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577 Want War or Wealth

Chapter 577: Want War or Wealth
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Xu Yuehua commented worriedly, "The Commonwealth Sea Laws state that the regional sea of a nation must be no more than 12 nautical miles. Wouldn't we be giving the US a reason to start the war that way?"

Ye Mo smiled, "We wouldn't be the only ones with a sea region of 200 nautical miles. Many countries have surpassed 200 miles. Luo Yue City is special too - we face the sea on three sides, so we need to increase our regional sea. Our main military power will be at sea. Besides, even if we don't assume even an inch of a regional sea, they will still start a war anyway, hence-"

Ye Mo looked at everyone sitting down, "As soon as Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals comes to Luo Yue City, we will immediately test the nuclear bomb. We need to flash our power in front of the eyes of those who have bad intentions for Luo Yue City. I will say now that no matter whether it's on my land or in my regional sea, I am the one who decides things."

"Yes, that's the spirit, I shall be the first to support you, City Lord!" Huang Yinian stood up excitedly. Ye Mo's words had gotten to everyone's hearts.

Luo Yue didn't have their own plane, tank, or gun production line. Instead, their first production line was a ship production line. The first product made there was their own carrier ship. This was a nuclear-powered carrier ship Ye Xing had designed in Northern Sand.

"Of course, we have the latest air defense system and electrical interference and positioning systems. Now, they can come anytime they want," Ye Xing said satisfyingly.

Ye Mo stopped Ye Xing, "Although we have made great progress in some areas, our overall military power is still far below that of the US. We're no match for them yet, but we merely need to have the capability to threaten them and make them have some concerns. The situation is such that we shouldn't start a conflict, at least not yet. We don't have the necessary power yet."

Xu Yuehua nodded, "We're just able to compare our trump card with the mere superficial, openly visible portion of their power. Who knows what greater cards they have hidden. So I agree with City Lord's opinion. We're far from a match for the US at the moment, not to mention that they have a lot of allies. If we were to fight, most parties would be helping them."

"We'll definitely fight sooner or later, but we don't know what the fight is going to be like. Right now a few of our medical factories are making money, but once we start fighting, the costs will be huge. So increasing our tactical assets is still very important to us," Ye Mo said. He knew there was too little time left for Luo Yue. If they had a few years more, the US would only be a slightly large stepping stone for them.

Zang Jiayan continued, "We have stored quite some food already, and large amounts of usable factories, a lot of foreign factories too, have started operation. We just haven't reached an appropriate scale in the agriculture department yet."

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Food is a crucial tactical asset - we must prepare plenty. It's unrealistic to try to produce all we need ourselves. We're spending quite some resources on the upcoming war, and we don't have enough people. So once we start the war, we need to think of ways to earn money from and during it."

"Earn money from the war? Usually, third parties earn from the wars between two other parties, so how can we earn from our own war?" Ye Zifeng wondered.

Ye Mo smiled, "That's won't necessarily be impossible. Our electronic interference system is the best in the world, and no one can match it right now. We can sell that. Even though I haven't experienced modern warfare myself, I know that the focus of it is long-range battle with a great emphasis on accuracy. Fighting someone with a strong electronic interference system and a strong GPS, those countries dependent on electronic warfare would be in for a nightmare.

Although we have a small population and are on the disadvantage, numbers can be made up for in modern warfare. We just need to interfere with our enemies' attacks and efficiently locate their units. If our systems really are as strong as Ye Xing says they are, we'll have money to earn."

Ye Xing immediately got up to make his point anew, "Martial Brother, one can doubt my popularity with women but not my ability to build things. Once we have our production line for planes, I will build the strongest electrical interference machine on Earth!"

Everyone understood Ye Mo's words. He meant that they would show the capabilities of their product in this war and then sell it to other countries. If Luo Yue's interference machine could interfere with US missiles and other attacks, there was no way it wouldn't become famous.

Understanding Ye Mo's idea, Ye Xing quickly shook his head, "This isn't a mobile interference machine, though. We can only station it in Luo Yue. And although it is able to stop any attack from a weapon within 1 km and lock onto the weapon, it does use vast amounts of energy-"

"You used the extreme energy stone?" Ye Mo immediately understood Ye Xing.

Ye Xing smiled bitterly, "I didn't have any other choice. If I didn't make this thing, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. The power of the US isn't something we can fight against with a mere two years of development. I'm sure that as long as we have enough missiles, we can strike down all the weapons they attack us with. Currently, our missiles are all imported from Russia, and even the intercontinental missiles were modified after import. We're still assembling our own missile production line.

Ye Mo could understand why Ye Xing had used the stone. Although it was precious, they couldn't just store it and not use it. It seemed like these stones were more precious than spirit stones. Ye Mo sighed. It looked like he would have to go to Northern Sand to get the other four as well.

"So that means we can't sell our interference system?" Ye Mo was disappointed.

"Of course we can sell it! We can modify it and change the energy source to fuel. This way, the range would be greatly reduced to only a few hundred meters, but at least then we could attach it to planes," Ye Xing smiled.

"Okay, then we'll sell this modified plane idea of yours," Ye Mo said. That would earn money for sure.

"That sounds good, but there are three other issues to it. First, the system needs our own engine to operate. Our engine is currently the best in the world. Of course, I can simplify it down, and even the simplified version will shock the world. Second, we don't have a plane production line. Third, if we sell our interference system, it won't take long for it to be analysed and understood," Ye Xing said.

Ye Mo smiled, "I'm not afraid of that. No one can analyse or understand how our Luo Yue seals our pills as I have the ability to make those things unanalysable. Likewise, I'll just inscribe a sealing formation at the most important part of the interference machine. That way, if one tries to open the internal structure of the machine, the formation will destroy it.

So, we'll do it. CEO Zang, you can assist Ye Xing in assembling a plane production line. This is very important. Try to import things from other countries and modify it. That'll save some time."

"Big Brother, do you want the countries who intend to buy the interference machine to first admit Luo Yue's independence?" Ye Zifeng asked.

Ye Mo nodded. He wasn't afraid of the US, but if he wanted to survive on Earth, international status was very important. If no country helped him, then no matter how strong Luo Yue was, they wouldn't be able to live well.


The US President gathered his cabinet and held a meeting. This was their second time having a meeting due to Luo Yue.

"Luo Yue took over Sai Na and is amassing a population from people all over the world. They are now mass-buying weapons. I think that if we weren't so far away from them, their Russian missiles would already be at our feet. I'm regretful about Senator Harry's suggestion to let them develop," the naval commander stood up and said.

Luo Yue was massively developing their naval power, and if they were to fight, the first battle would be at sea.