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562 Who Set Them Up

Chapter 562: Who Set Them Up
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Brother Dou had been thrown into a garbage can, so he looked at Ye Mo in shock. He knew that, although his power was the greatest in town, in the eyes of real ancient martial artist he was the weakest of them.

Yet, the young man had easily grabbed his neck and he hadn't even been able to move. He knew that the young man was at least at black level or above. The master who had taught him ancient martial arts said that black level martial artists were usually in the hidden sects and they didn't come out, so it was unlikely to meet them.

But if he did, then he must not offend them, because in their eyes other people's lives were worthless, like insects. They could kill him at any time.

Brother Dou, who had been acting cocky before, started to have cold sweat. He knew that he had been at death's door. If the young man wanted to kill him, he would've been long dead.

Those who had wanted to suck up to Brother Dou stopped in their tracks and retreated.

Even the fighters on the stage stopped. Those who had come there all knew about Brother Dou. He was called Dou Yuezhu, since the moment he started coming there five years ago, he has beaten every single fighter there. No one was a match for him. Hence, the boxing ring's boss Jim hired him as the number one fighter for the ring, he even had his share in it.

Dou Yuezhu struggled out of the rubbish bin. He didn't even bother wiping the trash off his body and just quickly walked to Ye Mo.

The woman with a cigar in her mouth ran to Dou Yuezhu and said quickly, "Brother Dou, I'll go get some more men, this kid is too cock-"

"Piss off." Before she had finished, Dou Yuezhu slapped her in the face. She spinned on the spot before falling down.

Although Dou Yuezhu had pain all over his body, he knew that the young man hadn't hit him with a lethal blow or he wouldn't be able to stand now.

"Qianbei, wanbei Dou Yuezhu was too blind to see Mount Tai. I deserve to die for offending you," other than a few smart people, everyone thought Dou Yuezhu had gone up to Ye Mo to fight him again, so what he said shocked them all.

Everyone could tell that Brother Dou was scared.

"Even Brother Dou fears him! Who is this young Chinese man? Is he here to open a new ring so he came to ruin this one?" someone said carefully.

"Are you an idiot? Can't you see he's here for that young man on the ground? Moreover, Annie knows him," someone rebuked.

Ye Mo scanned Dou Yuezhu coldly. He had some wits and knew that he needed him to do something. If he hadn't come over immediately, Ye Mo would've thrown a wind blade at him.

The reason Ye Mo didn't kill this Brother Dou was because he felt something wasn't right. Yin Si and Yin Jia were just average people in Chinese Back Street, even if Yin Jia had lost, why would they be stopping him from going hospital? Yin Si was pretty, but not to the extent of them wanting to coerce her into submission.

However, from what they said, their target was Sister Yan.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk, Dou Yuezhu got more anxious. Luckily, Ye Mo didn't make him wait for long before saying coldly, "Find a place for Yin Jia to rest. Take me to your boss, he's very bold."

"Yes, yes," Dou Yuezhu was fine with it, of course.

Ye Mo then said to Annie and Yin Si, "Annie, you and Yin Si take Yin Jia home to rest. He should be fine now. I'll go do some business and then I'll look for you guys. Don't worry, no one will dare do anything to you here."

"Thank you, Brother Ye." Yin Si quickly got up to thank Ye Mo.

"Okay, okay. Brother Ye, we'll wait for you," Annie said.

Then, Ye Mo followed Dou Yuezhu to a luxurious office. As soon as they got to the door, a fat white man approached them shakily. It seemed like he had gotten the news and wanted to come and see.

The fat man walked up to Ye Mo and Dou Yuezhu and said in Chinese, "Honourable boxing king, you're my real VIP. I'm Jim, the-"

Ye Mo kicked him in his fat stomach and Jim was thrown many meters away, crashing into a chair.

The two bodyguards immediately raised their guns but before they could make a movement, Ye Mo had thrown two wind blades and their hands had been cut off.

"No, no, stop, stop!" Jim kept waving his hand. He wasn't as ignorant as other people. Dou Yuezhu cultivated ancient martial arts and had told him some things. Although he found it hard to believe, he knew that in China there was a small group of people who were really strong and disregarded the law.

The two bodyguards were laying on the floor.

Dou Yuezhu was sweating even more. He hadn't clearly seen Ye Mo use any projectiles nor hack the two bodyguards' arms off, but he didn't dare to believe his conjecture, because he had never seen anyone who was able to use his chi to slice someone's arm off from that far.

Ye Mo walked up to Jim and kicked him far away again.

Ye Mo then walked up to Dou Yuezhu and said, "Dou Yuezhu, I didn't kill you, I know you're a smart man. I won't say it again, tell me why you have a problem with Yin Jia. Even when Yin Si agreed to your request, why didn't you let them go? Remember, one more lie and I will kill you."

"Yes, yes, I understand," Dou Yuezhu said.

It's because Ross of the hotel restaurant said he wanted Yin Jia's life and then make Yin Si and her aunty find him. I don't know why specifically. Jim took the job and I was just there to guard the ring, it has nothing to do with me," Dou Yuezhu wanted to keep calm but the thought of Ye Mo's invisible projectile haunted him.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Jim but before he said anything, Jim started crying, "Qianbei, this has nothing to do with me. I- I-"

Jim wanted to find an excuse but he couldn't.

Ye Mo kicked him on the head and said coldly, "Call that Ross and the person who beat Yin Jia over immediately."

"Yes, yes," Jim coulnd't utter anything else.

Ye Mo frowned. At the restaurant, he had already seen Edward and Ross set them up.

Although Ye Mo didn't know why Ross had a grudge against the Yin siblings, that woman had said Sister Yan must come. Were they targeting Sister Yan? If so, why not just abduct her? Ye Mo was sure they could do that in this town.