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566 Dumb, Just Like Him

Chapter 566: Dumb, Just Like Him
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Back when Ye Mo annihilated Jason and the Gray Alliance, the ones who benefitted the most weren't the Tang Gang, Hong Martial Gang or Mountain Gang - it was the native original San Francisco Gang.

They took over almost all of Jason's wealth, including his private mansions. And even Ye Mo had been amazed at how luxurious it was.

Tonight was the second night that Ye Mo came there. He had come for the San Francisco Gang and had only brought Sha One along this time.

When Ye Mo and Sha One came to the meeting room from before, they found that almost all of the San Francisco Gang was there. There were more than 100 people, and when Ye Mo and Sha One came in, they instantaneously surrounded the two.

"Haha, our Leader Smith already knew Gang Leader Sha would be coming, so he has been waiting." A white man was sitting at the top - he was probably the leader of the San Francisco Gang. But the man speaking was a Chinese man wearing glasses who stood next to him.

A tall foreigner was also sitting beside the big boss. Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and found that the guy had guns all over him. Ye Mo couldn't help but shake his head. This guy was undoubtedly the 'Gun King', Dick.

"You have a traitor among your men," Ye Mo looked at Sha One and said.

Sha One's face was quite bad. He didn't expect a traitor would be able to pass on news of him so quickly. They'd already gathered everyone to wait for him!

"I'm sorry, Ye-Qianbei," Sha One said guiltily.

Ye Mo smiled, "There's nothing to be sorry about. It's good that you had a traitor! Now they're all gathered up, so we can sweep them away in one blow. This San Francisco Gang isn't simple - they already knew where Shi Kaigen was but actually didn't do anything. They probably wanted to wait for me to appear."

The big boss said something and then the glasses guy said, "Our Boss Smith says, 'You killed Jason, so now give us the money you got from him and we can let you live.' If you refuse…"

The man scanned the area below, and those 100 people all took out their guns.

So this was about that mere 50 million? Ye Mo sneered, "The San Francisco Gang has killed a lot of Chinese. It's time for you to pay!"

Then, Ye Mo jumped up as wind blades flew out from his hands. The air around them seemed to condense before then slicing out.

Being at stage five meant that Ye Mo could use 60 simple wind blades consecutively. He didn't need to worry about the quality of the wind blades he used to kill ordinary people.

Ye Mo hadn't come to get revenge for the Tang Gang but for Shi Kaigen. Shi Kaigen hadn't died though, so he was in truth just using that as an excuse.

Blood splurged out like a fountain. Time seemed to have paused and the air condensed. No one could react. Even though Sha One was at the earth level, he too was stunned at this harvest-like slaughter.

100 people in a mere moment's time had all been slaughtered clean by Ye Mo, and they all died the same way. It was as though they had been measured by a ruler and then cut in the same place.

"Looks like I'm getting more and more used to mass slaughter," Ye Mo's voice sounded casual, but Smith and the glasses man shivered.

Demon - this person was a demon! They finally understood how the Gray Alliance, even with that much power, had disappeared in one night.

If they had known this demon Ye Mo was this powerful, there was no way they would have dared bother him.

Bang bang- Twelve gunshots sounded, but Ye Mo just made a grabbing motion in front of him, and 12 bullets appeared in his hand. He dropped them on the ground as they made clinking sounds.

Dick had a pistol in each hand, but for the first time ever, he forgot to reload his gun. He simply stared dumbly at the bullets on the ground. He heard that some Chinese people would be capable of catching his bullets, and even Johnson could block his weaker bullets, but he had never thought someone would be able to catch all the bullets of his newest gun.

"Sha One, I'll leave him to you," Ye Mo said.

"Yes, Qianbei." Sha One jumped from his spot and charged at Dick like a gorilla.

Dick reacted by reloading and firing rapidly.

As fast as Sha One was, Dick still reloaded his guns six times and shot out nearly one hundred bullets. Even a black level fighter wouldn't be able to survive in the face of that many bullets coming at them from so many angels.

But his power was still far inferior to that of Sha One. Sha One was at the earth level, while he was just a yellow level gun master. Chinese ancient martial artists rarely used firearms, since they were useless against real masters. With the exception of those extremely high-tech weapons, of course.

As Dick reloaded yet another powerful pistol, Sha One grabbed his neck and dragged him up.

Dick was choking, and his pistol slunked to the ground.

Ye Mo walked up to him and sneered, "You dared try to get revenge for Jason in your pitiful state? To be honest, you're far weaker than that Three Breaths Flying Dagger Johnson."

Dick growled, but Ye Mo had no interest in what he had to say.

Sha One crushed Dick's neck and threw him onto the floor like a dead dog.

Ye Mo then looked at Smith and the glasses man and shook his head, "Sha One, kill these two too."

"Don't, please! I can tell you who the traitor is." The glasses man actually wet his pants.

But Ye Mo had no intention of letting him go. If Sha One couldn't even track down a traitor among his underlings, then he would never have been able to make it out from Ren Sha.

Sha One killed the two without hesitation.

"This mansion is really attractive, though," Ye Mo looked at the mansion and sighed.

Seeing Ye Mo burn the bodies away with fireballs, Sha One felt cold on his back. Ye Mo was still stronger than he had estimated.

After a while, Ye Mo and Sha One left the luxurious mansion behind them in a veil of fire.

That night, another big gang in San Francisco was annihilated, the San Francisco Gang. Perhaps the US government would claim that it was their work again.


Two days later, Ye Mo got a new identity and boarded a plane from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

The clouds outside drove him into contemplation. He took out an old diary and caressed it before placing it in front of him. Ye Mo slowly flipped open to the first page.

At the same time, an ordinary-looking woman walked the streets of Chinatown. She was carrying an old bag and looked lonely on those roads.

She sighed after walking for a long time, "I'm going back. I once stayed here for quite some years, though, so perhaps I should bring something back."

Then, she took out her wallet. There was only money for the plane ticket in there, perhaps not even enough. She carefully took out the card Ye Mo gave her and smiled before saying to herself, "I'll use your money now, but I'll get your wife a good present in the future."

She walked to an ATM. "This has 5.000 US do-" She smiled but her smile froze soon. The screen was showing 50 million US dollars and not 5.000.

Suddenly, she felt her nose get sour. She didn't withdraw any money and just pulled the card out, murmuring, "You're very dumb. What will you do, giving all your money to me? You're dumb, just like him…"