Strongest Abandoned Son
521 Building Luo Yue
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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521 Building Luo Yue

Chapter 521: Building Luo Yue
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Seeing this, Li Sandao's face changed, and he said, "That's the American prospector. He came about a week ago too, and now they're back."

"Does Freddy not care about them?" Ye Mo asked.

Li Sandao shook his head, "He doesn't dare touch them. I'm sure that if they seized Sai Na, Freddy would be the first to surrender."

"What do they usually do here?" Ye Mo nodded and asked.

"I think they want to build a huge touristic city; a money-making machine. Last time, they were checking the earth content in the forests." Li Sandao still had no faith in fighting the Americans.

Just as Li Sandao and Ye Mo were talking, more than ten people got off the plane. Other than the first few, most of them were fully armed. They had brought some US troops.

"Go over and take a look," Ye Mo said to Li Sandao. He didn't want the US to grab a hold of the territory before he occupied it.

30 to 40 men followed behind Li Sandao.

When the two parties met, a yellow skinned man glanced at Li Sandao and asked casually, "You're Li Sandao?"

Before Li Sandao could reply, he continued, "We will be prospecting here for a few days. You have no business here. Make sure your men don't walk around casually and tell Freddy to keep it down."

Then, he signaled for the men behind him to move, and they carried all sorts of equipments with them, taking the road to the forest.

Ye Mo really wanted to throw a wind blade over, but he knew that wouldn't solve the problem. He said to Li Sandao, "These Americans should leave soon. After they do, do as I tell you. Our men will arrive in 3 days. Also, if the Americans ask how their men died, tell them that people happen to suddenly die here and there without warning. Tell your men to say the same thing. Furthermore, you need to take control of Freddy's men as quickly as you can. Those who don't surrender - kill them."

Although he didn't know why Ye Mo had so much confidence, Li Sandao still did as he was told.

Seeing them leave, the Americans didn't care. In their eyes, Li Sandao was just a small time gangster, far from a match for the US government.

Ye Mo walked into the forest after these people. He was thinking, 'If only I had a ghost, it'd be a breeze to kill them all.'

But without it, he could only do it himself. After his targets entered the forest, he started conjuring his chi into needles he would kill with.

That way, no one be able to explain how they had died.

Before fully taking over Sai Na, Ye Mo wouldn't openly slaughter. Once he did, though, he would.

As the soldiers walked, they were looking around. Meanwhile, a few gunshots sounded but soon after, everything calmed down. After a while, Ye Mo figured that Li Sandao must have managed to control Freddy's men by then, so he started shooting his needle-shaped chi into the Americans' ears.

When the first soldier fell down, people just assumed there had to be some poisonous snakes nearby, hence they started injecting themselves with anti-venom and started watching out for snakes.

When the second and third soldier fell down, though, the Americans had to halt their movements.

When the fourth, fifth, sixth soldier died, they started to worry and retreated back to the outside.

"It's a curse, this is a cursed forest! Leave immediately and report the news," a grey-clothed American yelled. A curse was the best explanation. It didn't seem like anyone was attacking them, at least not that they could see. The dead soldiers didn't even have a wound. What else could it be other than a curse?

Ye Mo wouldn't kill them all. He needed someone to report back. He was sure that the US would send more people, but that would take a couple of days. By that time, he will have declared Sai Na to be his.

The Americans tried to carry the dead bodies at first, but as more people died, they didn't dare to and just dumped them in the forest.

By the time they made it out, only two remained. They had been spared by Ye Mo intentionally.

They stood outside the forest, still fearing for their lives. They wouldn't dare enter this forest ever again. To them, this forest was a demon's forest.

Ye Mo had predicted correctly. The first thing the two survivors did was to find Li Sandao. Li Sandao kept his people in check as the two Americans came over, and they communicated.

As Li Sandao heard that they only had two men left such a short time after entering the forest, he was shocked. He thought of Ye Mo's words and was sure that he had done this.

While silently admiring Ye Mo's power, he said exactly what Ye Mo had told him to say. That occasionally there were strange deaths around the area. Sometimes there would be none, and sometimes it would happen one after the other.

When they heard this, their face turned bad. They didn't ask any further questions as they would never imagine that Li Sandao would dare trick them.

After their plane left Sai Na, Ye Mo thought in contempt, 'This was the last time your plane was able to land in Sai Na. There won't be a next time.'

When Ye Mo got to Flowing Snake, everyone was already waiting for him. Even Luo Yin and Luo Fei had come. They didn't seem to be in any conflict anymore. Ye Mo didn't know how they had resolved things, but that wasn't what he cared about now.

There was a lot of content to discuss in the ensuing meeting, but everything was quickly settled. Xu Ping brought his couple of hundred guards to Sai Na first. Xu Yuehua would go there at the same time. As for the builders, they would all go on a big plane to Sai Na together. The big machines would be shipped, and Ye Mo would leave all dealings with the Chinese government to Ye Ling. Ye Ling would contact Ye Zifeng, and they would take care of everything on that front.

Luo Yue rented all necessary transportation vehicles. After all, they might be rich, but they weren't so rich as to casually buy so many planes and ships.

Other than that, Flowing Snake started a population tally. Those wanting to live at Sai Na would be getting permanent residence and once Luo Yue City was built, they would be citizens of and protected by Luo Yue City.

Flowing Snake had nearly 150,000 people right now, but most of them were businessmen. There weren't many long term residents, only about 60.000.

As soon as Luo Yue made their announcement, it swept through the whole world in a very short time. Some astute tradespeople quickly started making preparations for moving to Sai Na.

But what shocked people the most was Luo Yue's announcement to the world that they would be moving to Sai Na and changing the place's name to Luo Yue, building their own city, Luo Yue City. They also declared that Luo Yue City would not belong to any country and since it was founded by Chinese nationals, the Chinese would have special advantages when applying for permanent residence.

Luo Yue had dared seize ownerless land and declare it to the world. This took the US by surprise and shocked the globe.

What shocked people even more was that they stated that after the city was built, any armed forces nearing Luo Yue without Luo Yue's consent would be annihilated.
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