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576 Enough Foundation, Ready for Relocation

Chapter 576: Enough Foundation, Ready for Relocation
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Jing City - this place wasn't far from North Korea, at the borderline of China. Even though it wasn't winter, Chinese New Year had just passed, but there was still a lot of snow.

It was March, early spring already, yet Jing City still had endless snowfalls. Most of the people in the city always stayed in their houses with their heater on, watching TV.

Ee Mei Mountain was the tallest mountain in Jing City. Although it sounded the same as Mount Emei in Sichuan, there was a huge fundamental difference between the two mountains. Ee Mei Mountain was constantly covered in snow. Except for some individual places and at special times, one couldn't see green anywhere.

At this moment outside a village at the foot of the Ee Mei Mountain, a stressed-looking young woman was walking arduously on the road. It seemed like she wanted to enter the village and take a break.

Her bulging stomach made it hard for her to walk, her steps were weak, and she was obviously powerless. In the end, she accidentally slipped and fell to the floor.

The woman used her hand to protect her stomach as she wanted to get up, but she failed again and again.

The snow was getting more and more intense, and there was no one to be seen on the small road.

'Hmm, why is someone laying on the snow?' A nun with a huge backpack thought in wonder, but she walked up to the woman very rapidly.

She looked at the woman on the ground and helped her up. She muttered to herself in shock, "Such a pretty girl, and she's not from here. Hmm, she's pregnant? Wait, it would seem she has cultivated ancient martial arts before but is just heavily wounded."

Without even checking the woman, the nun quickly carried her and the big backpack up Ee Mei Mountain as she ran even faster than before.


Cultivation was truly a matter with no ending. As soon as Ye Mo came back and gave Xu Yuehua what he had to give her, he started cultivating again. He had understood some things useful to him from the Meng family's fortune telling art. In the turn of an eye, a few months passed.

But today, Ye Mo couldn't focus his mind anymore. He felt annoyed and restless. Ye Mo got up and checked his power and found that he was at the middle stage of stage five. He was quite happy that he had been able to improve in only a few months.

After Ye Mo came out, Xu Yuehua, Xu Ping and co. quickly came. Ning Qingxue arrived by Ye Mo's side on first notice too. Surprisingly enough, Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling also came.

Ye Mo felt strange and asked Ye Zifeng, "Zifeng, why have you come? What happened to the Ye family in Beijing?"

"Big Brother, we're brothers. I know grandpa is right, but if we hide in Beijing while Luo Yue is in hardship and come back after Luo Yue overcomes the difficulty, what kind of brothers would we be then? Brothers need to share hardship together too, not just the good times. Even Ye Ling knew to come help you, how can I fall behind?" Ye Zifeng's words touched Ye Mo. He knew that Ye Zifeng quite possibly might not be blood related to him, but he would always see Ye Zifeng as his blood brother nonetheless.

Soon, the entire management level of Luo Yue assembled at the meeting hall. They were preparing to discuss the complete relocation of Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals to Luo Yue City. Luo Yue had achieved some level of self-protection by now, and they believed that they were nearing the end of the US's patience.

Luo Yue was wealthy, and large amounts of assets flew into Luo Yue, but what shocked everyone was that no matter how big Luo Yue got, they just wouldn't enter the stock market. People could buy Luo Yue's products but not their shares.

And because Luo Yue had plenty of money, they had started looking for large military countries with weapons to sell for some transaction opportunities. Those countries only looked at money, and so they all accepted some form of dealings with Luo Yue.

But it wasn't like Luo Yue could buy all sorts of weapons left and right. Even if a country were willing to let Luo Yue buy their military-grade weapons, they would have to acknowledge that Luo Yue was an independent government first. That condition stopped a lot of countries in their tracks.

America, Russia, Germany, France and England were all powerful military countries.

The US couldn't admit Luo Yue's independence, nor would they sell weapons to Luo Yue, as they were just waiting for Luo Yue to mature before they would start trying to seize it.

Germany, France and England were all on the same team, and they knew what the US was thinking. Although they were interested in the money Luo Yue could bring them, they couldn't just casually sell Luo Yue weapons taking the US into account.

But Russia was different - they didn't care.

Although Russia wasn't as militarily potent as the Soviet Union had been, they had developed on a broader scale. While England, France and Germany were in the middle of hesitating, they admitted Luo Yue's independence without hesitation and simply sold their weapons to Luo Yue as they pleased.

Large amounts of money fell into Russia's reserves, while large amounts of planes, nuclear submarines and tanks went into Luo Yue.

Seeing this happen, Germany finally couldn't resist anymore. They didn't expect that some small Luo Yue would have that much power, gobbling up batch after batch of weapons. But to them, it was still a bit hard to admit Luo Yue's independence.

America immediately stood out to criticize Russia, saying that they were increasing volatile factors in the world, but Russia soon retaliated by saying that the US was the largest distributor of weapons in the world, so especially the US had no right to criticize Russia.

"Martial Brother, after making our latest nuclear weapon, we've modelled the explosion, and it shouldn't be weaker than any nuclearly armed country's weapons. Our newest intercontinental missile can easily bomb the US. We have the ability to send a nuke right to their dinner table," Ye Xing said joyfully.

Ye Mo nodded. He was very satisfied with Ye Xing's capabilities, and he trusted him unconditionally.

"Ye Xing is right. Our greatest achievement is the newest nuclear reactor engine. Without the new computers and mechanical stations you bought, we really wouldn't have been able to produce it," Xu Ping nodded.

"Russia is giving us rather average things, so I think we still need to produce our own weapons. If you give me three years, I'm sure that Luo Yue will be the center of the world's military technology," Ye Xing said pridefully.

"Making weapons is a means, not the goal. Although weapons earn money, there are plenty of other things we can earn money with. For now, Luo Yue's population is too small. When our population reaches a couple million, then we can become truly independent," Ye Mo said.

Xu Yuehua nodded and said, "Many of those working at Luo Yue have moved their families here. Now, there's almost 200.000 people here. 60% of them are Chinese, and the rest comes from other countries around the world. We've also established airplane routes from many different countries, allowing those who want to move here to come for free."

"Okay, in that case, let's move Flowing Snake's Luo Yue here as well. It is time." Ye Mo was really pleased with how fast Luo Yue had developed. If the US still wanted to attack them, they would have to think about their chances first.

"Once we move Luo Yue here completely, the US will react. They might even attack Luo Yue at first notice and try to rob us of our things. We need to be ready for battle," Xu Yuehua said.

Luo Yue was already completely different from when they had first come there. Not only did they have the new air defence system, they also had Ye Xing's newly made electronic interference and GPS location systems. In fact, the electronic interference system might be seen as one of the main reasons why Luo Yue could be so confident.

Ye Mo suddenly got up and scanned everyone, "We will be moving all of Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals to Luo Yue, including the population of Flowing Snake. We have more than 200.000 people now. At the same time, let the 200 nautical miles of sea around Luo Yue also belong to Luo Yue!"