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524 The Stone Pond that Disappeared

Chapter 524: The Stone Pond that Disappeared
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"What is it?" Xu Yuehua quickly asked.

Ye Mo sneered and said, "They probably want us to finish moving all of Flowing Snake's factories first and then take over the place. Before that, they won't say anything and other countries would never do anything either. In fact, they might even offer to help us."

Xu Yuehua soon understood what Ye Mo meant. Luo Yue was in Flowing Snake and even if the US wanted it, they wouldn't dare take it. At Luo Yue City though, it was different. They had an excuse to come at any time.

Ye Mo didn't mind at all and said, "As long as they give us time, it will be easy for us. You should hurry the construction of the city, but don't worry about bringing the factories over yet. When Luo Yue City is about to finish, only then will we build the factories. Drag out the time, make it big and grandiose and build lots. Just make sure that the Americans don't suspect that we've seen through their plan. But first, you need to tell Yang Jiu and Fang Nan to increase security around the factories."

After guessing the US's intentions, Ye Mo actually calmed down. This wasn't a bad thing for him. He would use the time to cultivate and try to initiate a breakthrough. If the US invaded them, the real fighting power would be him, after all. It would be a joke to depend solely on the Luo Yue Army to stop them.

"Sister Yuehua, I'll leave this to you. I need to go out now, but I'll keep my phone on me, so if anything's up, just call me." Ye Mo wanted to find those 4 stones.

He also told Xu Yuehua to try and keep the scientists that might come, if they come at all. Ye Mo finally understood why the Black Sun Empire wanted to kidnap scientists.


At the same time as Ye Mo left, heated debate on Luo Yue City was held all over the world.

Aimore was a world class wealthy man and many people knew about the gravity of his disease. Many elite hospitals and doctors had declared his imminent death inevitable, yet after he spent a mere billion, he actually got cured in 3 hours. He was even 10 years younger! This was a miracle.

If anyone still felt suspicious about the matter, CBS's on-the-spot interview was the best evidence. According to the journalist, Aimore had called the expenditure the most worthy 1 billion dollars he had ever spent.

There were even reporters sent out to interview Luo Yue's CEO, Yu Miaodan.

Yu Miaodan's words were very simple, "This is the power of Luo Yue. As long as you believe in us, we will be able to show you miracles."

Many sick, wealthy people went to Luo Yue to look for a way to be treated at its Immortal Hospital, but the prices were simply too exorbitant. Average wealthy people couldn't afford it.

Although there very few people who could go for the treatment, that didn't mean there were none. Luo Yue City was seen more and more as a metaphysical and magical place. Many people even went to their website to check out the rules for becoming a resident.

How did you become a permanent resident? There were some requirements. For example, experts in special fields were welcomed especially. And there was one rule above all. Luo Yue City was not a haven for crime. Any criminals would be executed upon identification.

Despite the already severe requirements for joining Luo Yue, many people knew that it would only get more and more difficult in the future. It would be much easier to go at this time than later on.

What was the biggest news in the world? Luo Yue building a city, of course.

What was the biggest name in the world? Luo Yue Immortal Hospital, of course.

What was the biggest trend in the world? Joining Luo Yue City, of course.


All sorts of news about Luo Yue spread out. Eventually the name Luo Yue City was ignored, and instead, many people called it Luo Immortal City.


Ye Mo didn't go to the Mei Nei Snow Mountains right away. He went to the desert first. Since he had that photo, if he didn't go check it out, he wouldn't be able to sleep well.

Due to Luo Yue City, he was 1 month behind schedule.

The Taklimakan Desert was still the same as before, but Ye Mo's mood while being there was much different. Last time, he had been only stage 2 and surrounded by Qian Longtou's men, he was almost devoured by the desert, barely not dying of thirst.

Ye Mo landed inside a cave corroded by wind. He remembered this place clearly. It was in this cave that he reached stage 3 as he was nearing death.

Ye Mo had returned, and the cave was still there, but the yellow-dressed girl was not. Ye Mo stood in the cave for a long time and felt disappointed.

Ye Mo sighed and investigated the back of the cave. It was near the huge rock and pool of water that were there that he had given Luo Ying her birthday present. Although he didn't know that Susu was Luo Ying at the time, he had fallen in love with her nonetheless.

Now that he had come again, he was dazed. That huge rock was still there, but the rocky pond was gone. Who could possibly take away a stone pond in the desert?

He had given the stone pond to Luo Ying, yet now it had been taken away.

Ye Mo stood there, dazed and feeling empty, as though he had lost the most precious thing in the world.

Ye Mo suddenly thought, 'Who could have taken it away?' Other than Luo Ying knowing about it, who on earth could have found it?

"Susu…" Ye Mo whispered subconsciously. His master must have been here and taken the gift he had given her. It was definitely Luo Ying. Did she miss him? Why didn't she come looking for him?

Even though she was yellow level middle stage, he knew how hard it would have been to bring the stone pond from the desert. She wouldn't have found anyone to help her either. He really wondered how she had taken it away. Ye Mo's heart ached. It was as if he could imagine his master in her pale yellow dress, underneath the blazing sun in the endless desert, arduously pulling the stone pond.

So Luo Ying must have been there to take away the stone pond. Ye Mo felt as if his heart was struck by something hard. Luo Ying had also missed him a lot, but probably she thought that he was her brother and therefore didn't dare to see him.

This was all caused by Jing Xi, that old woman! Ye Mo's heart was filled with anger. Although he had already killed her, he didn't resent her any less.

After staying there for an entire day, Ye Mo left in sadness. No matter where she was, he would find Luo Ying.

Ye Mo didn't get on his flying sword. He just walked slowly across the endless desert. The autumn desert wasn't as hot as before, but it was more barren.

As the dusk sun shone on the desert, Ye Mo's shadow was stretched out very long. Nothing but his footsteps were left behind in the desert, emphasizing his loneliness.

Ye Mo stopped. He looked back at his lonely footsteps and suddenly understood that his was a path that only he dared walk in this world.

Ye Mo howled and was prepared to get on his flying sword, when suddenly, a familiar back appeared before his eyes.