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Chapter 611: See Through

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Ye Mo had the feeling that Kong Laiwu's sentence from before contained some information he was yet to pinpoint.

Kong Laiwu continued, "If I'm not wrong, you must be Ye Mo? The one behind you must be Mayor Shi. If you don't mind, I'll call you Young Master Mo."

Kong Laiwu looked calm, but only he knew that if the person in front of him was really Ye Mo, then he was probably no match for him. He couldn't have expected to meet Ye Mo there.

Ye Mo finally understood why he felt something was weird about Kong Laiwu's first sentence. Usually, ancient martial artists wouldn't lower themselves to studying guns, yet Kong Laiwu, who was at the peak of the earth level, which meant that he had been studying ancient martial arts since he was small, knew about the Type 64 pistol. That was abnormal.

Considering how Kong Laiwu was talking to him without asking for permission from Dai Heng first, Ye Mo could see that Kong Laiwu had at least the same status as Dai Heng.

Ye Mo ignored Kong Laiwu and looked at Dai Heng, "You're the one causing trouble in the Jiuhe Corporation case and harassing Li Chunsheng?"

"Haha!" Dai Heng laughed at first, but he immediately put his smile away and said coldly, "So you're Ye Mo. The Qiu family is scared of you, the Song family is scared of you, but I, Dai Heng, am not scared of you. What do you think you are? I know you have some power in Luo Yue, but so what even if you call Xu Yuehua here? You're right, I caused all of that trouble. What will you do about it?"

Ye Mo was dazed but immediately understood that not many people could know that he owned Luo Yue. He'd been letting Xu Yuehua, Yu Miaodan and Zang Jiayan manage and speak for Luo Yue.

It was normal that Dai Heng thought he was just some manager. This also meant that Han Zaixin hadn't spilled anything about him.

Ye Mo spun his pistol and ordered plainly, "Send Lu Lin, Yi Yanyan and Yi Xiaodi over right now."

In response, Dai Heng looked at Kong Laiwu. Ye Mo understood that this Dai Heng guy wanted Kong Laiwu to stop his bullets, but even though Kong Laiwu nodded on the outside, he was sneering in his heart. This Dai Heng was asking to die. Although he really wanted to fight Ye Mo, he didn't dare risk it. He had to wait for An Ende. Dai Heng's life had nothing to do with him.

Seeing Kong Laiwu nod, however, Dai Heng said lazily, "Aren't you smart, having figured out everything? But unfortunately, Li Chunsheng is asking to die. Even if he didn't come to Jiu Tang, his ending will be all the same. As for you-"

Bang bang- Blood sprouted from Dai Heng's knee, and he knelt down on the ground.

He looked at his knee in terror, and in that moment he even forgot about the pain. Immediately after, he looked at Kong Laiwu with an angry face. He didn't believe that Kong Laiwu couldn't even catch two bullets - they should be like toys to him, so why hadn't he saved him?

But Dai Heng saw that Kong Laiwu's face was also pale. He didn't understand how Ye Mo could shoot bullets so fast with a mere 64. His shots had been many times faster than a normal 64's. This wasn't even the most shocking thing. The moment Ye Mo opened fire, Kong Laiwu had felt like he was locked on by a very strong killing intent. He felt as if he would be killed immediately as long as he moved so much as an inch.

He originally thought that even if he was no match for Ye Mo, the difference between them should still be rather limited, but now he knew that he was far inferior to Ye Mo. He had originally planned on stopping a bullet if it would be going for Dai Heng's vitals, but now he knew that no matter where Ye Mo shot, he wouldn't be able to stop it. He immediately started to sweat. Without An Ende, he would be killed all too easily by Ye Mo.

Kong Laiwu finally confirmed that the intel he had once gotten should be right - Ye Mo was a half-step great heaven master, someone infinitely close to the great heaven stage. He didn't dare say anything and just wanted his pal to come faster because otherwise, their plan wouldn't be realized.

Seeing a Kong Laiwu with his mouth shut and a bad-looking face, Dai Heng knew he couldn't rely on him.

"I have one more bullet in my gun. If you talk anymore shit, this bullet will be for your forehead," Ye Mo looked at the gun and casually remarked.

"Dai Heng, bring Lu Lin and her two daughters here immediately. How dare you take away Young Master Mo's friends! Immediately have An Ende bring them over to Young Master Mo," Kong Laiwu suddenly roared at Dai Heng.

Dai Heng shivered and finally felt scared. Although it seemed like Kong Laiwu was his bodyguard, the truth was that Kong Laiwu could ignore him if he wanted. Although he didn't know why it had to be An Ende who should bring them here, he could only listen to Kong Laiwu. In the end, Kong Laiwu was actually more in the know than him.

He had been planning on sleeping with all three women together yet now, he had already lost his knees.

Meanwhile, the woman behind Dai Heng was dazed. Everything had happened so fast. The big tree she relied on had already been hacked down.

Dai Heng immediately picked up the phone and called An Ende to bring the three women over. He had been very cocky recently. He left China five years ago, and when he came back, he was full of confidence. The reason was that he had joined a top-grade organization not long ago.

Ye Mo looked at Dai Heng and knew that he was just a scapegoat, but Kong Laiwu's last words were somewhat questionable. 'Immediately have An Ende bring them over to Young Master Mo.' Was it important who sent them over?

Before the three got there, a large amount of police officers came. They were immediately full of worry looking at the ground covered in blood and dead people.

Kong Laiwu was about to put a stop to it and send the police away, when Ye Mo took out a document and said, "Take the dead men away and lock up these hoodlums."

The police took the document and immediately gave it back respectfully, "Yes, Sir!"

Seeing the police come and go so fast without even asking why Ye Mo had killed, even Kong Laiwu really wanted to know what Ye Mo's other identity was.

"Wang Chu, you guys can go for now. Shi Xiu, you should stay." Ye Mo knew they wouldn't be of any help anyway.

Wang Chu agreed and left. Shi Xiu's other friends also didn't dare stay and quickly ran. Only Xue Guoyang and Shi Xiu stayed.

"Young Master Mo, we really didn't plan on starting trouble with you. The Dai family and Qiu family just wanted to join up against the Li family, but then the Ye family also joined and what happened, happened. However, please forgive us for any disrespect." Kong Laiwu didn't hide anything.

Ye Mo wasn't interested in political warfare and smiled, "Mr Kong, you must not be of simple origin to be able to reach the peak of the earth level. Other than the Zhang family having Zhang Zhihui, I really don't know which Chinese family has an earth peak level master. Are you really from the Dai family?"

Kong Laiwu's eyes narrowed. He didn't expect Ye Mo would be able to see through his power level. This shook him. If he had fought with Ye Mo then it would be understandable, but he had never so much as exchanged moves with Ye Mo, so how could Ye Mo tell? Was he already at the great heaven level?

Before Kong Laiwu could answer, Ye Mo spoke in contempt once more, "You can't be from the Dai family, right? To be honest, I don't even think you're Chinese. Your way of doing things seems quite familiar. Makes me think of this organization I heard about called Northern Sand."

Kong Laiwu shook, and the tea in front of him fell over. There was an insurmountable feud between Ye Mo and Northern Sand, so even if Ye Mo hadn't shot Dai heng, he would've tried to find an opportunity to get An Ende to come. He really didn't know how Ye Mo was able to tell he was part of Northern Sand.

At that moment, Ye Mo's spirit sense picked up on a white man of small stature walking slowly to the restaurant door.