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523 Treating Patients

Chapter 523: Treating Patients
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Meanwhile, Ye Mo was unaware of the Americans' intentions. He was treating his first patient, an oil tycoon from Kuwait called Aimore. His condition was very serious and he was about to die. If he had had somewhere else to go treat his disease, he wouldn't have come to Luo Yue.

Aimore's disease was that he couldn't stop sleeping. He had been all over the world to see specialists, but they couldn't cure him.

His disease sounded simple, but his condition was very serious - he could stay awake for at most 10 minutes, and then he would fall asleep again. Moreover, when he was asleep, his organs deteriorated at a rapid rate.

A famous doctor in Canada injected him a serum, but it had a side effect made him age very quickly. Now, he grew older even faster.

Because his family was too big and he had to deal with a lot of things, he had to keep injecting the serum and now, he was on the brink of death.

If Luo Yue's beauty pill wasn't absurdly potent, he wouldn't have trusted going to that new city for his disease.

His older son Jessy, his wife Anna and a few body guards came with him. Other than this, the famous CBS news channel also came to Luo Yue.

Jessy invited them. They had given that hospital a huge amount of money to have their dad treated, so they invited CBS in case of anything went wrong.

CBS was very happy to join them. They wanted first-hand news about Luo Yue, but Luo Yue didn't welcome anyone and there were more than ten ships patrolling.

Ye Mo had seen Aimore's disease before, but it was at a really advanced stage in his case. After cultivating, he had learned that it was due to the meridians withering. The only way to cure him was to inject chi into the meridian, allowing it to recover life force.

But before curing him, Ye Mo asked how much Aimore had. He knew that not all rich people could take out 100 million just like that. Of course, the real rich people didn't appear on Forbes.

At any place and time, the real wealthy people hid under the ground. Everyone was used to measuring someone's wealth through their assets, but this couldn't include everyone.

Aimore was like that. Through Xu Yuehua, he had found out that Aimore's assets didn't rank very high in the world rankings, he had around 10 billion. But Ye Mo knew that this figure wasn't accurate.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk for a long time, Jessy frowned. If it hadn't been for the constant fighting about the distribution of his wealth, he wouldn't bring his father there; but of course, if his father could really be cured, it wouldn't be bad for him.

"Doctor, can you cure my father's disease?" Jessy said.

Ye Mo nodded:,"I can, but the medicine for it will be expensive. I need one billion." Ye Mo had thought about this, he couldn't stay there to treat people. In the past month, there really hadn't really been patients. He might as well do it, leave Luo Yue and focus on getting stronger.

"1 billion?" Jessy fell silent. That sum was no small deal, even for their family, but it didn't matter that much.

Ye Mo looked at Jessy and said, "You don't need to worry about me cheating you. CBS is here, if I wanted to avoid public outrage, I wouldn't cheat you. Of course, you can also pay after I cure your father."

Jessy nodded and agreed. Although one billion was a bit much, it was worth it if it could save his father.

Ye Mo was very straightforward. Since he gotten to an agreement with Jessy, he immediately started treating his father. Of course, he didn't let anyone see the process. He sent everyone out before using his chi to help Aimore recover his meridians.

Although Ye Mo was at stage four middle level, he still spent two entire hours on him. After recovering his meridians, Aimore fell asleep. Ye Mo then took out a small piece of the thousand year snow lotus and made a serum with that, which he fed it to Aimore.

After this, Ye Mo woke Aimore up with acupuncture and then opened the door.

It had been three consecutive hours. If Guo Qi's squad hadn't looked that ferocious, Jessy would've charged inside.

Aimore had just woken up and looked confused as his wife and son charged in. He clearly didn't know what had happened. Ana and Jessy looked at Aimore in disbelief. His face looked 10 years, they knew that Aimore was better than ever.

The family chatted and finally understood what was going on. When Aimore knew of the situation, he immediately crawled up to thank Ye Mo. Although a billion was a bit much, to him it wasn't. Even if it had costed 10 billion, he would have still paid it if it saved him.

Without any hesitation, Aimore made Jessy transfer the money to Luo Yue. He could tell how good his condition was, he felt very energetic and hungry. There was no way he wasn't healthy again.

CBS recorded the entire family's conversation and their gratitude to Ye Mo. Although CBS requested Ye Mo to take off his mask over and over, he refused. He still had a lot of enemies; and other than Northern Sand, there was America now.


Xu Yuehua didn't stay around with the family, and they didn't want to stay there either. Aimore had too many things to take care of. If he hadn't woken up, his family and his whole business would've been completely devoured.

"This money was too easy to earn," Xu Yuehua got the one billion and sighed.

Ye Mo shook his head, "There won't be a lot of opportunities like this. After all, there are very few people who can spend 100 million USD just like that. Sister Yuehua, you need to speed up the construction of Luo Yue. Also, give a portion of the money to Xu Ping in order to build the army. We need the soldiers to swear loyalty to Luo Yue - also, we need to be able to protect ourselves."

"I know, I've already discussed this with Xu Ping. The project for building the army has been progressing very well, many people are willing to stay here. Modern warfare doesn't need a lot of soldiers, but rather money and scientists. We've been inviting all sorts of people from all over the world. In a few year's time, it will all have changed. I'm just afraid that the US might suddenly attack," Xu Yuehua said worriedly.

Ye Mo also frowned. He didn't understand why the US had done nothing after he had killed their soldiers. This didn't seem like them.

"Why hasn't the US come already?" Ye Mo subconsciously asked. He stayed there so that if any US soldiers came, he could kill them all, but they hadn't sent anyone. What were they doing?

"Will they wait until Luo Yue almost finishes its constructions and then look for trouble?" Xu Yuehua asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "Do you think this is a children's game? After we finish building everything, they plan to just come and ruin it all? They would never do anything that didn't profit thems-"

Suddenly, Ye Mo stopped. He finally understood why the US wasn't attacking Luo Yue for now.

"So that's it." Ye Mo breathed at easy instead.