Strongest Abandoned Son
517 Switched under their eyes
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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517 Switched under their eyes

Chapter 517: Switched under their eyes
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Gang up on him? Will we attack him now, or should we attack his base first?" that young woman asked.

Elder Qu shook his head, "Now is not the time to take him out. Ye Mo gave us the crystal meaning that he doesn't know its worth and that he doesn't want to fight us now either. It's not the time to attack his base either."

We've investigated Ye Mo very clearly, and he's a mad dog. According to our latest news, He Liu Sect and Dian Cang were almost annihilated due to him. The number one hidden sect, the Gourd Cave, also seems to have become silent. We suspect that too is related to Ye Mo. Although he most likely can't annihilate them just like that, they are probably scared of his crazy retribution. So, now is not the time to completely start war with him. We don't have the time and effort to waste on him. In due time, there will be someone to annihilate him."

Ye Mo on the side really wanted to burn this Elder Qu, but he knew he couldn't touch Northern Sand yet. Northern Sand felt threatened by him a lot, but so did he by them. He didn't have only himself to think about. If he pissed off Northern Sand, how would he protect the people around him?

"Liang Shiguo, Chen Zhui and Peter will stay here now and come back to HQ with me later on. You will return immediately and keep track of Ye Mo and report back. Without any further notice, you must not do something like abducting his family again." The old man looked at Liang Shiguo with a serious face.

"Yes, Elder Qu." Liang Shiguo didn't dare object.

Then, Elder Qu looked at the woman and said, "Let me check the stone. If it's the right one, package it and send it away with the other one."

"Yes, Elder Qu." The woman put the crystal on the table and also took out a gold case.

Ye Mo noticed that this gold case was exactly the same as the one he had found. It seemed that he would be earning two crystals today.

Elder Qu checked the crystal and nodded. He opened the case and put the crystal together with the other one, before covering it with a yellow cloth. At this time, Ye Mo used two ordinary stones to swap out the crystals with extremely fast speed. He was so fast that no one saw it with him being in invisibility mode.

Ye Mo rejoiced that Chen Zhui didn't come in. If he were here, he might have noticed his actions. After taking the things, Ye Mo left immediately. As soon as he got to the entrance, he heard a yell in the underground room.

'Was it discovered this quickly?' Ye Mo thought and scanned his spirit sense down. Indeed, the gold case was opened again, and everyone's face was pale.

Chen Zhui rushed past Ye Mo and came into the underground room as soon as he could.

'Good opportunity!' Ye Mo dashed out of the gas station and got on top of his flying sword, quickly heading to Luo Cang. In order for Liang Shiguo to not suspect him, he had to be there.

"What is it, Elder Qu?" Chen Zhui asked.

"The crystal has been switched just now." Sister Ling's face was also pale. It was bright as day in there, and the gold case had remained on the table all the time. It could be said that everyone's eyes were on the case, yet from one moment to the next, the crystals turned into two useless stones.

From the opening to the closing of the case, only Elder Qu - only he had touched the case.

But it's not like Elder Qu would have switched it. He would be taking it away anyway. And even if he was to do it, he wouldn't do it here. And even if he did, he wouldn't open the case a second time to check on it.

Yet the eerie reality was that the two crystals had been taken from right under their eyes. No one could shoulder this responsibility, not even Elder Qu.

"Immediately lock down the underground room. Do not allow anyone to go in or out." Although Elder Qu's face was pale, he was still the first to react. The person who took it must still be in this underground room. As long as the entrance was sealed, they could find out for sure.

Although Chen Zhui didn't quite understand what was going on, he understood from Sister Ling that the crystals seemed to have been changed.

"Peter was standing at the door and made sure that no one came in. No one seemed to have gone out either-" Chen Zhui stopped there. When he came in, he seemed to have felt a subtle chi wave next to him, but he was moving so fast then that he wasn't sure now.

"I'll stay at the door over here. Elder Qu, please check inside." Chen Zhui thought about that encounter and knew that might've been the thief brushing past him.

But he wouldn't say that. If he did, he would be greatly responsible. He wouldn't be that dumb. So, he didn't even enter the passage to the underground room and just stood at the door.

People surrounded the place and investigated all over, yet half an hour later, there was still nothing found. Elder Qu suddenly thought of something. He looked at Liang Shiguo and said, "Liang Shiguo, are you sure no one followed you from Luo Cang to Hong Kong?"

Liang Shiguo was shook. They had taken an impromptu plane, how could they be followed? He knew that Elder Qu was looking for a scapegoat, so he quickly said, "Definitely not, with Mr Chen and Peter there, there wouldn't be anyone capable of following us. And coming to Hong Kong was an impromptu decision. I was in fact going to stay in the hospitable at first, but because I was afraid something would happen, I changed the plan."

Liang Shiguo had managed to casually drag Chen Zhui and Peter into it. Chen Zhui knew what Liang Shiguo was intending, but still had to help him, "Yes, Elder Qu, we were certain that no one was following us. The plane was also already full beforehand, and we used special means to get our three spots. No one could have known that we were coming to Hong Kong, and even if anyone did, they wouldn't be able to board the same plane as us."

Despite all that, Chen Zhui was afraid that they really might've been followed. But he couldn't imagine what means their tracker could've used. He thought of the chi wave he noticed before but didn't dare say anything about it.

Elder Qu sneered. He knew that if he didn't find the crystal, he would be held responsible.

If there was some chance, he would try to blame it on Liang Shiguo, but the crystal had disappeared after he touched it.

"Liang Shiguo, if that person followed you, would you know? Check Luo Cang right now. See if Ye Mo is there. If not, then it was definitely him. I said it would be suicide to underestimate him, are you still underestimating him even now?" Elder Qu's voice went cold.

Liang Shiguo's heart went cold too. He knew that this old thing was trying to use him as a scapegoat. Ye Mo had come to Lou Cang because he had called him there. this long after the meeting, why would he still be there?

Liang Shiguo was sure that if he called his men in Luo Cang and they didn't find Ye Mo within ten minutes, he would be turned into the scapegoat for sure. But if he didn't call, he would become the scapegoat just the same.

When Liang Shiguo called, the old man cursed and wanted to kill Liang Shiguo immediately. If it weren't for Liang Shiguo wanting to bring the crystal back there right then, he wouldn't even have been involved in this mess.

Sister Ling's face was pale too, but to her, as long as she was fine, she would be thanking God.

Chen Zhui also looked at Liang Shiguo with sympathy.

Liang Shiguo's face was pale as he called.

Everyone looked at Liang Shiguo's phone anxiously. To the people in the room, it was better to have a scapegoat than for all of them to die.
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