yue as having stolen America's land and business.

A large half of the US's gold storage being might also be due to Luo Yue.

Now that he was president, he was confident that he could strangle Luo Yue dead with some time.