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540 One Leaf One World

Chapter 540: One Leaf One World

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Qing Yan sighed, "We don't know either. Ever since our sect was formed, we only ever minded our own business and were always respectful to everyone. We never offended anyone, yet that night, a woman came to our sect and suddenly killed a martial sister in the library without saying anything. And then, she went on to kill many, many more. She was so cruel!"

This nun seemed very timid, so Ye Mo asked, "Do you know if any important sutra was taken away?"

Qing Yan shook her head, "No, we didn't lose any cultivation methods, but we did lose the couple of Dao De Sutra volumes we had in the library."

"The Dao De Sutra?" Ye Mo's face changed. He was more than familiar with that book. At the Huo Family, he had gone with Luo Xuan to look for the Ni Luo Sutra, and it was hidden inside the Dao De Sutra! Had that woman come for the Ni Luo Sutra? He had also found that gold leaf inside but up till now hadn't been able to find out anything about it.

"What's wrong, Young Hero Ye?" Qing Yan looked strangely at Ye Mo. His reaction didn't seem too normal, did it?

"Oh, nothing, I was just wondering why that person would want the Dao De Sutra volumes. Are they important heritage items of your sect?" Ye Mo quickly asked.

"Heritage items?" Qing Yan shook her head in a bitter smile.

As though deciding that there was nothing to hide anymore, she paused for a moment before saying, "We only have a heritage left behind by our first ancestor, but after a couple hundred of years, we don't even know whether it's real or fake. We've just been passing it down, but those couple of Dao De Sutra volumes aren't part of our heritage items."

"Master, what is our heritage then?" a young nun asked the question Ye Mo couldn't really ask.

Qing Yan sighed and replied, "It's just one sentence: One leaf, one world - one world, 3000 leaves. We still don't know what it means even now."

Their heritage item was just a sentence? Not only was Ye Mo surprised, but so were the other sect members.

Ye Mo had only ever heard of 'One flower, one world - one leaf, one tree.' He had never heard of that One leaf, one world stuff. Also, 'One leaf, one world - one world, 3000 leaves' was a self-contradicting sentence.

"When the ancestor passed it down, she said that if a disciple ever understood what it meant, that would be the time our sect really reformed. But no one has been able to figure out what it means." Qing Yan shook her head and sighed.

Ye Mo knew it was time for him to go, so he got up, "Qing Yan, if your sect isn't able to find a good place, I have a good suggestion. Luo Yue Corporation is in fact my company - I believe many of you know about it - and it has been moved to Luo Yue City now. Luo Yue City's land is vast and has good mountains as well as lush green forests. If you don't mind, you can settle at Luo Yue City."

"Luo Yue City? I know!" a nun immediately said.

Liang Hang Jing Temple needed to find a new place to move to, so the members had been out and about a lot recently.

Qing Yan had also heard of it, but she wouldn't have guessed Ye Mo would invite them to go there. This was a good opportunity. Luo Yue was bordered by sea on three sides. It was a great place to live a hidden life.

"If you wish to go, you might as well contact Guang Han Sect, because they will be moving to our city soon as well," Ye Mo said this fearing that these nuns might still have some concerns.

Ye Mo quite welcomed these hidden sects as long as they didn't promote some evil occult practices.

Qing Yan was obviously surprised about that fact.

Ye Mo gave them Han Yan's contact details and left the sect, but he knew that Qing Yan was interested.


Ye Mo went to Shen Nong Jia again. He still needed some supplementary materials for the essence chi pill. Ye Mo was also thinking about the Dao De Sutra. He already had the two golden leaves from the Ni Luo Sutra, so why would someone still be looking for the Dao De Sutra? Not every Dao De Sutra would have such a golden leaf.

"One leaf, one world - one world, 3000 leaves," Ye Mo kept muttering these words.

He soon realized that he was back at Wu Liang Mountain, though. He had been thinking about it so much that he didn't realize the passage of time. Now that he was there, he needed to focus on looking for herbs.

The supplementary materials for the Essence chi pill didn't necessarily need to be spirit herbs. Some normal herbs would do the job too.

Of course, the older they were, the better. The ones sold in shops had either been planted by humans or had lost the spiritual aspect of them. They were no different than grass to him. Hence, Ye Mo needed to find herbs in the wild on his own.

Finally, he had gathered most of the materials and just needed to find a Lan Su.

Lan Su grew in bleak places. Its body was blue, and it had no flowers. Its leaf was sharp like a blade, and it carried a faint aroma. The oldest ones could grow up to 20 years old.

All this time, Ye Mo had been looking for herbs while going towards Nan Lu Peak. Although he wasn't too interested in the treasure of that guy from the other day, he might as well go check it out. Who knows if he wouldn't have some surprising findings.

Shen Nong Jia was a good place indeed. Ye Mo had found tens of types of good herbs, and some were very old. However, there were no spirit herbs.

Nan Lu Peak and Qiu Tuo Peak were both rather steep. It would be almost impossible for other people to find the cave in the middle of the cliff, but for Ye Mo it was very easy. He only had to go on his flying sword and search for less than half an hour to find the hidden cave.

It seemed like that was the place where the grey-clothed man had hidden his treasure and where he had usually cultivated.

Ye Mo was about to enter the cave when he heard a sudden cry. Ye Mo stopped at the cliff and looked in the direction of the cry.

It had come from outside the range of his spirit sense and his view was blocked by trees, so he couldn't see the origin of that sound.

He had found the cave already, so there was no rush to go in. He would go take a look what was happening first. Ye Mo jumped onto his flying sword and headed in the direction of the cry.

There in the forest, a man laid on the ground. He had lost his arms, and the ground was covered in blood with a few pistols laying around. Ye Mo scanned the place with his spirit sense and found that the pistols were all out of bullets. The man was long dead, but he was probably the one who had made the cry. Soon, he found another man laying in the bushes. That man was also dead. They had probably killed each other.

Just as Ye Mo was prepared to continue searching elsewhere, he heard the sound of weapons clashing. It was outside his spirit sense range again.

This time though, Ye Mo flew over immediately and landed next to a fight with a couple of people involved.