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635 Behind the Scenes

Chapter 635: Behind the Scenes

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Ye Mo dared declare war without looking for allies first just because Luo Yue's store was smashed and a few people died?

Although Xu Yuehua was the one in charge of Luo Yue now, since Ye Mo had spoken, she wouldn't disagree.

Shen Qianqian was also dazed. When Ye Mo put down the phone, she asked, "Ye Mo, were you talking to the City Lord of Luo Yue, Xu Yuehua? And you wish to declare war on Indonesia? Who are you?"

Ye Mo put down the phone and smiled, "Many people have asked me this, but you can find that out when you get to Luo Yue. All I will say is that even though Sister Yuehua thinks that I'm not suited for politics, the truth is that it's not that I don't know how to deal with politics, but that I can't be bothered to. Now, if you still want to go, I will give you a number to call."

"Yes, of course I want to go," Shen Qianqian replied without hesitation. No matter who Ye Mo was, it was her dream to go to Luo Yue.

Ye Mo looked at the store owner, "Do you have a recording of the two women admitting to their scam?"

The store owner seemed to have realized that Ye Mo wasn't ordinary and immediately said, "Yes, there's a video recording."

"Okay, send that video recording to our official website. You might be able to get promoted thanks to it," Ye Mo smiled.

The store owner immediately realized that it was a good opportunity. If he was the one to provide evidence of the scam, his higher ups would promote him for sure.

He respectfully sent Ye Mo and Shen Qianqian away before dealing with the recording.


Before Ye Mo left Qizhou Island, Luo Yue once again caught the attention of the world.

Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals had been accused of selling fakes in many different stores. In some countries, the stores were even robbed and smashed, and most western countries sued Luo Yue. Indonesia's store was the most absurd case. Not only did some people demolish the whole store, but multiple employees were even killed. The Indonesian government had then actually voiced their support to the culprits and asked Luo Yue to compensate those people.

Those who didn't know better thought that something had really happened to Luo Yue, but those with a clear mind knew that it was probably a new plan targeting Luo Yue.

Many people thought that Luo Yue's sales would start plummeting, yet after one day of negotiation, Luo Yue made a strong statement.

The statement declared that the accounts of fake medicine were fraudulent and a case of them being framed. Luo Yue's base promise was that Luo Yue would never sell fake products.

Luo Yue stated that they would halt all collaboration with those countries that had treated Luo Yue unfairly.

As for Indonesia, because Luo Yue was a peace loving country, they 'only' requested Indonesia to compensate 70 billion Luo dollars and hand over the culprits in order to avoid war. If Luo Yue did not receive this as well as an apology within one week, they would declare war.

The day Luo Yue made this claim, Luo Yue's official website uploaded a clip of two women admitting their claims had been fraudulent.

Although people didn't know why the two women would admit to everything, there were a lot of witnesses in the video, so it was soon confirmed that the video was not fake.

After Luo Yue pulled out of their cooperation with some countries, those countries began to worry. They didn't think such small matters would be taken so seriously. Thinking about how their military deals had gone to waste due to some minor issues, those countries became desperate. Representatives quickly started to fly to Luo Yue to ask for peace and a resolution.

The Korean government was all the more annoyed. Due to two women's greed, the interference machine they had been about to get and their collaboration with Luo Yue was gone with the wind! How could they deal with this? The world was getting more and more unsettled, and if some other country with interference machines went to war but you didn't have any, like the Korean army now, you would be crippled.

At the same day Luo Yue made the announcement, the two policemen were taken away, and the South Korean government did the best they could to help catch the mastermind in order to get Luo Yue's forgiveness and continued cooperation.


After these events, Ye Mo felt like all those cases didn't seem to have a direct connection to many countries. Unless they were idiots, those countries wouldn't do that. It didn't benefit them in any way and instead only caused trouble with Luo Yue.

Even if the countries did want to do something like it, they should wait until they got the interference machines. Ye Mo could tell that there might be a third party involved, but he wasn't going to change his plan.

If Ye Mo could have such considerations, so could other people. The incidents had all occurred in countries that had signed a contract for the interference machines.

After thinking it through, people immediately guessed there had to have been a third party involved which wanted to jeopardize the relations of Luo Yue and those countries. Decreasing Luo Yue's sales might have been one target, but stopping the military cooperation of Luo Yue with those countries must have been the main goal.

Those countries also soon understood the situation and knew that they had to find Luo Yue to resolve the matter. In order to do that, they had to investigate the fraudulent claims.

As for Luo Yue's statement about Indonesia, that didn't concern them. So what if they fought? Perhaps thanks to this war, they would find out about Luo Yue's offensive capabilities. Luo Yue's war with the US had only proved that their defense was unparalleled.

The US felt most wronged about the whole thing, and the new US President quickly held a meeting. The US knew that many people would suspect them to have been the mastermind, because the US would definitely like it if Luo Yue got on the bad side of so many other countries, but God knew that they had nothing to do with it.