Strongest Abandoned Son
636 Invited again
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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636 Invited again

Chapter 636: Invited again

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Other countries could still compensate Luo Yue and somehow recover their relations, but there was one country that couldn't.

Its inhabitants had overdone it and had killed Luo Yue employees, all backed up by the government.

When Luo Yue made its domineering statement, and as all other countries were trying desperately to repair their relations with Luo Yue at least until they got their interference machines, the Indonesian government fully came to realize that they had done a stupid thing.

Military specialist Malone had already pointed out that Luo Yue's electrical warfare had surpassed the current age. Would Indonesia be able to take on such a beast? Not to mention, that beast was quite close to them.

And then when the US didn't say anything and the Union just said something neutral, Indonesia fell into despair.

If Luo Yue's demanded compensation wasn't so high, they would've paid it already, but that was 90 billion USD they were asking - that was one eighth of their GDP! If they paid that, the country's economy would immediately decline.

But if they didn't pay up, Luo Yue would show that they weren't easy to mess with. Indonesia was so desperate that they even felt like hating South Korea. If that video from South Korea hadn't been exposed, the whole thing would've been really hard to prove. But because that video got exposed, Luo Yue was able to be the victim.

Ye Mo came to Jin City with Shen Qianqian.

Shen Qianqian immediately went back to the Shen family. Although she had lost all of her power, she still had to make some arrangements before she left.

Ye Mo went to the Kang Hai Hospital and met Xu Wei and her family as they were about to leave the hospital.

The entire family was very happy to see Ye Mo. It was thanks to him that Xu Wei's mom had recovered. Although Xu Wei said she had plenty of money, Xu Wei's mother didn't want to keep staying in the hospital.

"Brother Ye, CEO Hu and CEO Luo both came in the morning. By the way, last night Shen Yin also came but didn't find you." Xu Wei hadn't been able to reach Ye Mo's number. Now that Ye Mo had come, she wanted to treat him to food as thanks for helping her.

Ye Mo nodded, "Are you planning on staying in Jin City or going elsewhere? If you don't have a place to go, I can introduce you to Luo Yue."

Xu Wei didn't doubt Ye Mo's words, but she shook her head, "Brother Ye, I've discussed it with my brother, and we're planning on going back to our home place to develop. Shen Yin helped Xiao Wu get an internship. He doesn't need to study anymore."

Although it was regretful that Xu Wei didn't want to go to Luo Yue, Ye Mo wouldn't force her. Also, since he knew that she wouldn't feel comfortable if she didn't invite him to food, he let himself get treated.

The restaurant was high class, but Xu Wei was somehow being quiet. Xu Bingwu seemed to know what his sister was thinking and just kept eating without saying anything either. Only Mother Xu kept looking between Ye Mo and Xu Wei, but she didn't say anything either.

Ye Mo felt like the meal was quite awkward. Although he wanted to say something, he didn't know how to open the conversation either.

After the meal, they left the restaurant. Xu Wei seemed to want to say something to Ye Mo, but she hesitated many times and eventually didn't say it. She just said goodbye to Ye Mo.

Seeing the three leave, Ye Mo knew that that goodbye meant that they might never see each other again. Xu Wei was a good girl, so he wished her family good fortune.

His phone rumbled, and Ye Mo picked up the call. It was Han Zaixin.

"You finally turned on your phone! It's so much pressure trying to call your phone every single time." Han Zaixin heard Ye Mo's voice and felt relieved, but he quickly added, "Don't hang up on me this time."

He knew that Han Zaixin wanted him to help with the Space Flower blueprint, but that already belonged to Ye Mo. Also, even if he got Han Zaixin the blueprint, they wouldn't be able to make it. And even if they did, they wouldn't have the energy source needed for it, because it needed the extreme energy stone.

"Ye Mo, just come to Beijing once, I have something you want here. Besides, you're the instructor of Flying Snow - it's been so long already, yet you still haven't come to visit. I just got a large batch of high quality ores, don't you want to see?" Han Zaixin was like a big bad wolf trying to lure a small innocent rabbit.

Ye Mo knew that Han Zaixin must've encountered some problem. Usually, he wouldn't use such means to get him to come over there.

But Ye Mo was really enticed by those ores.

However, Ye Mo hadn't even had the time to find the snow fox because he had been so busy, much less some ores. If it wasn't for the Five Element Rock being truly precious, Ye Mo wouldn't have gone out of his way to go looking for it either.

If it wasn't for that, perhaps he would have been in the Duan Heng Ranges already, searching for that old nun and the Seven Star Formation. He also wanted to go into the small world to find resources.

Although he really wanted the ores, he still decided to go meet with Luo Ying at Ning Hai first. He was afraid Luo Ying wouldn't like Ning Hai. Luo Ying liked quiet places, while Ning Hai was like a busy market.

"Okay, in that case, I'll be there in one day."

Hearing this, Han Zaixin immediately hung up the phone. He was afraid Ye Mo would change his mind. He knew Ye Mo's character - if he'd agreed, he would do it.

Luo Ying didn't have a phone, so in order to contact her, Ye Mo needed to contact Beiwei, but her phone was turned off.

Hence Ye Mo immediately called Su Jingwen, and luckily, she picked up.

"Ye Mo, you finally remembered to call me. I-" Su Jingwen sounded quite sour.

Ye Mo patted the back of his head awkwardly. He had this strange feeling towards Su Jingwen that he couldn't really describe.

He really wanted to ask about Luo Ying and Beiwei, but it wasn't good to do so right after the call connected.

"Are you calling because of Luo Ying?" Su Jingwen was the first to speak after some silence.

After Su Jingwen spoke, though, Ye Mo heard Tang Beiwei's voice too. Why was her phone turned off when she was at home?


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