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650 Fighting to be Friends

Chapter 650: Fighting to be Friends

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Tang Beiwei liked Luo Ying more, whereas Ye Ling preferred Ning Qingxue.

Xu Yuehua was very happy that Ye Mo had managed to bring both Lu Na and Liang Jun back. Although they hadn't taken a lot of intel, they had been living in the core sector of Luo Yue - they had seen a lot of things.

No matter how strong-willed a person is, it would be hard for them not to spill anything when being tortured.

Ye Mo really wanted to have a private conversation with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue, but he knew that Luo Yue was still in trouble. If it was dealt with properly, Luo Yue would keep soaring in the sky; but if not, they would lose everything.

Hence, he gathered at the big meeting room with Xu Ping, Xu Yuehua and the others immediately.

Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying didn't participate in this meeting because they still had a lot of things to talk about. Furthermore, Ning Qingxue was only responsible for the financial sector - she didn't have to participate in these military meetings.

Although Ye Mo frequently left Luo Yue, he knew everything that had been going on. Ye Xing had planned everything, Ye Mo got very happy each time he came back. The basic outline of the city was already built and the air was very fresh - no rotten ocean smell.

If it hadn't been for the impending war, Ye Mo would have taken Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue around.

All the high-level members of Luo Yue were there. Ye Mo was very satisfied with Xu Yuehua's efficiency. He felt that Xu Yuehua had been no ordinary person before and now that he gave her a chance, she performed extremely well.

Although there were a lot of people helping her, her abilities were unquestionable. Ye Mo knew that she had an enemy that made her go to Hong Kong from time to time. She rarely had time to leave her position lately. If he had time, he would ask her who the enemy was. Regardless of who it was, since she was the city lord of Luo Yue, it couldn't be ignored.

"Okay, since everyone is here, we'll let Siter Yuehua start the meeting. Speak as you wish," Ye Mo said.

Ye Mo knew that whether it was going to war or not, they had to decide today. It wasn't good to drag it on.

Ye Mo said first, "According to the message brought back by our negotiation squad, Indonesia has no intentions of apologizing. Philippines are on the same page as them too. They are even mass buying weapons, I think they are threatening us."

"They are small countries, how dare they threaten us? Just send a fleet to annihilate them," Xu Ping said grumpily.

Ye Mo knew that Xu Ping was an ancient martial artist and he wasn't good at commanding battles, but he had had to give him that position. Xu Ping was his second brother, he would never betray him.

As soon as Xu Ping said this, Huang Yinian said, "I support going to war, but our strategy shouldn't just be to send a fleet there."

Xu Yuehua said, "When we first claimed our conditions, the Indonesian officials were very worried. They even said that they would agree if we lowered our demands; however, it's only been a day and their attitude has changed drastically. At the same time, Philippines also joined their side. If we don't react to the outlet incident quickly, perhaps more countries will join their side. So I agree, we need to fight, but how we fight is the key issue."

Ye Mo thought about their words. No one had said it, but he knew that there was someone supporting Indonesia from the shadows. Who was it? America? Or was it some other country?

"The Union stated that we and Indonesia should control our emotions and leave the problem up to negotiation. That we shouldn't start a war so easily," Yu Miaodan said.

"Funny! 'We shouldn't start a war so easily'?! They saying this to us? If we don't do anything, what if they attack us instead? I think that if we're going to fight, we should use do Germany's way: finish them with a lightning war," Guo Qi said.

"That works for other countries, but not Indonesia - they're an island country. We only have 20,000 troops. I think we should gather our power and throw a heavy blow to one target," Sherman said.

Xu Yuehua nodded, but she didn't say anything and just stared at Ye Xing.

"I actually agree with Brother Xu and Sherman. Our newest interference machine is now ready for mobile warfare. It's attached to the Luo Tian Carrier Ship. If we needed to attack an island, we wouldn't even need to go covertly. We could just throw bombs at them," Ye Xing looked at Xu Yuehua and smiled.

When Ye Xing finished talking, the entire meeting room fell silent. After a while, Huang Yinian screamed, "Chief Engineer Ye, did you succeed?"

When they recalled the last war, everyone's blood boiled. It was because they had the most advanced interference machine that they had managed to suppress the allied army.

"Yet, most of our bombs are from Russia and Germany. We can build some defense missiles, but we can't mass produce offensive missiles. We still need some time, and the time we have is very short," Ye Xing said again.

Before anyone said anything, Ye Xing sneered, "If I had some time, we wouldn't even need to send a fleet there to defeat them. I can make a bomb that they won't be able to defend themselves of."

Ye Mo believed that Ye Xing could do it, but they had to fight that war. If Luo Yue was harassed by Indonesia and Philippines and they didn't fight back, they would lose the reputation they had built and more and more countries would do the same.

In another two years, when Luo Yue stabilised, other countries wouldn't even be able to face Luo Yue.

He nodded, "No one can treat Luo Yue like this. We must fight Indonesia and Philippines. As for how we fight, I trust that Ye Xing has other steadier ways, but we're trying to show our dominance this time so we must do it in the most direct and domineering way. We'll let them know that they can't challenge Luo Yue so easily. Let those clowns who support them understand it too. As for how to fight, I agree with Sherman's method. There's only the Indian Ocean between us, we'll take one of their islands first."

Then, Ye Mo looked at everyone, "Which island should we attack first?"

Huang Yinian smiled, "If it's taking over a place, it'll be quite easy. Bali Island is perfect. It's not small, and it's Indonesia's main tourist attraction. It brings Indonesia large amounts of income each year. If we take that place, the Indonesian officials will have to comply."

Everyone agreed to this.