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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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633 Scam

Chapter 633: Scam

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"How can you be here?" Song Benlang reacted very fast, but he knew he was done for no matter what.

Without hesitating, Song Benlang was about to bite his teeth but before he could, he was slapped in the face. The poison along with a few bloodied teeth fell out.

"Is your organization full of rats? Why do you like eating rat poison so much, huh? If I didn't know you guys had this strange fetish, I would've been screwed again," Ye Mo sneered. Although he could save Song Benlang with a lotus life pill, he wouldn't want to waste one on trash like him.

"Don't think you can get anything out of me." Song Benlang's Chinese wasn't as fluent as Sophia's.

Ye Mo sneered, "Tell me this: what is the relationship between the Black Sun Empire and Northern Sand?"

Hearing this, Song Benlang's face changed, and he subconsciously wanted to bite his teeth again, but then he remembered the poison was already on the floor.

Ye Mo wasn't interested in waiting for him to reply. He just patted Song Benlang on the forehead.

Song Benlang wasn't even yellow level, so it was very easy to make him talk.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo left the bar and took Song Benlang's communication device and GPS. As for Song Benlang, he was dead. Ye Mo wasn't interested in chasing after small fry like Sophia or Cassy.

He wanted to find out who the Black Sun Empire would have sent to deal with him. Also, even Song Benlang didn't really know whether the two organizations were related, but Ye Mo felt that they probably were. He just had no evidence yet.

What made Ye Mo feel regretful was that Song Benlang and co. were all just agents doing missions in the outside world, they didn't know where the HQ of the Black Sun Empire was either. They only knew that they would gather in a certain Japanese hotel when HQ summoned them. The location also varied. It seemed like Ye Mo would need to catch some big fish to find out where their HQ was.

Ye Mo guessed that after he cleared Black Star Island, the Black Sun empire must have become much more wary of him.

Messages kept coming into Song Benlang's communicator, but Ye Mo was made to realize that he couldn't understand them, so he just ignored all of them and headed to the location Song Benlang had been luring him to.

When he found that his spirit sense could no longer lock onto the target, he took out Song Benlang's GPS and located a barren beach.

On the beach there was a body long since dead, and Ye Mo knew it was the body of the man Song Benlang had hired to deliver the gold. The wrapped gold was no longer in his hand. There was only a signal emitter, and nothing else.

There was no one around, so Ye Mo scanned the area and came to the conclusion that his opponent must have found out that Song Benlang was killed by Ye Mo. Without enough confidence to face him, he left. He probably took the gold Ye Mo had marked with his spirit sense for research.

Ye Mo wasn't all too disappointed, he got what he came for anyway. He knew that even if that person hadn't retreated, he would've just been able to kill one extra person.

Ye Mo left the beach and headed to find Shen Qianqian. He would ask her if she wanted to go to Luo Yue.

When Ye Mo found her, he found her outside a store in the middle of an argument with someone. The veil usually covering her face was gone, and she looked very angry.

"What's going on?" Ye Mo squeezed over and asked.

Shen Qianqian saw Ye Mo come over and quickly went to his side, "These people are really shameless! I know this store, and it's very reputable for never having sold fakes no matter where. Yet after two women bought something here, they said it was fake and requested a refund. When the police came, they completely listened to their story and helped the two women take the store owner away and even asked the store to close down immediately. The store also had to pay the two women back ten times over."

Ye Mo just realized that they were in front of Luo Yue's store. If it was someone else's business, he wouldn't be able to be sure that they weren't selling fake products, but his business definitely wouldn't.

"Where's the store owner?" Ye Mo asked.

"Here I am." A youth with a slap mark on his face walked over. There was anger clearly visible in his eyes.

Ye Mo looked at him and said, "Who hit you?"

"That woman's husband. That woman framed us, saying we were selling fake beauty pills. Even though when they bought it, I told them to check it on the spot, but they said that they trust our store, so they don't want to. Then, after taking the pills away, they came back and framed us for selling fakes!" the youth explained.

Ye Mo nodded, "In that case, shouldn't you slap them back?"

"Huh?" The youth looked at the man next to the two women with hesitance. That guy looked way too buff.

"If you don't want to hit them back then never mind, but you'll have been hit for nothing." Ye Mo wouldn't fire this person, but he really didn't like overly timid people.

Hearing this, the store owner manned up and charged over, slapping the offender. Although the store owner was pretty fast, the man was still able to react, but as soon as he did, he found that he wasn't able to move.

Slap, slap-

Seeing the event, the two policemen were about to come over to arrest the store owner.

But then Ye Mo stepped up and said, "This is a store of Luo Yue. If you dare arrest its store owner before being certain that he was the one in the wrong, you will be challenging Luo Yue. If you do, then don't blame Luo Yue for retaliating."

They immediately stopped their steps. If this matter was blown up to challenging Luo Yue, they wouldn't dare take the blame. When Luo Yue was attacked by the US and its alliance, they ended up paying large ransoms to Luo Yue. They had heard that the City Lord of Luo Yue was very protective too, so if they got Luo Yue annoyed, that wouldn't be a joke.

The people around saw the whole thing and started rumbling, especially those two women.

As though feeling that he shouldn't be threatened like that, one police officer said, "No matter what, it's wrong to hit people. We need to take him away."

The store owner heard this and said in Korean, "When he hit me first, why didn't you take him away?"

Ye Mo saw that the two policemen were speechless and sneered, "Someone came to make fraudulent claims, yet you police instead take away the innocent and ask Luo Yue for compensation? What logic is this? I'll tell you right now that if you don't compensate Luo Yue before night falls and report whatever TV channel may be responsible for this, Luo Yue will leave South Korea. South Korea will no longer be a friendly nation of Luo Yue."

Hearing this, the people around laughed. Who did this big beard think he was? The City Lord of Luo Yue?

The police felt that they looked bad being threatened by Ye Mo, so they were going to take the store owner away.

But before they did, Ye Mo told the store owner, "Ask the two women why they took fake medicine to frame Luo Yue."

The store owner wasn't able to react, but Shen Qianqian was also there. She didn't know why Ye Mo wanted to ask that, but she still spoke in fluent Korean, "You obviously bought the real beauty pill, so why are you using fakes to frame the store?"

Many people laughed at the idiotic question. Who would admit to that?
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