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564 To Luo Yue City

Chapter 564: To Luo Yue City
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"I have money, and I can give you all of it, so please!" Liu Luosi begged.

But even Dou Yuezhu had been shocked by Liu Luosi's calculations and ambitions, so with Ye Mo's order, he wasn't going to let Liu Luosi live no matter what. He quickly cut off Liu Luosi's limbs and then stabbed his heart.

Ye Mo was happy with Dou Yuezhu's quick actions and looked at Jim who was still sitting on the ground.

Jim knew it was his turn.

He said with a stutter, "Qianbei, I have money too, a lot of it, and I'll give it all to you-"

Ye Mo said to Dou Yuezhu, "Bring Yin Si's, Yin Jia's and Annie's bank cards."

"Yes!" Dou Yuezhu rejoiced. He knew that his live was spared now.

A moment later, Dou Yuezhu brought their cards. Although Annie and co. didn't know why Ye Mo wanted them, they didn't object. If Ye Mo had told him to get it, they had no reason to object. And if Ye Mo didn't, then they had no power to object.

"How much money do you have?" Ye Mo looked at him and said coldly.

"I have 19 million in abailable funds," Jim couldn't care less about his money now. He just wanted to live.

Ye Mo dumped three cards in front of him and said coldly, "Transfer six million to each as fast as you can. One cent less and you die. You can keep the remaining million for your retirement."

Jim rejoiced - not about the million but about the word 'retirement'. That meant that he wasn't going to be killed. He still had a lot of assets anyway.

Jim did as told as fast as he could. Ye Mo oversaw the while proces, and it all went perfectly.

Then, Ye Mo scanned Jim and said, "You can call the police, but an hour after you do will be the time you enter heaven. If you want to go to heaven, call ahead."

"Oh, no, of course not! Qianbei, I won't call the police." Jim waved his hand. He wasn't an idiot. Even Edward had been killed, so there was clearly no use in calling the police.

"And you, aren't you a Chinese man? It's fine that you didn't help your fellow Chinese actively, but you actually abused them. I would have wanted to kill you, but considering how you did what was necessary, I'll let you go this once." Ye Mo scanned Dou Yuezhu and walked out of the room.

Despite saying that, Ye Mo knew that this wasn't something he could change. There were so many Chinese here, there would be countless people like Dou Yuezhu.

"Yes, yes!" Dou Yuezhu had been sweating terribly and finally, he could sigh in relief.

"I'm done, let's go," Ye Mo stood outside the room of the three waiting for him and called out.


Annie was holding Yin Jia and didn't say anything. When Ye Mo gave them their cards back, though. Yin Si asked, "Brother Ye, you took our cards so that they would pay us compensation?"

Ye Mo smiled, "Yes, I made Jim compensate you guys."

"Oh, god, Mr Ye- No, Brother Ye, you're really kind!" Annie quickly brushed past Yin Si and rushed in front of Ye Mo wanting to kiss him on the face, but Ye Mo predicted it and dodged her.

Annie didn't mind and quickly ran to a nearby ATM. A few moments later, she screamed so loud she scared some nearby people away.

"What's wrong Annie?" Yin Si and Yin Jia ran over.

"Oh god, I'm not seeing things, am I? There are six zeros. This is six million, six million USD! I'm a millionaire!" She had gone from zero to six million.

"What? Six million?!" Yin Si and Yin Jia were also shocked. Ye Mo gave Annie six million? Did he like her or something?

Yin Jia also inserted his card and was shocked all the same. He also had six million! Seeing that, Yin Si couldn't resist and also checked her card - there was six million on it too!

That was 18 million all together. For a long while, the three stood still in a daze.

Then, Yin Jia said, "Aunty can go back now, let's go tell aunty quickly."

"Yes, aunty can go back!" Yin Si's hand was shaking. SIx million - that was a huge amount of wealth, and it had simply appeared in front of them out of nothing. She suddenly thought of Ye Mo and quickly walked up to him and handed the card back, "Brother Ye, that's too much money. We don't dare take it."

Ye Mo pushed the card back, "Take it. Also, I have some things to tell you guys later."

Although they properly accepted the cards afterwards, they still couldn't control their excitement.

They went back to their house with Ye Mo.

"Where's aunty?" Yin Si was the first to notice that her aunty wasn't there. She rarely went out - how come she had gone out that day without telling them?

"Do you know that your aunty is different from ordinary people?" Ye Mo asked Yin Jia and Yin Si.

Yin Jia shook his head obliviously, but Yin Si looked down, not saying anything. Ye Mo could tell that Yin Si knew that Sister Yan had been hiding her real looks, but apparently she hadn't told anyone.

Since she knew, Ye Mo didn't ask further and said, "Your aunty and I are-" Ye Mo thought for a long time but didn't know what to say. He could only say, "You just need to know that she's my family. Having finally found her, I already cured her. She had business to take care of, though, so she left. However, before she left, she told me to look after you guys. If you're willing to come with me, leave with me today."

"Aunty left?" Yin Jia and Yin Si asked at the same time.

Ye Mo nodded but didn't explain. Now, it was up to Yin Si and Yin Jia to decide. Even if they didn't go with him, they could live comfortably with six million, but Chinese Back Street really wasn't a place for staying long.

Yin Si was sure that Ye Mo wasn't lying to them. If he had something to lie about, he wouldn't have had to give each of them six milion dollars.

Yin Jia and Annie could only look at Yin Si now. Although she was only a few years older, she was the best person to make the decision.

"Brother Ye, we know very little of the world. Ever since I was ten, Jia Jia and I have been living with aunty. Aunty even gave us our names. Without her, we wouldn't be alive. Since aunty told us to go with you, we'll go with you." Yin Si didn't know what to do either, but she knew that they couldn't stay there.

Ye Mo thought of that diary Sister Yan had given him. He didn't have time to look at it before. He opened it now and found a letter for Yin Si and Yin Jia inside.

Ye Mo breathed out in content. With that, they should firmly believe him.

Yin Si took the letter and looked at it. She nodded - Ye Mo wasn't lying to them. Her aunty had left that letter for them and in it, she told them to go with Ye Mo.

Annie looked at Yin Si and Yin Jia. What would she do after they left?

"Where are you guys going?" Annie asked worriedly.

Yin Si and Yin Jia looked expectantly at Ye Mo. They didn't know where they would be going either.

"We are going to: Luo Yue City," Ye Mo said.

"What? Luo Yue City?!" the three screamed at the same time.