Strongest Abandoned Son
520 Taking Land
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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520 Taking Land

Chapter 520: Taking Land
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Nan Qing was being controlled by a Hungarian. Ye Mo was speechless, but he didn't really care.

Ye Mo didn't seem to notice Li Sandao's expectant look and continued, "Sai Na is a good place to store an army. You've been here the longest, tell me: is Sai Na suitable for living? How big is it? What are some of its special landmarks?"

Li Sandao was disappointed that Ye Mo didn't talk about getting revenge for Lone Wolf, but he knew Ye Mo's power and didn't dare not reply to his questions.

"Sai Na faces the sea in three directions. It has some mountains and plateaus, but mainly consists out of forests. There are some natives, it has rich freshwater sources and distinct seasons. Although there are sometimes hurricanes, all in all, it's not a bad place to live," Li Sandao said.

Ye Mo continued his questioning, "How many natives are here? How big is the land area? Which country does it belong to?"

After these questions, Li Sandao realized that Ye Mo was thinking about taking Sai Na for himself. He had a look of worry but still replied, "Including the forests, it has a land area of nearly 20.000 sq km. There aren't many natives, and they are very separated. It doesn't belong to any country now, either."

"If I wanted to take over this place, what ideas would you have for dealing with the natives?" Ye Mo had already decided that Sai Na had to become his land after hearing that. After asking all these questions, he would go investigate himself too. It didn't belong to any country? This was just too good.

Li Sandao said worriedly, "Ye-Qianbei, if you want to store your army here, the natives would be easy to deal with, but the problem would be with the Americans."

Ye Mo asked in surprise, "It's around 10.000 km away from the US, and it doesn't belong to any country. What has it got to do with the US?"

Li Sandao explained without having to think, "The reason why this good land doesn't belong to anyone yet is because it's in the middle region of Kenya and Ethiopia. Those two countries have fought many times over who the land belongs to and negotiated for nearly 10 years. Even still, they couldn't come to a decision, so it dragged on and on. That's when the US intervened and promised something to the two countries.Even though it seemed as if they weren't doing anything about it anymore, the US people did come a couple of times.

"I believe they want the place too. Otherwise, why would they come over multiple times? There might be some mines and natural resources here."

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Wait for me here. I will go out to have a look."

Then, Ye Mo went on his flying sword into the air. He needed to confirm whether this place was like what Li Sandao had said. If it was, then he had to take it. He would kill whoever tried to stop him.

In the air of Sai Na, it was clear and on three sides of it one could see the sea. If one ignored its small connection to the mainland, Sai Na was an island. It had more than 10 freshwater sources, and the mountains were lushly green. Ye Mo immediately came to like the place.

He could build a country here, much less a city! If he set up some proper marine defense, this place would be in a good choke point during war. Even though modern warfare involved aerial battle as well, this place still seemed very good to Ye Mo.

'It shall be Sai Na. From now on, this will be my city,' Ye Mo nodded. He returned to Li Sandao and knew it's best to get started early. Since the Americans were already looking into the place, he had to take over before they could.

After coming back, Ye Mo called Xu Yuehua, "Sister Yuehua, I've found a better place to build a city than Flowing Snake. You should gather the materials at Flowing Snake first, though."

Xu Yuehua was dazed by Ye Mo's words and reacted after a long while. She asked, "You said that you found a better place to build a city than Flowing Snake? Does that place belong to a country?"

Ye Mo immediately said, "It's the original base of Nan Qing, there's about 20.000 sq km of land, and it doesn't belong to anyone."

Xu Yuehua almost dropped the phone to the ground. The first thing she wanted to do was to stop Ye Mo's crazy idea, "President Ye, do you know what you're doing? How can I not know about Sai Na? Why would this fertile land not belong to anyone? Do you know why two countries have fought over that land for a long time yet still didn't come to a resolution?"

"It's because of another party who wants the place and it's intervening. This intervening country is powerful, and the two countries fighting over it don't want to offend anyone, so they still haven't been able to settle it even after a decade."

Ye Mo smiled, "So we need to take over quickly. If we get it first, then the US would have to find some other excuse. And if they're really going to fight us, I don't mind. Sister Yuehua, prepare everything, hire large amounts of planes and ships, send them to Sai Na and start building this place. At the same time, we need to transfer our Luo Yue Corporation here. Change Sai Na to Luo Yue and announce it to the world."

Then, Ye Mo called Xu Ping to say that he would be back in Flowing Snake soon.

Ye Mo's call made Flowing Snake bustle again.

Li Sandao watched as Ye Mo put the phone down and was dumbfounded. He didn't think that Ye Mo would be this crazy. To declare Sai Na as his place and change its name!

Ye Mo said to Li Sandao, "Bring me to see that Freddy."

Li Sandao knew Ye Mo's power and didn't hesitate to show him the way.

"Li, who let you come to my land?" as soon as they neared the luxurious hall Qian Longtou had left behind, someone reproached them. It was in Chinese but not very fluently.

"He's Freddy?" Ye Mo looked at the big-bearded guy and asked.

Li Sandao quickly nodded, "Yes, he's Freddy. The 30 people behind him are elite troops with their equipment also being first class."

Seeing this, Ye Mo let himself go loose. He wasn't planning on negotiating with them. These troops wouldn't cost him much effort at all.

After some wind blades, the troops were all killed by the time Freddy could gather himself.

Li Sandao looked at the ground full of blood. He knew that Ye Mo was very strong and wouldn't be afraid of Freddy, but he didn't expect the battle to be this easy. It was like stomping on some ants.

Ye Mo patted the dumbfounded Li Sandao who woke up and said dazedly, "It's over?"

He thought there would be a huge battle at least.

"Yes, it's over. I said that this would be my land, so it will be. Li Sandao, do you wish to work for me?" Ye Mo needed someone who was familiar with the place. It would save his people a lot of trouble.

Li Sandao considered it. Ye Mo was the strongest person he had ever seen and since Ye Mo would control this land and he had nowhere to go anyway, why not stay?

"Ye-Qianbei, I'm willing to work for you. I'll go through fire-" Before he could finish his promise, he was stopped by Ye Mo.

"Li Sandao, I don't need you to go through fire, you just need to help my second brother, Xu Ping, organize the army. How many people do you have now?"

"There's about 200 brothers in Sai Na."

Ye Mo nodded, "I'll leave this place to you. I will bring the people here. In the meantime, start organizing the outskirts, especially the airport and seaport. We will be using it soon."

As soon as Ye Mo had said this, there was a huge rumble in the air. It was a plane, planning to land at Sai Na's airport.
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