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632 Inside the Wall

Chapter 632: Inside the Wall

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Ye Mo looked at Shen Qianqian and felt helpless. He couldn't just leave her there, but he was sure that the four had left the cruiser. Ye Mo wasn't in a rush, though, as he was sure that they would still be on Qizhou Island, and he had marked the woman with his spirit sense mark.

Considering that, Ye Mo used his chi to dissipate the alcohol in Shen Qianqian's body and gave her a bracelet. He looked at her and said, "Wear this bracelet, find a place to stay and wait for me. I have some things to take care of, but I'll come back and find you."

Shen Qianqian picked up Ye Mo's bracelet, and what she didn't know was that it was marked by his spirit sense so that he would be able to find her. She thought, 'Why didn't he just leave his number?'

But soon, she understood. Ye Mo had boarded the ship mysteriously, so he didn't have an identity that actually allowed him to be there. Hence, he had to get off mysteriously too.


Ye Mo had guessed correctly. A bit more than 10 km from the dock, the four had gathered together again.

"Sophia, take out the Five Element Rock," Song Benlang commanded seriously.

Seeing this, Cassy asked, "Is there a problem, Captain Song?"

Song Benlang's face was very sullen. He took the wrapped item from Sophia and said, "I just got news that only Shen Qianqian got off and that the big bearded fellow disappeared. He disappeared suddenly, just like how he appeared suddenly before. I think that if we keep underestimating him we could lose our lives on this island."

"I don't think we're underestimating him, we're taking him very seriously. But no matter how smart he is, he couldn't anticipate that we'd already have left the cruiser," Sophia shook her head.

"I agree with Captain. That big beard is strange. At the bar, even when he didn't look at me, I felt like I was being watched. That's right, I remember now - I had the exact same feeling when I had the camera! I'm very sensitive to telekinetic abilities, could it be-" Cassy suddenly stopped.

Everyone stared deadly at the hands of Song Benlang. He opened the wrapping, and there was no Five Element Rock inside. It was just a piece of gold.

"Huh, the Five Element Rock?" Sophia's tone was shaky. She didn't expect the Five Element Rock she hid in her bra to disappear and get switched for some gold. Who could have done the switch other than her?

"Captain, it wasn't me, I didn't do it," thinking about the torture methods the organization used, Sophia's tone was shaky.

Song Benlang's hands were shaking too. They had been operating carefully to the extreme, but the Five Element Rock was still stolen from right under their eyes. He knew that Sophia couldn't have done it, unless she didn't want to live anymore, but he didn't say anything.

Someone had to bear the responsibility for losing it. Sophia had brought the empty package there, so she had to be responsible.

"I believe this has nothing to do with Sophia, we've known her for so many years. She wouldn't do it, and even if she did, she wouldn't come back here. If I'm not wrong, it should be that big beard. He's too unmeasurable." Unexpectedly, it was Bobby who rarely spoke who helped her out.

Sophia looked at him with gratitude.

Cassy had a look of guilt for a moment, but then he immediately said, "Although we know Sophia wouldn't do this, the package was on her when it was stolen. I don't need to mention how hard it would be to switch it around, right? So even if we believe her, what about our higher ups?"

"Cassy, what do you mean?" Sophia knew that Cassy wanted to put the blame on her. She immediately rebuked, "This thing was always on you before I got it. When you took it out, no one saw it. Who knows if it was switched out already or not?"

Song Benlang and Bobby fell into silence. Sophia was right: who knew if it was lost before or after Sophia got it.

Cassy saw that everyone was about to suspect him, so he immediately argued, "Back at the bar, when big beard and Sophia were being intimate, perhaps that's when it was lost."

Sophia retorted, "Cassy, do you think it's possible to win a tiger without touching the table? To be honest, who has the most chances of making it a tiger? If I was the dealer, I could do it easily."

Cassy was annoyed and sneered, "You're saying I'm conspiring with him? I've been in the organization for so many years, I would-"

Song Benlang stopped him, "Okay, there's no point arguing here. If I'm not wrong, there must be something special about this gold. Perhaps he can even track us through it or something. We need to leave this place first. I believe the authorities will investigate this."

Sophia and Cassy's hearts fell. Song Benlang didn't mention whose fault it was anymore, but they knew the organization all too well. Even though they clearly knew that they didn't do it, they would be heavily interrogated as long as there was so much as a sliver of doubt.

"Captain, what do we do now?" Bobby spoke.

Song Benlang took out a black rubber-like thing and put it on the gold. Then he gave the gold to them, "I added a missile emitter onto this. I'll go give it to someone else and tell them to drive away in the opposite direction from us."

Song Benlang walked out of the bar and came back after a short while saying, "Let's go now. Split up. I've given the frequency to our higher ups, so as long as big beard follows the gold, there will be someone to deal with him."

"Then where do we rendezvous?" Bobby asked.

"Nan Ji 123 Hotel," Song Benlang said and left. He didn't walk out far but dashed into a nearby supermarket and watched the bar from the glass door it had.

The second to come out was Bobby. He called a taxi and headed towards the hotel. Then, Sophia came out and stopped a car. The car made a turn and left in the opposite direction. Not long after, Cassy came out. He looked around and also stopped a car, but he went the same direction as Sophia.

Then, Song Benlang came out. He knew he had achieved his purpose. It was a fact that the thing had been lost, and even though he was sure it wasn't Sophia's or Cassy's doing, someone had to be the scapegoat. If Cassy and Sophia ran away by themselves, things would be much easier.

And he was sure they would run away. Not everyone would be able to take the torture. Sometimes, people would rather die than endure it.

Sophia and Cassy were substitutes, so if they had questionable loyalty, it would have nothing to do with him. He had finished his part of the mission and given the thing to Sophia. If it wasn't due to her fault, they would've succeeded.

Song Benlang went back to the bar. He knew that no matter what, that place was safe. He wasn't in a rush to meet up with Bobby either as he still had some things to do.

He needed to give Sophia and Cassy some time to run. He had to make sure they left Qizhou Island so that he could report their tracks to the higher ups. He would say that they had been sent out individually under his authority because he trusted them, but they ran away halfway. Like that, he would have no responsibility.

But as soon as Song Benlang came to his room, he saw a big bearded man sitting there. He subconsciously shivered before hearing him say, "You're very smart. Your plan would indeed push away all responsibility from you."