Strongest Abandoned Son
509 Worth 10 Billion
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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509 Worth 10 Billion

Chapter 509: Worth 10 Billion
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Liang Shiguo's expression showed his anger, Ye Mo was too cocky. But he had to do what Ye Mo said; if he had dared do that, he was sure he would also kill the three of them.

Although he wasn't happy about his men being dead and the fact that the negotiation power was in Ye Mo's hands, Liang Shiguo had no choice now. He pressed a button on the table and said, "Bring Ye Zifeng here immediately."

After that, Liang Shiguo said again, "Mr. Ye, we are gathered here to have a genuine discussion with you, but you killed 27 of our elite men as soon as you came. Is this the way you do things? Our Northern Sand isn't something to be messed with easily. Even if you're absurdly strong, you can't protect the Ye family and Flowing Snake all by yourself."

Ye Mo smiled, "If you want a genuine discussion, then don't play tricks. As I said before, don't threaten me. Your Northern Sand is strong and that's your business. I have no intentions of becoming your enemy, but I'm not afraid of you either."

Ye Mo knew that Liang Shiguo was not someone that got easily subjugated. The reason he was acting soft wasn't because he was afraid of death, but because the thing they were going to discuss with him was very important.

"You're very arrogant, and if you think you can go around showing off just because you killed that ninja, then you're wrong. That ninja was nothing. I, Chen Zhui, could have also killed him in a short time. Ye Mo, we don't want to get into a fight with you, not because we're afraid of you, but because we have no conflict of interest. A friend is better than an enemy," it was the earth peak level man speaking.

Liang Shiguo frowned, and he thought it was a bluff. The ninja had been said to be able to easily kill earth peak level martial artists.

Ye Mo looked at Chen Zhui with surprise. He didn't think Chen Zhui was lying, after all the ninja was only good at movement techniques. Those who fought him the first time were at an disadvantage, but once one figured out his movement, he would be at most an earth level middle stage martial artist, or even less.

Ye Mo realized that Ye Zifeng had now entered an otherworldly entertainment. He didn't want Ye Zifeng to see the bloody scene, so he scanned Liang Shiguo and said, "Let him go alone."

Liang Shiguo knew what Ye Mo was talking about, so he gave the order.

Since Ye Mo was here, there was no point in keeping Ye Zifeng.

"Okay, now that your brother has left, can we start our negotiation? If you wish to continue negotiating, then please come into the secret room," Liang Shiguo got up and said.

Ye Mo smiled. Liang Shiguo didn't dare to sit above him then, so he said, "In that case, please."

It was as though nothing had happened and the bloody scene was not related to Ye Mo. Liang Shiguo regained his composure and led Ye Mo into a small room.

This room wasn't big, at most 40 m², but Ye Mo found three cameras as soon as he came in. They were well hidden, but no matter how hidden they were, they couldn't escape from Ye Mo's spirit sense. He took out three golden needles and destroyed the cameras. All of this happened in an instant and no one noticed.

Although Ye Mo didn't know why Liang Shiguo was taking him there under surveillance, he didn't like to leave evidence behind.

"Mr Ye, let me introduce them to you. These two men are Chen Zhui and Peter. I hope the discussion will go smoothly," Liang Shiguo introduced each other.

Ye Mo sat down and said straightforwardly, "Mr. Liang, if you have something to say, just say it. No need to waste time."

Ye Mo knew that a conflict had developed between them. No matter how polite he would be, Northern Sand wasn't going to give up on getting revenge. And even if they were to get revenge, they would have to do it after Ye Mo died.

He had heard about their organization, they had great ambition and they wouldn't offend a master like him for 20 or 30 irrelevant people.

"Then I'll say it. Mr. Ye, I believe you've heard about the issue with the He Feng Yuan family, right? Although you didn't appear, we know it has something to do with you," Liang Shiguo stared at Ye Mo and said.

Ye Mo sneered. There was no point in denying it, "That's right, I annihilated the Yuan family."

"Great, I love your courage for admitting the things you have done," Liang Shiguo clapped and said. But then he added, "Yuan Zhirong is an outer member of ours, it was his fault for going against your Luo Yue. However, we left something with the Yuan family's, and for some reason later on we couldn't find it on Yuan Zhirong."

Then, Liang Shiguo stared at Ye Mo studying his expression, he was looking for something

Liang Shiguo gave him a long stare, but he didn't get what he wanted so he continued, "Later on, we believed the government had it; but after investigating, we are certain the government doesn't have it. So, someone must've taken it. Hence, we invited you over today wanting to ask if you've seen it."

Ye Mo thought about it. It was probably the golden case he found next to Yuan Zhirong's crash. No wonder no one stopped the plane from leaving back then, there were Northern Sand people among the higher-ups too. Northern Sand was really scary, they were everywhere.

"What thing are you talking about?" Ye Mo frowned and asked. His expression showed that he knew nothing about it and irritation.

Liang Shiguo's heart sunk. He had studied countless people and he was very calculating and experienced, otherwise, he wouldn't have been responsible for that, but he couldn't get anything from Ye Mo's expression. Even if Ye Mo denied it, as long as he knew it was on Ye Mo, he would have been able to get it from him through other ways.

If it had been someone else, they would've captured him and interrogated. Now Liang Shiguo understood why his higher-ups didn't do that.

He only had that chance and now that Ye Mo had asked he said, "It's a golden case with a fist sized crystal inside. It looks like diamond, but it's not, it's a type of ore. This thing has no use for others, only to our Northern Sand. If Mr Ye could find it, we're willing to pay 10 billion for it."

Ye Mo was shocked. Not even a diamond's worth could compare to that price. What kind of crystal was worth that much? It seemed he needed to have a closer look at it.

If that thing was that precious, he needed to find out from Liang Shiguo what it did.
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