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Chapter 575: Earning Big
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At this moment, Ye Mo stood in the fruit garden of the luxurious mountain villa of the Meng family. Looking at the fruit tree in front of him, his mood swung from extreme excitement to deep disappointment. Why? Because the 3 meter tall tree in front of him was indeed a Bitter Ten Years Tree but due to neglect, it was on the verge of death.

Bitter Ten Years was something hard to find even in the cultivation realm. It was the hardest to find of the three main ingredients needed to make the foundation establishment pill. It was the rarity of this ingredient that resulted in the foundation establishment pill being so hard to get. It wasn't rare to find one fruit be sold for tens of thousands of spirit stones.

It was very hard for the Bitter Ten Years to grow. It only grew a centimeter each year. This one was obviously close to 300 years old, which was very rare.

The only pity was that even though it seemed to have been taken care of properly, its own spirit chi was dissipating, and thus it was near death. Even if Ye Mo wanted to save this tree, he would have to have spirit stones to build a spirit gathering formation. But even if he had spirit stones, he wouldn't be able to waste them for building formations - he would use them to cultivate.

But this also meant that the Meng family had quite the skills to be able to keep the Bitter Ten Years alive for 300 years.

There was a saying about the Bitter Ten Years, 'Ten years to bloom, one morning to bear fruit. Bitter in the heart, but sweet in its dao.' In the cultivation realm, you were only considered a proper cultivator when you reached the foundation establishment state. If one wanted to reach the foundation establishment state, the Bitter Ten Years was a must.

"Doctor Mo?" Meng Jiushan saw Ye Mo stand in front of the Bitter Ten Years and sigh in disappointment, so he called out.

Ye Mo looked at Meng Jiushan and said "This tree only has a few years left to live."

Hearing this, Meng Jiushan looked despondent and nodded, "Yes, you are right, Doctor Mo - this tree indeed doesn't have long left."

Ye Mo nodded and asked "How do you know this tree only has a few years left to live?"

"This is what my ancestors said, 'When this tree leaves the place it grew up, it will have lived for only 300 years.' There's only a few years left until those 300 years." Meng Jiushan felt sad. This tree was very important to the Meng family.

"Leave 'the place it grew up', so not its birthplace? This tree wasn't planted by your ancestors? In that case, how could you let it live for 300 years?" Ye Mo was bewildered - this was a miracle.

"Yes, when my ancestor first found the tree, it was less than 3 inches big, but he dug it out with 1 meter of earth and brought it away." Ye Mo understood now. With that much earth dug away, its growth wouldn't be affected, but after all these years, the nutrients from the original earth had all been absorbed, and now it was dying.

Then, Meng Jiushan said "When we moved it to Hong Kong, we dug 6 meters of earth around it and shipped it here. And now, there's no way for us to save it anymore."

Ye Mo suddenly considered something and asked, "Where did your ancestor find the tree?"

Hearing this, Meng Jiushan's face looked pained.

Ye Mo could tell he didn't really want to say it, so he immediately said, "I can cure your Meng family's disease as long as you can tell me where you found the tree."

The Bitter Ten Years must've come from a place with abundant spirit chi.

Ye Mo had some understanding of the Meng family's disease - it was caused by their ancestor wrongly eating the Bitter Ten Years.

The Bitter Ten Years couldn't be eaten with honey. If there was a lack of spirit chi, it was best made into a medicinal soup or pill. Otherwise it could cause a blockage of life force, despite making the person healthier. And if there was an abundance of spirit chi, the life force wouldn't be blocked.

If the Bitter Ten Years weren't withered, it would be hard for Ye Mo to cure the disease, but since it was withered, he only needed to dissipate the spirit chi blocking their life force. They wouldn't have to eat the Bitter Ten Years anymore anyways.

"Thank you, Doctor Mo." Meng Jiushan was waiting for these words.

"When our ancestor found the place, there were two of these trees, and one was already 5 meters tall-"

Ye Mo was shook, "Two?!"

One was already 5 meters tall then, so now that 300 years had passed, wouldn't that tree be 800 years old? An 800-years-old Bitter Ten Years! Ye Mo's heart burned with intensity. If he managed to acquire that, he would be earning big. A fruit from that tree would be worth more than 100.000 spirit stones!

Meng Jiushan could tell that Ye Mo was very interested in the tree and continued, "Yes, my ancestor could only take the small one, but he decided to go back later on to get the big one, but he couldn't find it. This was in the depth of the Duan Heng Ranges, in the sea of clouds. The ancestor said that he had seen a natural North Spoon Seven Stars formation, but our ancestors have been unable to find anything even after looking for 200 years."

Ye Mo calmed down a bit, but he definitely had to go to that place no matter what. Ye Mo said calmly, "Okay, now, recite your Meng family fortune telling art for me to see where the problem lies."

Ye Mo already knew where the problem was, but he was saving the entire Meng family, so he felt it reasonable enough to take something from them.

Meng Jiushan didn't doubt anything. He believed there was no way to learn the Meng family fortune telling art by just listening to it once. There were a lot of words that required explanation word by word, and sometimes, it took a whole day to explain one word.

The art formula wasn't long, about 10.000 words, but what shocked Ye Mo was that it was the closest thing to spirit chi cultivation he had ever encountered on earth. The 'difficult words' didn't bother Ye Mo at all as he knew much more than Meng Jiushan.

This art gave Ye Mo much more inspiration than the book he had seen at the Nine Moon Sect! He had understood a lot from it, and if he went back into solitary training now, he would even be able to have some breakthrough.

The trip had not been a waste of time.

"Okay, I understand now. Call all the male members of your family over. I'll remove this disease for you." Because the tree couldn't live anymore anyway, Ye Mo didn't tell them to stop eating the fruits.

Meng Jiushan rejoiced that Ye Mo was willing to help. There weren't that many males in their family, only six, so Ye Mo didn't require much time to dispel the condensed spirit chi inside of them. As for the women in the Meng family, Ye Mo gave the family a recipe for making some medicine for that.

Eventually, Meng Jiushan took out a cheque with a huge sum on it, but Ye Mo rejected. Although it was a lot of money, it was nothing to Ye Mo. Moreover, he had already acquired quite a lot from Meng Jiushan.

"A master indeed!" Meng Jiushan saw that Ye Mo might have asked for 3 million from that wealthy lady on the plane, but he rejected the tens of millions on the cheque, and this changed his perception of Ye Mo greatly.

"The Duan Heng Ranges, North Spoon Seven Stars?" Why did that sound like the entrance Luo Xuan had talked about?