Strongest Abandoned Son
519 Returning to Sai Na
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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519 Returning to Sai Na

Chapter 519: Returning to Sai Na
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

"The spirit well's entrance is in the back valley of the Gourd Cave, but when we got there, we saw the valley had collapsed on a large scale, and we quickly left. When we went there again, that part had been covered. Even if the spirit well is still there, it should be crushed," Zeng Zhengxia said with regret.

Ye Mo thought that the collapse must be related to Ren Pingchuan. Thinking about this, he asked, "Can't you dig it open?"

Zeng Zhengxia looked at Ye Mo strangely, "The entire valley collapsed. Even if you dig it open, the spirit well should have been crushed. Besides, it's not easy to dig out an entire valley. That valley is on the edge of a cliff, so machines can't even get in. It needs to be dug out by hand."

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Then could you draw me the position of that valley? If I have the chance, I'd like to go see."

Zeng Zhengxia did so without hesitation.

"Brother Ye, I'm happy that you're fine. I'll be going back now. I'll leave you with a way to contact me, so if you need help, just come find me," Zeng Zhengxia said before he left.

After that, Ye Mo found Xu Ping.

Xu Ping seemed very busy and worried. As an ancient martial artist he of course knew too well who Ye Mo had offended.

"Second Brother, rest assured; give me another year or two, and I'll have greatly increased my own power," Ye Mo said as he noticed Xu Ping's worry.

"But I heard Sect Leader Zeng say that you offended the Gourd Cave. They are a bunch of cruel people," Xu Ping said worriedly.

"Second Brother, don't worry, I've recently got news of Luo Ying's whereabouts, so I'll be going out to look for her. I came to see you, because I want you to build an army in Flowing Snake. As for the Gourd Cave, they won't be annoying us for sure. I've already annihilated them." The reason why Ye Mo entrusted the safety of Flowing Snake to Xu Ping was firstly because he was at the earth level primary stage, and secondly because Xu Ping and him were brothers.

"What?! You annihilated the Gourd Cave?" Xu Ping's reaction was the same as Zeng Zhengxia's. He almost couldn't believe Ye Mo's words.

Ye Mo didn't explain any further. Xu Ping remembered Ye Mo's first words and asked with even more shock, "You want Flowing Snake to have its own army?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, without our own army, Flowing Snake can't protect itself. I only want to build a self defense army over here. I haven't decided where to build the real army yet. I'm going to check out a place today. If I make up my mind, I'll tell you."

In Ye Mo's opinion, the real place to build an army should be Sai Na. In fact, he wanted to see if he could build a city there. If it was a place suitable for living, he wouldn't mind moving all of Flowing Snake's facilities there.

In the depth of his heart, Ye Mo didn't want to build his city right next to China. Despite his relatives coming from China, he had his worries about living so close to it. He wanted to build a city so that the people he cared about could live well without corruption. If the place got prosperous, all sorts of problems would appear and the big countries would get jealous.

Ye Mo didn't want any conflicts with China. After all, Elder Han was on good terms with him. If it was any other place and someone dared scheme for his place, he would destroy the country if he had to.

But other than Flowing Snake, he had no better place to go. Earth had been developing for many, many years, and all the good land had been taken.

"I don't have a problem with that, leave things here to me. As long as the people from the hidden sects don't come, I believe I can handle anything," Xu Ping said seriously. He knew his third brother was no ordinary person, so even if he would try to build a country, he would help him without hesitation.


Ye Mo left Flowing Snake and went to Sai Na before going to the Taklimakan Desert first. He really wanted to know how Lone Wolf's Nan Qing was doing. Had he grasped the power tightly in his hands?

Ye Mo came by himself this time. When Ye Mo came the first time, the outskirts of Sai Na had formed some simple commercial districts, and many of the families of the soldiers lived quite well there.

But now that Ye Mo came again, he almost couldn't believe it to be the same place he came to before. Everything was tattered and in ruins!

Ye Mo frowned. What was Lone Wolf doing? It had been this long yet he couldn't even control Nan Qing?

"Who goes there? Stop!" Ye Mo noticed the two guards at the broken watchtower. He walked over nonetheless but was stopped.

"Tell Lone Wolf to come see me," Ye Mo said.

Hearing this, the two guards stared at Ye Mo for a long time before asking, "Where do you come from? The airport here has been closed and the ships are controlled."

Just when Ye Mo wanted to kick them away, a middle-aged man ran over quickly. He pulled the two guards away and bowed to Ye Mo, "Ye-Qianbei, Li Sandao greets you."

"Li Sandao?" Ye Mo looked at this man and immediately remembered that he was Qian Longtou's trusted follower and the general of his army. Ye Mo didn't expect him to still be alive. He had left him to Lone Wolf, but now, he didn't see Lone Wolf and saw him instead.

"Where is Lone Wolf? How come I don't see him?" Ye Mo came looking for Lone Wolf. He wanted to know if Sai Na was suitable for living.

Li Sandao said respectfully, "He passed away two months ago."

Lone Wolf had died? Even though he had injured Lone Wolf, he was still the strongest around. How could he suddenly die?

Seeing that Ye Mo wasn't happy, Li Sandao quickly informed, "Lone Wolf fought with the other elders of Nan Qing and was injured in a fight."

Ye Mo shook his head. This Lone Wolf was indeed someone with great dreams, but low capabilities. Now that he was killed by someone, Ye Mo didn't really care. He asked Li Sandao instead, "Who's managing Nan Qing now then?"

Li Sandao didn't reply directly, he said carefully, "Ye-Qianbei, please come inside for a talk."

Ye Mo immediately understood that Li Sandao probably wasn't the one in power.

Li Sandao brought Ye Mo into a normal brick house. There were some troops guarding outside.

Ye Mo looked strangely at Li Sandao, "Even if Lone Wolf is no more, you must still be at the management level, right? Isn't the meeting room in a luxurious hall? Why are we at this place?"

Li Sandao sighed, "Nan Qing is already dead. It's being controlled by some Hungarian called Freddy. He is the one who killed Lone Wolf. If I were able to leave Sai Na, I would have. And because I didn't want to join his side, I've been suppressed heavily. If I didn't have a few trusted brothers, I would've been dead already. But even so, if I don't find a way to leave, I will eventually fall into his hands.
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