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586 Really Not Attractive?

Chapter 586: Really Not Attractive?
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Eating at the Golden Pearl wasn't purely just ordering form a menu. It was almost like renting a car - you needed to choose the kind of plate you wanted first and then add dishes on top of that. There were silver, gold and diamond plates. Silver plates were for the 10k and below price range, gold plates for 10k to 80k, and there was only one type of diamond plate which costed 88.888.

Depending on the plate you chose, the cheapest you could get was 2.222 and the most expensive was 88.888.

Chong Yuanyuan ordered the 8.888 silver plating and then went into a room. Inside the room, you chose the dishes you wanted from a touch screen.

Looking at it, their meal was going to cost more than 15k. And then you also had to take into account what sort of drinks you wanted, f.e. high class wine would cost a lot.

"There's only two of us, let's not order that much. It will be a waste if we don't eat it all," Ye Mo commented as he saw that she had ordered more than 15k worth of dishes.

Chong Yuanyuan smiled, "Brother Ye, I finally have a chance to treat you to food, so if I don't get something good now, who knows when I will be able to treat you to food again."

Ye Mo knew that she was grateful to him and didn't reject.

Hearing this, the two behind them realized that it was the girl treating to the meal this time.

An Ning frowned. She could tell that Ye Mo and Chong Yuanyuan didn't look like wealthy people, but even though they didn't have money, they still came to eat good food here. This made her very contemptuous. The main thing was that the man seemed to be using his good looks to get free food.

"Brother, I think that since you came to eat with a girl, it's best if the guy pays for the food. It's a bit embarrassing for the girl to pay for the food." The man could tell An Ning wasn't happy and walked up to Ye Mo.

Chong Yuanyuan was immediately unhappy. She scanned the man and immediately replied, "I want to pay for it using my own money. Mind your own business."

An Ning didn't expect Chong Yuanyuan to be like that, and she intervened, "Miss, Zhi Rang said that out of good will, why are you like that?"

An Ning felt like the two had no manners at all.

"Okay, I understand. Anyway, the cheapest dish is only a few thousand? What can we eat from a few thousand silver plate? It's too cheap - get me a 88.888 diamond plate." The man hadn't planned on getting the most expensive dish, but those two were being rude, so he didn't mind making them lose face a bit.

Ye Mo didn't care, but Chong Yuanyuan was very angry. Although there were a lot of people eating there, and 8.888 was quite expensive already, those two were implying that she was being too stingy. She genuinely wanted to treat Brother Ye to food, yet like this, what would Brother Ye think of her?

"Hmph, it's not like I can't afford 88.888-" Chong Yuanyuan was about to get the most expensive one but was stopped by Ye Mo.

Seeing that she wasn't happy, Ye Mo smiled and said, "Yuanyuan, what are we, pigs? Can we eat that much? 8.888 is enough, we'll leave it at that."

"What are you implying?" An Ning frowned and immediately felt uncomfortable, "I just wanted to remind her out of goodwill, are you calling us pigs?"

Ye Mo realized that the two had ordered the diamond plating, but to be honest, he really wasn't trying to insinuate that the two were pigs.

"I have a good temper and never harass people due to my status, but don't think I don't know how to." Zhi Rang also felt insulted.

Ye Mo thought that this was just a small matter - no point in making it too big. His words had been easy to misunderstand just then. Considering that, he smiled and explained, "I wasn't talking about you or anything, honestly, but whether you believe me or not is of course up to you. Anyway, Yuanyuan, let's go eat. I really want to know how the food is here."

The man was just about to start raging when An Ning walked over and smiled sweetly, "It was my bad before, I was too sensitive. I'm An Ning, this is my name card."

Then, she took out a red name card which had a faint aroma to it.

Everyone including Ye Mo was dazed. This pretty woman changed faces too quickly. Everyone thought she was going to rage, yet instead she started trying to connect with Ye Mo. That exquisite-looking name card was obviously not one she gave out easily.

Even Zhi Rang's face sunk. He didn't even have her card, yet this stranger guy was getting one.

Ye Mo shook his head. The woman might have been pretty, but she was too calculating. Although her face looked cold and indifferent, there was a feeling about the whole thing Ye Mo didn't like.

But at the same time, Ye Mo didn't have a reason to reject the name card.

He smiled, took it and said, "I don't have a job, so I don't have a name card." Then, he walked further into the restaurant.

Although Chong Yuanyuan didn't have any intentions for Ye Mo, she didn't like that An Ning nonetheless. She immediately said, "Brother Ye, that An Ning is no simple person, you need to be careful."

Ye Mo nodded, he didn't even look at the name card before throwing it into the garbage can at the door. Of course, he couldn't tell her that.

Seeing Ye Mo and Chong Yuanyuan leave, An Ning sneered. She was sure that young man would call her later. She would talk him down yet. She was sure that young man was just playing hard to get.

She had seen too many of that kind of people and felt like she needed to teach them a lesson. She was very confident in her looks.

"An Ning, why did you give that person your name card, he doesn't have good intentions for you. You need to be careful. If it were me, I'd be getting some people to teach him a lesson," the man said.

An Ning smiled, "It's a small matter, and you shouldn't be casually teaching people lessons anymore. Your grandfather specially gave all you young masters a briefing that you had to settle down."

"That's just in Beijing, and I'm not in Beijing right now. Also, I have calmed down a lot," Zhi Rang said sulkily.

"By the way, I heard your father say that your family is trying to move to Luo Yue, how is that going?" Zhi Rang remembered the main reason why he had asked An Ning out today.

An Ning shook her head, "It hasn't been done yet. The conditions for moving to Luo Yue have gotten much harsher.

"Then maybe you shouldn't go," Zhi Rang persuaded.

An Ning fell into silence before saying, "I've been to Luo Yue once. It's a very beautiful place. Also, I saw no injustice at all there, yet everyday on the internet you see a lot of injustice happening elsewhere. I don't feel comfortable about it, but there's nothing I can do about it."

"It's not like anyone can do you any injustice, so why do you care?" Zhi Rang didn't get it.

"Because I too live on this Earth, and-" An Ning shook her head and didn't continue. She knew that she couldn't talk about this topic with rich people like Zhi Rang. He had never experienced injustice and wouldn't care.

"Young Master Rang!" A loud voice interrupted the two, and two young men walked over.

The one walking in front was less than 30 and had a square face - he looked quite heroic. The youth behind him looked a little older but was also very handsome.

"Han Dan, long time no see! This is?" Zhi Rang greeted.

Han Dan with the square face walked over and patted Zhi Rang on the shoulder, "I really didn't expect to see you here. Let me introduce you. This is Zhang Lailin - he just flew over from Ning Hai. Lailin, this is my university classmate-"

Han Dan suddenly stopped. He was dazed when he saw An Ning. What a pretty woman! Luckily, he quickly recovered.

"Hello, I'm An Ning," An Ning greeted.

"Hello, hello," Han Dan greeted back while almost drooling.

Zhang Lailin just casually said hi. Although An Ning was very beautiful, all he had in his heart was Su Jingwen.

This was the second time An Ning had to be shocked that day. She thought the first time was Ye Mo putting on an act, but this Zhang Lailin's attitude was truly cold. At least Ye Mo had glanced at her, but Zhang Lailin didn't even look at her.

Was she perhaps really not that attractive?