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634 Is Luo Yue Easy To Mess With?

Chapter 634: Is Luo Yue Easy To Mess With?

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But what truly shocked everyone was the two women's reply.

One woman said, "It's because someone gave us 50 million Won and told us to buy a box of pills here and then switch the pills with the fake ones they gave us. We did not only get the 50 million Won in exchange, but also the beauty pills."

"Yes, that's the case." The other woman said.

Right after they said this though, the women recovered and thought it incredible that they had admitted that. They quickly covered their mouths, but it was too late.

"Are you crazy, how can you admit to that?" the man yelled.

They really admitted it! People looked at them like they were idiots. These three idiots just said this shop sold fake medicine, yet immediately afterwards, they admitted that they were lying.

Only Shen Qianqian knew that it had something to do with Ye Mo, and she wondered 'What can't Ye Mo do?'

The two policemen could no longer take the store owner away and could only take away the three who caused trouble.

"Hmph, we won't leave it at that," the store owner said.

Ye Mo frowned. He found the whole thing very odd. Which idiot would do something like this? How would it benefit them?

Shen Qianqian also felt like it was abnormal. She looked at Ye Mo and said, "Ye Mo, I didn't know you were so patriotic. I know Luo Yue came from China, but why do I feel like there's more to it?"

Ye Mo ignored the store owner and pulled Shen Qianqian into a meeting room and then said, "I'm just looking after my own stuff - I am from Luo Yue, look." Then, he took out a proof of identity as 'Luo Yue's Head Engineer'.

He didn't take out the presidential badge.

"Huh, you're really from Luo Yue?" Shen Qianqian asked in shock. But soon she thought, 'No wonder Ye Mo could take out a face preserving pill.'

Ye Mo took out his phone to charge it and then said to Shen Qianqian, "If you don't want to stay in Jin City, why don't you come to Luo Yue. I'm sure that with your capabilities you could get your hands on the Head of Commerce position."

Shen Qianqian stared at Ye Mo with her big eyes and pointed at him after a while, "So you're a higher up of Luo Yue! You said you came to find me before. It must have all been a plot! You want me to work for you, right?"

Ye Mo approved of her brains. She had already connected the dots. He smiled bitterly, "Yes, when I saw that you weren't living well in the Shen family, I wanted to convince you to go to Luo Yue. Of course, it's fine if you don't want to."

Shen Qianqian suddenly got up excitedly and grabbed Ye Mo's hand, "Who said I don't want to go - I want to go very much! Please help me, I must go. You really are my lucky charm. You gave me the face preserving pill and now, you will help me find work in Luo Yue, I'm too happy."

Shen Qianqian was very happy indeed. She had long since planned to go to Luo Yue but didn't have a way, so now that Ye Mo gave her the opportunity, how could she reject?

"Okay, don't be so hasty." Ye Mo unlocked his phone and was preparing to call Xu Yuehua, but as soon as he opened his phone, he received a call.

"Second Brother, what's up?" It was Xu Ping. He rarely called, so Ye Mo cared about him calling.

Seeing that the call had gone through, Xu Ping immediately said, "Third Brother, if we still hadn't reached you, I would've had to declare war on Indonesia."

Ye Mo smiled, "Second Brother, stop joking. Now is different to before, we can't just casually start wars. We're not strong to the point where we can fight whomever we want. We need a reason to fight-"

Before Xu Ping said anything, Xu Yuehua took the phone.

"President, it's me, Yuehua."

"What's up, Sister Yuehua?" Ye Mo felt that things didn't seem right.

Xu Yuehua was rather calm as she said slowly, "Over the last two days, our outlets in different countries have been experiencing some problems. The stores of more than ten different countries have reported that people were framing us, claiming that we were selling fakes. A few of them have even been knocked down."

Ye Mo's eyes went cold. Things weren't as simple as it looked at first glance indeed. There was obviously someone behind this. Those who didn't know the truth would think that there really was a problem with Luo Yue.

"What's the exact situation?" Ye Mo asked again.

Xu Yuehua replied, "Three stores were cracked down in three countries where the workers weren't hurt, but in Indonesia, six people died. We've closed the store there, and the personnel has come back. Brother Xu is in favor of attacking Indonesia. Although I'm also very angry, I don't believe it very suitable to declare war for just that."

Ye Mo sneered. He knew there were parties that didn't want Luo Yue to develop too rapidly. These means would be effective against other countries, but not against Luo Yue.

Thus Ye Mo said, "Sister Yuehua, concerning the countries that didn't deal with the situation in our benefit, immediately take all of the products we sell there out of circulation and shut down all military and commercial relations with those countries. At the same time, if they have any businesses in Luo Yue, shut those down too until they realise their mistake and pay us enough compensation."

"Okay," Xu Yuehua agreed without hesitating. Luo Yue never had to feel troubled about marketing. When Luo Yue pulled out from a country, the one that should be worrying was that country and not Luo Yue.

And Xu Yuehua knew that halting military and commercial relations meant that those countries wouldn't be getting their interference machines even if they had payed for it already.

"What about Indonesia?" Xu Yuehua knew that Ye Mo wouldn't let that country go easily. Although Luo Yue had almost 300.000 immigrants, it was still far from well-populated, and the citizens didn't have enough solidarity. Thus, Xu Yuehua didn't want to solve things through military means.

"As for Indonesia," Ye Mo's tone went cold, "Halt all of our businesses there and kick their businesses out of Luo Yue. At the same time, stop all relations with them and ask them to compensate 70 billion Luo Yue dollars."

Xu Yuehua took a deep breath. The Luo Yue dollar had about the same worth as the euro. This was 90 billion USD! Xu Yuehua was sure that Indonesia wouldn't pay that.

"I don't think they will compensate that," Xu Yuehua said worriedly.

Ye Mo sneered, "Of course I know they won't. Make a global announcement that when Luo Yue was in the beginning of its development, Indonesia conspired with pirates to attack Luo Yue. We have evidence and many people who are still in captivity. We'll show their faces on TV. Say that Luo Yue had been trying to keep harmony with Indonesia, didn't take things personally, and even sold them some technology, yet this is how they repay us.

They trashed our stores and killed our employees, yet their government not only refuses to punish the criminals, but instead it points the blame at Luo Yue. And under such circumstances, Luo Yue still chooses to resolve things peacefully and only asks for compensation."

Xu Yuehua understood where Ye Mo was going, and she immediately asked, "What about the Union?"

"We'll report our losses to them and tell them that our 20 billion dollar research project was destroyed in Indonesia," Ye Mo said.

"Of course, everything we do needs to be reported to the world. Also, I do want you to say that if Indonesia does not respond within a week, Luo Yue might use military means to resolve the issue." Ye Mo's tone was very cold.

"What?!" Xu Yuehua's hands shook, and her phone almost fell.

"What?!" Shen Qianqian was dumbfounded.