Strongest Abandoned Son
631 Shen Qianqian’s Plans
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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631 Shen Qianqian’s Plans

Chapter 631: Shen Qianqian’s Plans

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
The dealer's face looked really bad, but he recovered quickly. He gave the dice to his partner and left. Ye Mo knew that he must have been signalled to leave.

Shen Qianqian grabbed the large pile of chips and put them on her plate. She looked at Ye Mo and asked, "Should we keep playing?"

Ye Mo smiled, "No need, let's leave." He wasn't there for gambling. He was there for the Black Sun people. Since those guys were leaving, he didn't need to stay.

Ye Mo scanned around with his spirit sense and noticed that the woman and short, black guy as well as another man were gathered in one room. He wanted to go listen to what they were up to and find out what use the Five Element Rock had for them.

Seeing Ye Mo and Shen Qianqian leave, everyone looked on with envy. Winning 500 million in one go was absurd.

"Go exchange the chips, I'm going to sleep for a while." Ye Mo noticed that the place the dealer went to was where the three gathered. He wanted to check it out right away.

"Wait, after I exchange the chips, I'll give you the card, and then you can leave," Shen Qianqian stopped Ye Mo. She was worried about exchanging a few hundred million by herself. After all, no one was easy to deal with on that ship, and the money was Ye Mo's.

Shen Qianqian knew that most of the people on board were no strangers to shady business. How else could they earn so much?

"Okay, but Miss Shen, I have a question I need to ask you. Most of the people on the ship have at least some bodyguards, so why don't you?" Shen Qianqian was an easy target, yet she was by herself.

Shen Qianqian fell silent and didn't answer. She exchanged the chips and then gave the card to Ye Mo , "This is yours, the password-"

Ye Mo waved his hand, "I don't need it. I said the price of the pill was 130 million, so I won't take a cent extra. As for the gamble, the starting money was yours, so the money we won is yours too. You can just go back and rest."

Shen Qianqian hesitated and took the card, "Okay, I'll take the money then. But, Brother Ye, do you have time now? If you don't have any plans, come drink with me for a bit. And if you're tired, you can rest in my room."

It seemed that she had figured out that Ye Mo had no place to sleep.

Before Ye Mo could decline, Shen Qianqian smiled again, "Don't tell me you don't have time. When you came to the casino part just then, I smelled perfume on you. You probably came from the bar, right? If you can accompany women who are strangers, then since we already know each other, you have to treat me the same."

Ye Mo scanned that room again, and the four were still gathered together. Since they were there, there was no rush. They couldn't leave anyway. Thinking like that, he nodded, "Okay, let's grab a drink first then."


"What happened, why did you call me over so desperately?" the dealer asked.

"Cassy, our higher ups have ordered us to leave immediately." Seeing the man come in, Song Benlang got up immediately.

Cassy frowned, "Why? That guy just won 500 million USD from us, it would be too easy on him to just let him leave. Moreover, we haven't even found out who he is yet, I was planning on doing that now."

Song Benlang shook his head, "There's no need to investigate him, he's not someone we can deal with. According to our intel and his performance at the casino, the higher ups have determined him to be the person who stole our gold and most of our scientists on Black Star Island."

"How can that be?!" Cassy was shocked.

Sophia said slowly, "It's not impossible. Actually, we're certain it's him. Shen Qianqian might have had her face destroyed, but her body is still better than mine. And if she indeed managed to buy the face preserving pill back then at the auction, then her face should have recovered by now. Yet still, that big beard didn't do anything to her. Instead, he supposedly wanted to chat me up? He gave me a very dangerous feeling. I think he's already suspecting me. He even wanted to hug me, but luckily he didn't in the end."

"Did you lose the thing?!" Cassy lost his mind. 500 million wasn't that significant, but if they lost the Five Element Rock, that would be a huge problem.

Sophia shook her head, "No, it's still there, but I just feel like he's dangerous. Also, we have checked the recordings repeatedly, and that big beard wasn't present when everyone boarded the ship, yet he suddenly appeared in the auction room. That sounds just like the events at our gold vault.

The two cases were really similar. Plus, how did the three dice turn into all 6es. He didn't touch anything but still turned the dices to win a tiger. This man is too dangerous."

"Sophia is right, this man is too dangerous. Although we don't know how he did it, but he's got capabilities that exceed what we can deal with. Luckily, we didn't lose the Five Element Rock. The higher ups did tell us to leave immediately, though, so someone else will be dealing with him," Song Benlang said.

The black man suddenly said, "Yes, I suspect he even saw me when I was spying on him. He burned Yan Wuliang away with just a ball of fire, this man is very scary."

Ye Mo kept scanning them with his spirit sense and found that they were still discussing something, so he didn't mind. As long as they didn't leave more than 1km from him, they wouldn't be able to get away. Furthermore, he had marked that woman especially, allowing him to sense her from up to 10 km away.

Shen Qianqian poured a cup for Ye Mo, but she drank three cups herself before putting her cup down and saying, "Before meeting you today, I didn't even know what I would be doing in the future. I was lost, and the reason why I could even come today was because the Shen family had one spot, so they sent me just to show that the Shen family still existed.

Then she laughed at herself and drank another cup, "If I told you I didn't bring any money to this auction you wouldn't believe it. But that is the reality of it. That 180 million was all my private money that I managed to set aside over the course of all these years. The Shen family sent me over without even a bodyguard and froze all my cards in China."

It seemed like the Shen family no longer needed Shen Qianqian for their businesses.

Shen Qianqian sneered, "Brother Ye, when Aunty Qingkui asked you to cure her last time, she also used her own money. But even then, the card she gave you was still frozen by the Shen family. Then, Shen Yin asked many times for them to unfreeze it, but even though it was just some small money, the Shen family didn't want to give it to you. Aunty Qingkui saw through the Shen family and because of it didn't even return."

"…" Ye Mo was speechless. He didn't think that the card he got last time would actually have been frozen. No wonder Shen Yin always looked guilty. On account of it being thanks to her that he found the location of the auction, he wouldn't mind.

"I like the feeling of managing businesses. I can only feel the value of my existence if I keep earning money. And grandpa also said that he saw that I had only the businesses in mind, so he let me manage the Shen family. 60% of the Shen family's businesses were controlled by me, but how do they treat me now? I'm a Shen family member, yet my card was frozen! Luckily, I had some private money or I would have had nowhere to even cry."

Shen Qianqian drank again, her eyes dulled, "I've just been a money-making machine for the Shen family all these years, and when I have no worth, they just kick me away. Ye Mo, Magical Yoctor Ye, no- Brother Ye, luckily I met you! I'm very lucky, this is enough for me."

Ye Mo thought, 'Doesn't Luo Yue lack a true business person?' Shen Qianqian was a prodigy - the Shen family might be blind, but he could invite Shen Qianqian to Luo Yue thanks to that.

Thinking like that, Ye Mo wanted to speak his mind, but then he heard a voice through the speakers, "Dear passengers and friends, we have arrived at Qizhou Island."

Ye Mo was shook as he realized it was already day. He scanned that room with his spirit sense and found that the four were gone.

The ship hadn't even docked yet, how had they left? Ye Mo got up immediately and sent his spirit sense out, while Shen Qianqian was laying flat on the table.
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