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565 New Radar System

Chapter 565: New Radar system
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"Annie, what are you planning on doing?" Ye Mo looked at Annie. He didn't know whether she'd be willing to go with them.

"Annie come with us, you can't stay here anymore," Yin Si quickly said.

Annie looked conflicted, "But my dad…"

After Yin Si explained it, Ye Mo understood that Annie's dad was an alcoholic and had drunken the family into bankruptcy.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, "Go explain the situation to her dad. If he wants to come along, then we can leave immediately, and if not, then never mind. I'll wait for you here."

After the three went out, Ye Mo went into Sister Yan's room. It was a very simple room with just a bed and a mirror.

Ye Mo sighed in front of the mirror, wondering how many times Sister Yan had done the same over the years. Now, she could finally do some of the things she had to do. Ye Mo didn't stop her, because everyone had their own trouble to take care of. Sister Yan hadn't had freedom before, but she did now.

The sky-blue quilt on the bed was old but washed clean, and you could even smell a faint aroma come from it in the small dark room.

Ye Mo shook his head and stored the mirror and bed into his ring. Sister Yan had used these things, so he would keep them.

Suddenly, Ye Mo noticed a paper slip fall from under the quilt, and he picked it up. It had some words on it: 'Beauty ages easily, while yearning is slow to fade away.'

Ye Mo was dazed. Who had Sister Yan been yearning for? Did someone as pretty as her even need to yearn for someone?

While Ye Mo was being dazed, Yin Si and Annie's voice sounded outside. Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned them, and there was an old man behind Annie. Ye Mo could tell that that was Annie's dad. Since they had come wearing backpacks, that meant they were willing to leave.

Ye Mo took a closer look at Annie's father. Due to the long-term drinking, he looked shabby and even a bit dull. Ye Mo sighed and didn't tell him that the person who had come looking for him had already been killed.

The Yin siblings didn't have a lot of possessions and packed up really quickly too. They hurriedly bid their neighbors farewell and gave their neighbours all the things they didn't need before leaving with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took them to Shi Kaigen and told him to send the group to Flowing Snake. Yin Si and Yin Jia hadn't expected they would ever be able to go back to China. Even Annie's father said, "I can finally go back."


After Shi Kaigen and co. left, Sha One said, "Qianbei, hundreds of millions of dollars from US banks disappeared in one night, shocking the entire country. I heard that..."

"Heard what?" Ye Mo looked at Sha One. He could tell Sha One was worried about him. He probably suspected that he was the perpetrator.

Sha One quickly said, "All the banks in the US have changed to a new generation of surveillance systems. And all secret bases have tightened up security as well."

Change in surveillance systems? Ye Mo frowned. Would they be able to see through his inivisbility?

"Other than that, is there any other news?" Ye Mo thought of the few thousand tons of gold. Surely, they'd discovered that by now.

Unexpectedly, Sha One shook his head, "No, they just found that the banks had suddenly lost a couple hundred million, and they're already suspecting this to have been an inside job. No matter how strong someone from the outside may be, no one can just take that much without anyone noticing."

Ye Mo knew that the US must've found out about the gold but for some reason hadn't announced it.

Ye Mo sunk into silence. After a while, he said, "Find a few of those latest surveillance cameras and install them in a room. I want to see the effects."

Sha One returned quickly with 3 surveillance cameras and said in disappointment, "I only got the civilian use cameras, but these are also the newest cameras they're switching to. They're based on the principle of ray divergence. I can't get the military versions for now as I will need some time for that."

Ye Mo nodded, "The civilian version is fine. Set them up in the room."

Twenty minutes later, Ye Mo walked out with a stern face. He didn't expect the US technology to be this potent. It had only been a while, yet they already had cameras that could clearly see his shadow. And these were only the civilian-use ones! The military ones would be much stronger.

The only possibility was that they already had such cameras but for some reason didn't use them up until now. But why wouldn't they?

Seeing Ye Mo's face, Sha One confirmed his suspicion that it was probably Ye Mo who did the bank robbing. Although he looked calm, his heart was in rupture. Ye Mo took a few hundred million in cash from the bank and no one even knew about him? How much power and skill did that require? No wonder he said he would be taking those weapon blueprints.

Ye Mo knew that he might've missed an opportunity. If those weapon merchants also all changed to these new cameras, then he might not manage to get the blueprints. But he still needed to test it out.

Thor's, one of the US's large contractors, HQ was in Lexington, Massachusetts. Their famous product was the patriot. And the US Mobility Corporation's HQ was in Virginia. It was said to be the place where the Virginian nuclear sub had been created. It was also the home of Northrop Grumman, the creator of the B2 bomber - one of which was said to be worth 2.1 billion, And of Lockheed Martin, creator of the F-22 and F-35 stealth bomber etc.

'What a pity,' Ye Mo sighed. It had only been two days and the US had reacted this quickly?

"Is there any other news?" Ye Mo felt that he had only been hearing bad news today.

Sha One knew what Ye Mo wanted to know and said, "According to some websites, the new camera uses some special ray convergence and divergence to capture things the eye can't see. The reason why the US was hiding this technology was because they were the first to invent it and didn't want to expose it too early. But now, the radar and surveillance system of the military will all use that latest technology. Applying the technology to the radar system can allow it to detect any intruders at first glance."

So that was it. Ye Mo immediately understood that if he went where he had planned on going now, it would be full of traps. Even if they wouldn't be able to capture him, they would be able to capture an image of him.

Ye Mo truly wasn't scared of the traps, but he couldn't expose himself now. If he did, then the US might go all-out on Luo Yue.

It seemed he could only go back for now and cultivate and wait for the technological development of Luo Yue. But Ye Mo had to at least go check things out to see whether they had really changed their radar system to the latest one.

If they did, and he had never found out, that wouldn't have been good.

Only when his power was at a certain level could he do what he wanted and crush them under his feet. To Ye Mo, that time didn't seem too distant, though.