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522 Prepared to Reap the Benefits

Chapter 522: Prepared to Reap the Benefits
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"Should we send a document to the Commonwealth?" Xu Yuehua looked at Ye Mo worriedly. Although the construction had begun, it would take a few years to finish.

Ye Mo smiled, "Don't worry, all we need to do now is to earn money and build Luo Yue. We don't need to worry about anything else. Even if we gave them a document, do you think they would just accept us? Of course not. Since the US wants this place, they won't let us stay forever no matter what."

"I'm also afraid that the US would find an excuse to solve the matter through war," Xu Yuehua said with concern.

Ye Mo hesitated for a while before nodding, "Although documents like that are useless, maybe send one over after all, so that we have an excuse."

Ye Mo was preparing to go to the desert to find Luo Yue when he was free. If he could, that would be great, but if he couldn't, he would go find those four crystals and try to reach stage 5. Once he did, then even radars wouldn't be able to detect him. The US Navy and Airforce would be nothing to him.


Although they were tight on money, Xu Yuehua still bought ten ships through all sorts of channels, buying a bunch of weapons as well. She couldn't rely on Ye Mo to solve everything. She also started expanding Luo Yue's airport.

Other than that, they started building a port. That would be the foundation of Luo Yue's wealth.

Li Sandao brought his men over, and they also joined the construction of Luo Yue City. Food, supplies, machinery were all being shipped incessantly to Luo Yue. Ye Mo just realized that even with a money printing business like Luo Yue, it still wouldn't be enough.

Ye Mo felt like he was going through really tough times. He either needed to borrow money or earn money. Otherwise, his Luo Yue would become the biggest joke on Earth. At this time though, Mo Kang brought his Hong Kong Mo Corporation over and joined Luo Yue, providing them with 5 billion USD worth of funds.

But that still wasn't enough!

Thus, Luo Yue made a third notice. Luo Yue formed the 'Luo Yue Immortal Treatment Hospital' and promised they could cure any disease at all, scaring the world However, their price was also scary. The starting price was 100 million USD! They wouldn't cure for anything below that.

They also had 3 rules. First, as long as the person wasn't dead and you had the money, you can regain your health at Luo Yue. Second, if you're close to death, you can also ask to live longer - 100 million a year for at most 10 years. Third, if you want to keep your looks forever, you can also come and get the face preserving pill for 1 billion USD.

Ye Mo knew this was practically robbing money, but he couldn't help but invent such stringent requirements. If everyone went to the hospital for treatment, he wouldn't have enough time to treat them.

He was planning on going to find Luo Ying after prospecting Sai Na, but because of the Americans, he had to stay there until he officially owned the place.

The route to Luo Yue from Sri Lanka's airport was opened once more, but the conditions had changed. Back in Qian Longtou's time, the planes were rented, but now the planes belonged to Luo Yue. There was only one flight a day which was for the people seeking help at Luo Yue's hospital.

The news was like falling bombshells, catching the attention of the world as it caused much more astonishment than the beauty pill.

Ye Mo stayed in Sai Na, fearing the Americans would do something, or perhaps Kenya and Ethiopia, but even after a month had passed, there was nothing at all. Even other countries thought it strange too.

However, the Americans had indeed handed a document to the Commonwealth as soon as they could, rejecting the seizure of Sai Na by Luo Yue.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo got his first patient.


In the White House.

The president and congressmen of the two parties, as well as other institute members, had all gathered here. They were taken by surprise how fast Luo Yue had taken over Sai Na. Now, they needed to find a good solution to the problem.

Luo Yue had taken a hold of over Sai Na before they could react and changed its name to Luo Yue, declaring independence.

If the Americans just let that happen, they wouldn't be Americans. Without US intervention, Sai Na would've long been taken over.

No one dared take food from the US's mouth, yet Luo Yue had slapped their face.

"We should drop the matter of the ghostly death of the prospector team and take back Sai Na first," the head of the NSA, Johnston, spoke. When he heard that a small corporation took over Sai Na, disregarding subtle international game rules, he was quite unhappy. If he were the Navy General, he would've ordered an attack already.

No one answered his words. Although everyone agreed to his opinion, Sai Na was no one's property. If they attacked now, they would have no justifiable reason.

Luo Yue was different from Nan Qing. Nan Qing were like natives to the US. When the US needed to excavate Nan Qing, they would send an army to get rid of them. But now Luo Yue had declared independence.

Everyone knew that Luo Yue would eventually leave under the pressure of the US, but it was a matter of how they applied that pressure. They couldn't just send their army over. After all, the US had to care about their reputation.

The president looked at Congressman Bills, and Bills walked over to a large map and pointed at Luo Yue, "I believe everyone knows where this is. We wanted this place because we found a uranium mine there in the first place. But even without that, it would be a good touristic area."

Bills paused and then continued, "This is a great port location and a good place for export. But no matter what we build there, it would still be quite far from the US. Luo Yue is different. Once they build their factories there and export their products, wouldn't it be like printing dollars?"

"So you mean to say that Luo Yue suits the place more than us, and we should just let them take it?" Johnston sneered.

Bills ignored him and continued, "A few days ago, our prospector team encountered an eerie event. More than 10 men died for no reason. I think God is just. Since Luo Yue took over Sai Na, why not let them find out what that thing was."

"Congressman Bills, if that's your conclusion after saying that much, we might as well have asked a random citizen on the road. Perhaps they coould provide some more constructive ideas," Johnston said.

After no one spoke up for a while, someone got up and said, "I agree to Congressman Bill's words. Let them stay and build their factories. After they prepare everything and start shipping their products, we can go have our 'holiday' there. But before that, we should send something to the Commonwealth for our future plans."

His words woke everyone up. They could just let Luo Yue build everything and then take it all! What could earn more money in the world than Luo Yue?