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Chapter 623: Horny Woman

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"Magical Doctor Ye, please forgive my insolence. If possible, I wish to treat you to dinner as thanks for my mother," Shen Yin said.

Sometimes, what you learned from books was incomparable to reality. When you thought you knew everything and were sure that everything outside of your sphere of knowledge couldn't possibly exist, you would think that magical things like Ye Mo's charms would be nothing but a joke. But once you truly experienced something like it, you would realize that the joke was on you.

As least Shen Yin felt that her state of mind and way of thinking had changed a lot ever since coming back, and she was no longer superficial and so full of herself.

A police car soon arrived, and a policeman greeted Shen Yin before taking away Wei Qian and his gang without hesitation. Ye Mo knew that Shen Yin's family was quite powerful, but no matter what, he didn't want to be involved with them.

"Sorry, I already have arrangements for tonight. I'm going to Teng Wang Restaurant. As for your gratitude, you've already paid me, so it doesn't matter," Ye Mo turned her offer down.

Shen Yin heard this and desperately asked, "Then how about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow won't work either, I'm leaving tomorrow. Let's go, Xu Wei." Then, Ye Mo turned around and left with Xu Wei and Xu Bingwu.

Shen Yin knew that people like Ye Mo were hard to meet, and it was already luck amongst luck that she could see him twice. She only had one chance, and she wasn't going to let it go. He said he would be at Teng Wang Restaurant, so she would wait at the door and just shamelessly join his company.

Thinking about this, Shen Yin walked away with a hopeful face.


"Brother Ye, are you really a doctor?" Xu Bingwu still asked in disbelief. Who in the university didn't know about Shen Yin's pride, yet she was that respectful to Ye Mo. Ye Mo must be a truly capable person.

Ye Mo knew what Xu Bingwu was thinking and smiled, "Don't worry, even if I didn't cure your mother, your sister now has enough money to cure her."

Hearing this, Xu Bingwu looked at Xu Wei.

Xu Wei could only say, "Ye Mo is also a stone gambling master, and when he took me along, he won sixt- six million for me."

"What?! Six million?" Xu Bingwu was dumbfounded. With six million, every problem their family had would be solved.


Teng Wang Restaurant, it was a rather luxurious place in Jin City.

When Ye Mo arrived, it was already dark. Xu Wei's mother had had a kidney failure due to long term fatigue. Ye Mo only needed two pills to cure that. All her mother needed to do now was to rest for a while.

Xu Wei knew that Ye Mo would be busy in the evening, so she left him alone and stayed with her brother in the hospital.

Ye Mo really was busy. Usually, he wouldn't want to waste time eating with merchants like Luo Zilian. It wasn't that he was arrogant but that he wouldn't ever have any reason to interact with their lives. After this thing was over, he would probably go back to Luo Yue to live there for a while and then go to the small world to find the Bitter Ten Years.

With a place of his own, Ye Mo's only pursuit was to reach higher states of cultivation.

The main reason why Ye Mo did come this evening was to ask them if they knew about the auction. If they did, he might find the Five Element Rock that night. If they didn't, he would go find Pan Sheng. Not everyone would know about a high level auction like this.

The first person he saw at the door was actually Shen Yin. He immediately understood why she was there, but no matter what she had to say, he wouldn't help that easily.

"Magical Doctor Ye!" Shen Yin quickly greeted.

Ye Mo frowned, "I'm not a doctor. I only treat people occasionally when I'm out of money."

"Um, Brother Ye, I came to eat with you, so, so-" Shen Yin's face was blushing. She really was embarrassed. The young girl of the Shen family was shamelessly joining someone else for dinner.

Ye Mo sighed. If he still didn't agree, that would be too cold, so he said, "Okay, come up together with me then."

Hearing this, Shen Yin immediately rejoiced, "Thank you, Brother Ye, for giving me this chance."

Right at that moment, two people came out and quickly greeted Ye Mo.

"Mr Ye, it's really nice to see you." When Hu Dan saw Ye Mo, the joy on his face was genuine.

Luo Zilian followed behind and was also happy with Ye Mo's arrival, but they soon saw that another girl had come with Ye Mo.

"Miss Shen Yin from the Shen family?" Luo Zilian recognized her immediately.

"Yes, may I ask who you are?" Shen Yin didn't know Luo Zilian.

Luo Zilian quickly replied, "I went to Elder Shen's 90th birthday two years ago, and I saw you there, but you might not have noticed me.

Because Ye Mo was the main focus of this dinner, the people got along pretty well, but Luo Zilian moved closer to Ye Mo from time to time which made Shen Yin very uncomfortable. She felt like the woman was like a horny cat. She looked like an astute woman who fully utilized her privileges.

Shen Yin knew that Ye Mo wasn't some bearded tough guy and felt that if someone of Ye Mo's level was seduced to bed by Luo Zilian it would be desecration, but she couldn't really start doing the same as what Luo Zilian was doing or say anything to Ye Mo. This made her very anxious.

Shen Yin didn't doubt that Luo Zilian would be able to seduce Ye Mo to bed. She had been in the Shen family for too long, and she knew that the relationships of wealthy men and women were very promiscuous. There was no such man who didn't cheat, especially when confronted with a very mature and seductive woman.

Hu Dan also saw what was going on and felt like he had made a wrong move. He should've gotten a beautiful girl to come too. Luo Zilian did indeed want to get Ye Mo to bed with her. She was an astute woman. Everyone had just brushed it off as Ye Mo being very capable during the day, but she had a different view.

She thought that the reason why Ye Mo had had a 100% success rate and knew what was inside the rock up front couldn't be explained just by capability. He must have had some special way to see what was inside the rocks.

Whether it was some special glasses or some high tech thing, she wanted to get her hands on it. So what if she had to sleep with a big bearded dude for a few nights? As long as she could get it, she wouldn't mind sleeping with him for a year.

Although she wasn't a woman any random man could take to bed, this bearded man had the right to have some fun with her.