Strongest Abandoned Son
518 Why Not Take Advantage When You Can
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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518 Why Not Take Advantage When You Can

Chapter 518: Why Not Take Advantage When You Can
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Did you find Ye Mo?" Liang Shiguo sensed his voice being shaky. He was so scared of them saying they didn't find him.

The waiter sounded hesitant, "CEO Liang, we didn't find Ye Mo's whereabouts. He did just call, though. He said-"

"What did he say? Tell me, quick!" Everyone was staring at Liang Shiguo, and he was also very worried himself, but his heart skipped a beat out of happiness already. It was a good sign that Ye Mo had called. That meant that he might still be in Luo Cang.

"Ye Mo has apparently seen that levels 3 and above of Otherworldly Entertainment have collapsed and asked if you were still there and what was going on-" the waiter relayed.

"And? Anything else?" Liang Shiguo was really worried.

The waiter thought, 'I wanted to tell you everything in one go, but you keep stopping me!' But he didn't dare voice his thoughts. He thus continued, "Ye Mo said that you really don't know how to manage a business. A perfectly good place was turned into scrap - instead of giving him a diamond card, you might as well have given him the business. He would run it better.

He even jokingly left a number, saying that if you're interested, you can give him the business, and he would come negotiate with you immediately. He said that he would be leaving Luo Cang at night and wouldn't have time to come back for at least a week. Hence, if you need to contact him, you must do it before tonight."

"Give the business to him! Call him immediately, and tell him that if he can get to Otherworldly Entertainment right now, it's his. Quick, call him now, tell him to go there immediately, and as soon as he gets there, do a video call!" Liang Shiguo said desperately.

Everyone in the room had heard the phone call, but he still declared, "Ye Mo is still in Luo Cang, and he'll be coming to Otherworldly Entertainment in a few minutes."

Although Liang Shiguo was giving a business to Ye Mo, no one laughed at him. Elder Qu's face was very bleak. He didn't expect Liang Shiguo to really be able to find Ye Mo in just a few minutes. This was too coincidental.

The room sunk into silence.

A few minutes later, Liang Shiguo's phone sounded indeed. He broadcasted the call on the projector, and the background was indeed clearly Otherworldly Entertainment.

Ye Mo smiled very happily, "Boss Liang, I heard your waiter say that you want to give Otherworldly Entertainment to me. At first, I thought 'How could I possibly accept that,' but since you requested it multiple times, won't I seem too fake if I don't take it? So, I'll take it! As for the take-over process, I have someone for that here. You just need to talk to him about it. But really, Boss Liang, you're truly kind. When you come back to Luo Cang, I will treat you to dinner."

As soon as Ye Mo finished, the manager of the place asked, "CEO Liang, should we process it straight away?"

"Yes, do it now." Although Liang Shiguo had saved his life, he still didn't feel good about the whole matter and hung up the phone. This place was his private property, and he had been planning on developing it well, yet now, it became someone else's. But at least this place had saved his life. Now, that old man couldn't blame it on him.

Elder Qu's face was getting paler and paler.

Everyone in the room had been searched, including Sister Ling.

Although this room was quite grandiose, it wasn't that big. And even with the detector here, the crystals were still not found.

The old man knew he needed a scapegoat, or he would be dead for sure. No matter how high his status was, nothing but death awaited him if he lost two crystals in a row.

He looked at Sister Ling. Her face was already pale and now that Elder Qu looked over, her heart went cold. She knew she was done for.

"Lu Lin, I might not know how you took the energy stones, this isn't something I can decide on now anyway. Chen Zhui, take Lu Lin away immediately and head to the headquarters with me." He knew there was no point in staying here any longer. If the stone was still here, the detector would've detected it. Since it didn't, that meant that the stone had been taken away.

Sister Ling was shaking, but she couldn't even say a word. She knew anything she said would be useless. Other than Liang Shiguo, she had been the closest to the stone.

She finally understood why Wen Dong and Feng Tian would risk death to run away from Northern Sand. When Wen Dong left, she didn't leave for the Space Flower blueprint. Now, she had seen through what sort of a place Northern Sand was. Funny that she only understood now.

The old man wasn't happy at all. He knew that even if Lu Ling was somehow confirmed as the culprit, that would at most enable him to barely escape death.


Ye Mo was very happy. He had only gone there to provide himself with an alibi, but Liang Shiguo actually gave the entire business to him.

Although he didn't know why Liang Shiguo was being so generous, it would be a waste not to take it. Before Liang Shiguo could get back, he would hurry the manager to do the transfer.

After that, Ye Mo stopped the operations of the business while he went back to Flowing Snake. If Northern Sand knew that he had taken both two crystals and the money, they would go crazy. So the first thing he did when he got back to Flowing Snake was to make Xue Yuehua speed up the construction of Flowing Snake, and the second was to see Zeng Zhengxia.

Xu Yuehua got 10 billion USD out of nowhere and finally felt relaxed. With this money, it would go much faster to construct Flowing Snake.

Although he knew that Ye Mo was fine, Zeng Zhengxia still felt greatly relieved upon seeing Ye Mo.

"Brother Zeng, it seems you worry for me a lot," Ye Mo joked.

Zeng Zhengxia nodded, "Yes, after that day, I felt something wasn't right. And as expected, Feng Wu kept stalling intentionally and headed to the Gourd Cave only the second day."

Ye Mo immediately understood that Feng Wu had indeed known that Xiang Mingwang was setting him up.

Seeing Ye Mo nod, Zeng Zhengxia immediately asked, "Brother Ye, after I realized this, Gourd Cave had already sealed their mountain. What's going on? How could Xiang Mingwang seal the sect before going to the spirit well? Did he not attack you?"

Ye Mo didn't hide anything and said, "Xiang Mingwang indeed tried to kill me, so I didn't hold back. The Gourd Cave has been annihilated now, so there won't be any Gourd Cave anymore."

"What?!" Zeng Zhengxia thought he had misheard. He got up abruptly and looked at Ye Mo in shock, "You annihilated the Gourd Cave? By yourself?"

Gourd Cave was the strongest hidden sect! No matter how strong Ye Mo was, he couldn't be that strong, right?

Before Ye Mo could reply, he continued, "Doesn't the Gourd Cave hav a sect leader that's said to be half-step great heaven? Did he not come out?"

Ye Mo remembered the battle and still felt some post-traumatic fear. He nodded, "Yes, I almost died to Ren Pingchuan's hands. That old thing was too strong. If it wasn't for a lucky coincidence, I wouldn't have been able to come out. He's the strongest person I've met. Even Wu Dao probably wasn't a match for him."

Zeng Zhengxia breathed a sigh of relief, "Brother Ye, that was too risky. I didn't expect it at the time, but that Xiang Mingwang was really evil. You shouldn't spread the news, though. I'm afraid that Feng Wu might use this to act up. Jiu Ming Academy still has their Head Principal. It's said that he's on the same level as Ren Pingchuan. You need to be careful of them. They are said to be stronger than the Gourd Cave, but just supposedly don't like stealing the show."

Ye Mo agreed to Zeng Zhengxia's words.

"By the way, Brother Zeng, did you find the spirit well?" To Ye Mo that was the most important matter.

Zeng Zhengxia nodded and said, "I went there with Feng Wu, but there was a problem."

Hearing this, Ye Mo asked worriedly, "What happened?"
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