Strongest Abandoned Son
637 What About a Third One?
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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637 What About a Third One?

Chapter 637: What About a Third One?

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Yeah, how is Luo Ying? Is she there?" Ye Mo could only ask.

Su Jingwen suddenly laughed, "Don't worry, she's more than fine. But be honest with me, have you told Luo Ying about Qingxue? Ye Mo, I really admire how you were able to find both Luo Ying and Qingxue at the same time. Both of them are very hard-to-find women."

Ye Mo coughed. If it wasn't that he hadn't properly heard how Luo Ying was yet, he would pretend he didn't hear anything and hang up the phone. Now that Su Jingwen asked, he chose to say, "You're very pretty too, don't just talk about them all the time."

"…" Su Jingwen fell into silence after hearing that and after a while, she suddenly asked, "Ye Mo, do you mean that I'm the same as them?"

"Uhm-" Ye Mo's EQ wasn't that low, and he could immediately tell what Su Jingwen meant.

Ye Mo didn't know how to explain himself, but Su Jingwen suddenly spoke again, "Luo Ying was worried about you, so she went to find you in Jin City. Beiwei's phone is on her right now. She should be coming out of Jin City Airport in about half an hour."

"Really? Okay, then I'll go pick her up now." Ye Mo felt lucky he had called or he would've missed Luo Ying.

Ye Mo felt that he was neglecting Su Jingwen, so he quickly asked, "Um, Jingwen, how are you guys in doing Ning Hai anyway? I'll be going back to Ning Hai soon, and when I do, do you want to come with me to Luo Yue?"

"I'm not anyone to you, why would I go to Luo Yue?" Su Jingwen's tone was a bit salty.

"Uhm-" Ye Mo really wanted to hang up and see Luo Ying, but he didn't want Su Jingwen to feel bad.

Suddenly, Su Jingwen laughed, "Go see your wife already. With her being that pretty, there must be a lot of wolves staring at her. But Ye Mo, you're married to two people at the same time-"

Hearing this, Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, "It's lucky that I'm in Luo Yue. We haven't announced marital laws yet. It should be fine to marry two wives. I'll make the marital law before our wedding, hehe."

"Then what about three?" Su Jingwen suddenly asked.

"…" Ye Mo was dazed. What did that mean? But the call was quickly hung up.

Ye Mo shook his head and cast his thoughts aside. He had good feelings towards Su Jingwen, but that didn't mean he had to marry her. He already had Luo Ying and Qingxue, and he was very content. If Ning Qingxue hadn't appeared, he would have only married Luo Ying.

Even Ning Qingxue, he accepted her only after she risked her life for him and when he didn't know if Luo Ying was even on the planet. If he had, the results might have been different.


When Luo Ying was prepared to board the plane, a figure suddenly dashed passed her. Although his face flashed by her really quickly, she was sure it had been Ye Mo. That figure passed through the security checks rapidly and went into the tunnel that lead to a flight to Beijing.

"Ye Mo!" Luo Ying called out.

That figure seemed to hesitate for a moment and looked around but still left quickly.

Luo Ying called out again, but the person ahead didn't seem to be able to hear her anymore. She chased over immediately but was stopped by two airport staff members.

"I'm sorry, I saw someone familiar, and I want to go say hi." Luo Ying felt like that face had looked like Ye Mo's, but there was something strange about it. She didn't feel that sense of intimacy, but since she saw it, she had to go confirm whether that person was Ye Mo.

"Sorry, the passage you're taking is the other one. This one is to Beijing, so we can't let you pass."

Luo Ying said desperately, "I just have to ask something, it will take at most two minutes."

The staff members still shook their heads and didn't let Luo Ying pass. Perhaps because she was too beautiful, one of them said helplessly, "You can only go there if you buy a ticket to Beijing. The next flight to Beijing will fly off in 20 minutes."

Luo Ying didn't think much, she just wanted to see if that person was Ye Mo.

She immediately dashed to the ticket sales window and wanted to buy a ticket to Beijing.

"Sorry, the tickets to Beijing have sold out for today, and the plane is about to take off. The next flight is tomorrow at noon," the staff said.

Luo Ying turned around in disappointment. If Ye Mo was really going to Beijing, what was she going to Jin City for?

At that moment, a middle-aged woman ran to the window with a ticket, "I'm sorry, but I can't go to Beijing today. I want to refund this ticket."

"Oh, that's perfect! There's someone right there who wants a ticket to Beijing. You can give it to her." The staff stopped Luo Ying and helped the two perform the necessary procedures.

A few minutes later, Luo Ying had a ticket to Beijing. She didn't expect to be so lucky.

Luo Ying got on the plane as quickly as she could to find the man who looked like Ye Mo. If it wasn't Ye Mo, she would get off immediately.

Right when she got on the plane, she saw that the person she was looking for was going into the bathroom.

After Luo Ying's tension faded and she calmed down, she felt like things weren't right. It wasn't her first time taking a plane. Usually, people weren't allowed to go into the toilet when the plane was about to take flight, and that ticket refund had happened too coincidentally.

The main thing was, when Ye Mo came to Ning Hai, he would contact her as soon as he could. Even if he couldn't come see her, he would definitely call her.

Thinking like that, Luo Ying wanted to get off immediately. She lacked experience, but that didn't mean she was dumb. It was just that she missed Ye Mo too much.

"Hello, please fasten your seat belt and sit down. The plane is about to take off," a flight attendant came up to Luo Ying and asked politely.

Luo Ying wanted to say something, but when she felt the plane rumble, she knew it was useless to say anything now - the plane was taking off.

Luo Ying was sure that these coincidences were a trap. That person definitely wasn't Ye Mo. The intimacy she felt from Ye Mo wasn't something the imitation of a face could give.

Why were these people doing this?

Other than her beauty being a bit special, only Ye Mo could be the reason for her being trapped. It was most likely that, because otherwise, they wouldn't send someone who looked like Ye Mo to catch her attention.

Luo Ying actually calmed down when she realized that. She knew that those people probably wanted to capture her to threaten Ye Mo or get something from him. She wouldn't let them get what they wanted.

Luo Ying was a bit dazed, though. If those people had targeted her, wouldn't that mean Beiwei might be targeted too? She was fine because she still had that powerful gun Ye Mo gave her, but what about Beiwei?

Thinking about this, she wanted to call Beiwei, but there was no more signal.


Ning Hai, in that small house.

Su Jingwen was looking down and fiddling with some flowers, but Tang Beiwei could tell that she was feeling bad. Tang Beiwei didn't know how to comfort her.

"Hey, Beiwei, you said your brother hasn't been with Luo Ying for as long as I have been with him, right? Am I too dumb or too ugly?" Su Jingwen looked up at Tang Beiwei and asked.

Tang Beiwei looked dazedly at Su Jingwen and didn't know what to say.


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