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580 Not a Battle on Equal Grounds

Chapter 580: Not a Battle on Equal Grounds
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There was no probing or any small-scale attacks.

Luo Yue's nuke had touched the US's bottom line, and they wrought lightning fast attacks upon Luo Yue. 120.000 elite soldiers attacked Luo Yue from three sides.

In their eyes, Luo Yue was a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. They would be taking over Luo Yue in the shortest time and break all records. If Luo Yue didn't have any nukes, perhaps they would have taken it slowly.

The Union launched a full-scale attack.

"Report - our radars are being strongly interfered with. We cannot lock onto targets."

"Report - their interference system is jamming our systems. We cannot make precise attacks."

"Report - their interference system is too strong. Our electrical systems are unable to operate."

"Report - my plane has been locked on by their radar."


The command center of the Union Army was dumbfounded. Since when could any new startup company make such strong military interference systems?

Modern warfare meant electronic warfare. If the opposition's interference rendered them unable to lock onto targets, then how could the battle even be fought? And their planes were getting locked on to, what would happen next was obvious.

The commanding officer at the command center was sweating. They had planned on lightning fast warfare, the favorite tactic of Germany in WW2. Yet now, the command officer could only stand dazed. Even Russia wouldn't have been able to have such a strong interference system. Their planes were strongly interfered with very soon after they took flight, how were they to fight like that?

If Luo Yue had made such an interference machine, would the nukes then also be theirs?

Thinking about this, Peter immediately ordered, "Retreat, retreat immediately!" But his order was a little late.

All the planes that Luo Yue's radar had locked onto became blind, and they hadn't even arrived above Luo Yue yet.

Rumble rumble- Ye Mo saw countless anti-air missiles light up the sky in red as fighter jets were taken down accurately all over the place.

The jets could muster no resistance under such strong interference, and the pilots could only rely on their own skills to dodge the missiles.

The jets had no choice but to try their luck and shoot some missiles at random but even if they aimed well, the missiles would be stopped by the Space Shield Defense System.

The troops who hadn't reached land yet watched the fireworks in the sky in utter shock. Since when did the world have such accurate missile systems?

Ye Mo sneered. He knew he wouldn't need to worry about these planes. Although Luo Yue didn't fly even a single plane themselves, Ye Xing hadn't been bluffing indeed. Ye Mo was sure that Ye Xing's interference machine and radar system were unbeatable in this world.

Ye Mo was even more sure that Ye Xing was also not from this world, but the difference between him and Ye Mo was that he had lost a lot of his memories.

This electrical interference battle made the Union Army defenseless. The missiles Ye Xing had modified were not only faster, they also had a longer range and were more accurate.

"F*ck, you want to invade Luo Yue with this garbage radar and electronic system? I overestimated you! You wasted one of my extreme energy stones, what a disappointment!" Ye Xing looked at the falling jets and felt bored.

"It would seem that my help isn't needed in this area," Ye Mo said to himself and disappeared. He knew that although Luo Yue had spent a lot of resources developing their navy, the navy was still Luo Yue's weakest spot. What he needed to do at the moment was to go annihilate the Union Army's naval power.

Ye Mo knew that it was impossible to capture 80 ships, so he just sliced them open right in the middle.

The nuclear submarines also didn't escape the same fate and in a short while, Ye Mo had annihilated 20 ships.

Countless soldiers struggled on the ocean surface. They hadn't even seen their opponent and already lost 20 ships, what weapon was this? At this moment, Luo Yue's ships neared the Union Army and announced that those who surrendered would not be killed.

The captain of one guard ship was extremely furious and immediately ordered to attack. But before the cannons of his ship could be raised, it was destroyed by an unknown weapon.

One missile submarine was also sneaking up on Luo Yue's fleet, yet before they could fire any missiles, it was sliced in half by Ye Mo. The intense water pressure ripped the people inside into pieces.

Ye Mo flew out of the sea and took an essence chi pill. Good thing he had concocted some, or he would've been running out of chi.

If not for Ye Xing's help, Ye Mo was sure that he wouldn't have been able to stop the Union Army's attack.

Seeing his ships be taken out by an unknown weapon one by one, Sai's face was green. His ship's scan wasn't finding anything within 100 nautical miles from Luo Yue!

Huang Yinian felt very satisfied. If not for Ye Mo telling him not to fire at carrier ships, he wouldn't have been able to resist the temptation to throw a couple of missiles over.

Although he didn't know why the enemy's ships were sinking one by one, he knew it was related to the mysterious City Lord Ye Mo and Ye Xing.

Although Luo Yue didn't fire any large amounts of cannons or missiles, a few were still being sent out every once in a while, sinking the struggling soldiers into the sea.

These people were demons! They didn't even let the drowning soldiers live. Sai didn't dare send out any of the remaining jets on the carrier, because he knew that they would just serve as target practice to Luo Yue.

This wasn't a battle on equal levels. Before the battle, they had been sure that it wouldn't be a battle on equal grounds, but they had thought that they would be the ones at the higher level, yet the reality was exactly the opposite.

No one could've thought that Luo Yue would actually be that strong. Luo Yue's electronic warfare power was out of this world - they had designed something beyond their age.

This was humiliating. The commander had never fought such a humiliating battle in his life. He was sure that no one could have expected Luo Yue to be this strong. If Luo Yue had any great ambitions, then…

Sai didn't dare keep thinking.