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528 Luo Yue Under Attack

Chapter 528: Luo Yue Under Attack
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Ye Mo was sure that if he were to fight Wang Lenchan again, he would be able to crush him head on with just a wind blade. His wind blade was still lacking for great heaven masters like Ren Pingchuan, though.

Looking back at the spirit well, Ye Mo didn't touch it. Perhaps in a few more years, he would be able to get a few more spirit stones. He had much more confidence in cultivation now. If he had found spirit stones once, who could say he wouldn't find them a second time?

When the Blue Flower Blue Leaf Grass had fully matured, then even without spirit stones he would be capable of concocting chi increasing pills and reaching the tertiary stage of chi gathering with them. Ye Mo was sure that even though he was still no match for great heaven now, once he reached the chi gathering tertiary stage, he would be able to slaughter them.

Ye Mo cleaned himself and left the stone hole. He let that small fox live here for now, it didn't damage the spirit well at all. It didn't know how to cultivate after all and only drank some water.

When Ye Mo blocked up the tunnel he dug out, Ye Mo felt a fit of hunger.

He didn't know how long he had been in the cave. His phone was long since out of battery. Ye Mo desperately wanted to know how Luo Yue City was, so he didn't even take the time to eat and just boarded his flying sword and flew to Luo Yue desperately.

At this moment, in a newly built crescent-moon-shaped building, Xu Yuehua, Ning Qingxue, Xu Ping, Ye Xing, Zang Jiayan and Li Sandao sat by a round table with serious expressions on their faces.

Something had happened at Luo Yue City. Zang Jiayan was supposed to be responsible for things at Flowing Snake, yet even he had also come to Luo Yue for this.

Luo Yue was under attack. There were many masters in Luo Yue who were good at individual fights, but no one knew how to fight a war, so Zang Jiayan had moved here.

"We lost 3 of our 10 ships. If this continues, we will lose all of our ships soon," Li Sandao said worriedly.

Ye Xing raised his eyebrow, "If I had another year, or even half a year, the new warships I could design would beat their pirate asses."

Li Sandao frowned, "There's no use talking about that now. We're too close to the Yading pirates, and none of us are good at maritime warfare. It's natural that we're no match for them. We can only wait for the City Lord to come back."

"I'm very curious why these pirates only destroy our port and warships. Why do they not charge on land? What good does this do them?" Ning Qingxue really wanted Ye Mo to come back too, but she knew that Ye Mo had gone out to make a breakthrough. Once he succeeded, he would come back for sure.

Xu Ping immediately said, "Sister-in-law, you don't understand. These pirates might be dominant at sea, but once they're on land, they're timid. So they don't dare come on land, because if they did, even if I didn't do anything, Sandao alone could finish them off."

Xu Yuehua shook her head, "Second Brother Xu, I don't think you answered Ning Qingxue's question. These pirates would only do things for their benefit. Destroying our ports and ships holds no benefits for them. They would only get those benefits if they tried to reach land, yet they didn't.

I think Second Brother Xu is partially right, but there's another possibility too. They might have come to an agreement with someone and agreed to stop the construction of our city. Then there's yet another possibility. They might be waiting for backup. Once that backup arrives, that's when they would come on land and raid our city."

"Then what do we do, Sister Yuehua?" Luo Fei quickly asked.

Xu Yuehua sighed, "We can only hope Guo Qi and co. can stop them for a while and wait for the City Lord to come back. We can't stop the pirates' attack in any other way. We had too little time. If we had a year or two more, Ye Xing could design a Luo Yue that's like a metal bucket. Besides, do you really think they're mere pirates? I don't think it's that simple."

Guo Qi and Fang Wei stood on the deck of a ship as they looked at the pirate ships through their telescopes. They had never experienced a sea battle before. Although they had been in the special forces, they had usually fought in forests and knew nothing about sea battles.

"Brother Guo, when do you think their next attack will come?" Fang Wei walked over with red eyes.

Guo Qi shook his head seriously, "I don't know, but I'm sure that these pirates didn't use their full power yet. Their ships are better than ours. Where do you think they got such good ships? We've seen reports of the Somali pirates. They're just a bunch of criminals driving jet skis with a couple of rocket launchers. Since when do pirates have such fierce weapons? I'm sure some country is behind this. We're not good at sea battles, so we can only wait for Brother Ye to come back."

"You're saying that they haven't used their full power yet?" Fang Wei cried in surprise.

Guo Qi nodded, "Yes, if they had attacked with full power, we wouldn't even have lasted 'till today. We're lacking a commander for sea battles, and we have very few battleships. We don't have submarines nor planes. Without air support, doing sea battles is like being a bird without wings. Luckily, the pirates don't have airplanes either, or we would only be able to run."

"Captain, the radar shows signs of attack again!" A soldier ran up quickly and reported. Most of these marines were Li Sandao's men. Li Sandao knew sea battles better than the people from Flowing Snake after all.

"Cannons ready!" Guo Qi's face didn't look too good. He wasn't afraid of war, but he sure didn't like this feeling of being suppressed.


After Ye Mo broke through to stage 5, he shot into the sky on his flying sword and appeared above Luo Yue only 20 minutes later.

The scene he witnessed, though, made him furious. A fleet of ships was charging towards Luo Yue fearlessly. It obviously had very strong ships.

Appearing weak meant getting beaten. He had only been out for a few days, yet people were already acting cocky at his doorstep. Although Ye Mo didn't know who would be commanding his side's fleet, he knew that no matter who was commanding it, they would be no match for the enemy.

The main ship of this black fleet looked around 100 meters long.

Although Ye Mo didn't know maritime warfare, he could guess that this ship had to be the commanding ship so without thinking any further, he charged down towards that ship.

At the same time, in that ship's command centre, a short-haired man stared deadly at the radar screen and kept frowning.

"What's going on, David?" an officer came in and asked.

"General Louis, I just saw a target on the radar, but it disappeared immediately. I'm sure that I didn't see wrong, though. This place is very eerie," David replied.

At this moment, Ye Mo had landed outside the command center and considered that if he went invisible, the radar might not detect him.

"David, has your head been stuffed by women too much? This battle is very simple; when Commander Shawn comes, we will be able to attack on land. I heard that there's quite a lot of beautiful women in Luo Yue, so at that time, you can enjoy as much as you want, haha!" Louis' joke didn't make David feel assured as he still looked at the radar carefully.

Ye Mo passed by many marines before entering the command center. Then he appeared and said, "No need to be attacking any land. You're called Louis? Why do you look like a pig?"

Ye Mo's sudden appearance sent the command center into chaos. Louis might be fat, but he reacted immediately and yelled, "Kill him!"

Two marines pulled out their guns, but before they could even raise it, they were sliced up by Ye Mo's wind blade.

Louis looked at the bloodied bodies and didn't know what to say. He was shocked.