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646 Yan Riverbank

Chapter 646: Yan Riverbank

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Seeing that Ye Mo was just talking to Du Tao and hadn't even looked at him, Qiu Zhixue decided to keep enduring it and asked, "Young Master Mo, do you need me for anything? If not, I-"

Even Du Tao stopped at this point. Although his status made Qiu Zhixue respect him, it really was nothing compared to the Qiu family, so he couldn't just ignore Qiu Zhixue.

Ye Mo glanced at Qiu Zhixue and said, "I heard Li Qiuyang was targeted by the Qiu and Dai family? He even has to go to jail, right?"

Qiu Zhixue heard this, and he was mind-blown. If Ye Mo was going to intervene in that, then their two families wouldn't have a certain victory anymore. Ye Mo was an unreasonable madman who even the President, the Han family, as well as the fading out Zhang family were helping.

But now that Ye Mo had asked, he couldn't just not answer. He quickly said, "There's no such thing. I'm very close to Brother Qiuyang, he's just assisting with the investigation a bit. He'll be fine in no time."

Ye Mo didn't want to intervene in these fights, so he said plainly, "Li Qiuyang has helped me quite a lot. I'm not interested in your business, but I don't want anything to happen to him. Take my word: my patience is limited. If I don't hear news from him quickly, I will go visit your family."

Threats. His words were purely threats. Ye Mo didn't even want to know what was going on, yet he asked for them to let go of Li Qiuyang. Li Qiuyang was an elite of the Li family and had a similar status to his. If they had to let go Li Qiuyang, it would be like a slap in the face. Luckily, Ye Mo said that he wasn't interested in their fights.

Although Qiu Zhixue really wanted to tell Ye Mo that he wasn't even in charge of it and to just please mind his own business, he didn't dare to.

"Yes, I will let them know," Qiu Zhixue suppressed his anger. He really wondered if the Dai and Qiu family together could take on Ye Mo or not.

Because this involved family battles between the Dai and Qiu family, Du Tao didn't intervene. He knew that only Ye Mo would dare talk about it, other people didn't even dare mention it.

After being told off by Ye Mo, Qiu Zhixue no longer had the face to stay there. He didn't even say goodbye to Wang Xu and just left.

Xiao Lei looked at Ye Mo speechless. The gathering had just started, and Ye Mo had already kicked four people away.

Ye Mo smiled and greeted the people he knew before leaving with Luo Ying.

When she saw Ye Mo and Luo Ying leave, Su Mei came back to her senses. She hesitated before looking at Xiao Lei and asking, "Journalist Xiao, how is it that Ye Mo is this- so-?"

Xiao Lei suddenly got bored after Ye Mo left. She got up too and just smiled at Su Mei, but she didn't answer.

She didn't want to talk to Su Mei much because of her attitude to Ye Mo.

"Susu, after I'm done taking care of some things here, we will go back and live together in Luo Yue. One day, we will just stay in Luo Yue and there will be no need to run around," Ye Mo said with guilt to Luo Ying.

He knew that Luo Ying wished to have a peaceful life, yet he was taking her everywhere and made her worry.

Luo Ying smiled and didn't say anything, she just moved closer to Ye Mo. After a long while, she said, "Tell me about her. Is it Qingxue or that girl?"

Ye Mo was dazed and subconsciously asked, "Who is that girl?"

"Then, is it Qingxue?" Luo Ying fell silent. Although she didn't have any blood relations with Qingxue, she was still her aunt.

She had only scanned Qingxue when she saw her, and she didn't look at her carefully. She just knew Qingxue was a pretty girl.

"Sorry, Susu, I-" Ye Mo really didn't know how to explain this to her. He understood what she meant by 'that girl', she was probably talking about Chi Wanqing.

Seeing Ye Mo's guilty expression, Luo Ying smiled and grabbed his hand, "Don't apologize. I don't mind as long as I can be with you. I think that if Qingxue loves you, she won't mind either."

Ye Mo embraced Luo Ying and felt excited. He knew that Luo Ying wouldn't object to it. It was easier for Luo Ying to accept it as she still had memories of Luo Ying Continent.

"Susu, I'll tell you about Qingxue."


Ye Mo told Luo Ying the story as they walked slowly by the Yan riverbank.

After telling Luo Ying everything that had happened, her eyes were red. She had completely accepted Ning Qingxue in her heart. She hadn't expected Ning Qingxue to be such a strong-willed girl and that in order to wait for her, they still hadn't gotten married yet.

If it wasn't for her, perhaps Ye Mo would've died at Shen Nong Jia.

Ye Mo saw Luo Ying's worry and held her a little tighter. The couple just stopped by the riverbank.

After a while, an animal howled and startled them.

Luo Ying caressed Ye Mo's hair and asked softly, "Should we go back now?"

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Wait, something will happen tonight. Things might get bloody. How about I take you to the hotel and come pick you up after I'm done?"

Luo Ying shook her head, "No, I will go with you."

"Okay, we'll do that then." Ye Mo didn't try to persuade her. Regardless of whether she would get her memories back, there were some things people had to face living in this world.

"Susu, did you have a look at the diary I gave you last time?" That book was the most important thing that could help her awaken her memories.

Luo Ying said quietly, "Not yet, I'm still learning the Luo Yue words you taught me. I want to read it after I learn them."

"Okay, remember to tell me once you're done," Ye Mo said with a dirty smile. Luo Ying blushed. Although she really wanted to read it, she didn't want the mood to be ruined by her bad comprehension.

Realizing this, she was just about to kiss Ye Mo when he said, "They're here. Let's watch them from the side."

As soon as Luo Ying and Ye Mo moved to the side, four people gathered there. Only Dai Yong wasn't there. They all had a gun and that Captain Liu even had two. What made Ye Mo realize something was off was that Lu Lin was tied up and there was even some cloth stuffed in her mouth. Ye Mo had seen them on good terms before, why were they tying Lu Lin up now? He was sure that Lu Lin wasn't putting on a show.

Ye Mo spread out his spirit sense and was soon dazed. He saw that the woman with the scarred face was also coming. She was holding a few throwing knives in her hands while hiding.