Strongest Abandoned Son
508 Dominance
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Strongest Abandoned Son
Author :Goose Five
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508 Dominance

Chapter 508: Dominance
Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter

Those 23 men in black were strong men, and they didn't look simple at all, but in Ye Mo's eyes, they were no different from insects. The strongest of them all was only at the yellow level primary stage.

Other than the yellow level guys, there were 4 black level fighters standing above the 23 men, but Ye Mo didn't care about them either. The only ones Ye Mo took notice of were the 3 sitting at the very top.

The man in the middle was dressed in white and had no power. He seemed like an ordinary person, but the two beside him caught Ye Mo's attention. The left one was tall and had a sharp nose. His eyes were blue, and his energy wave was very strange. Ye Mo couldn't tell his power level, but he guessed that the guy was similar to the mutants he had killed before.

The man on the right was of a medium build, had an eagle-like nose and a cold glare to him. This was a peak earth level warrior. Although Ye Mo didn't have to mind them, he still felt like this organization wasn't simple. For a negotiation with him at Luo Cang, they brought this many powerful men. Ye Mo had been in contact with the hidden sects a lot and knew that an earth peak stage cultivation wasn't easy to have. Even Dian Cang, the fourth ranked hidden sect, only had one earth peak, and it was their sect leader.

Ye Mo didn't dumbly think that this was all of the organisation's power, nor would he think the white-clothed man was the big boss.

But, Ye Mo had even killed someone as terrifying as Ren Pingchuan, he wouldn't be scared of these people. If they were to fight, he had the confidence to kill everyone there in an extremely short amount of time. He didn't want to have a big feud with this organization, but if he didn't show his willingness to kill, they would only abuse him more, so he had to kill people today.

However, Ye Mo understood that even if he killed, he shouldn't kill the top 3 people. If he did, there would be no going back. Those two probably had a certain status in the organization, but that white-clothed man was most likely even higher.

But if these people were too demanding, Ye Mo wouldn't mind fighting them to the end.

The white clothed man didn't speak at first as he inspected Ye Mo, saw how calm he was and didn't seem scared at all, and finally nodded. He got up and said, "You're Ye Mo? I have been hearing your great name a lot lately, and upon seeing you, I see that you are indeed a dragon amongst men. Please have a seat. I'm called Liang Shiguo, and it's an honour to meet you."

Ye Mo sneered. The white-clothed man sat at the top, yet told him to sit below. There would be more than a 10 meters distance between them. He clearly wanted to assert dominance right from the start. Contrarily, Ye Mo didn't sit down and said coldly instead, "My patience is limited, get my brother here quick. And these two rows of black-clothed men - I don't like them. Tell them to piss off."

Liang Shiguo didn't seem to have heard Ye Mo and said instead, "First, I would like to express my deep regret for having had to invite Mr Ye Zifeng over, but we have a crucial request for you, and we would like to apologize for what we did.

Liang Shiguo seemed very genuine and humble.

"Did you not hear what I just said?" Ye Mo hadn't seen Ye Zifeng yet, so he wanted to be patient for now.

This time, Liang Shiguo didn't play dumb and put on a difficult face, "Mr Ye Mo, you could kill the Black Sun ninja on stage, which would be another clear testament to your dominating power, but I'm not in control of the stronger people by my side."

Ye Mo smiled, "That means if I were to put them to sleep, Mr Liang wouldn't mind?"

"Haha!" Liang Shiguo laughed, "Of course not, but I wouldn't be able to fathom what reaction they would have. I know your power, but there are 23 of them, not a mere two or three."

Then, Liang Shiguo looked at Ye Mo with irony. He hadn't mentioned that these people had guns, but in this open ground, no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he wouldn't be able to kill them all in a few seconds. They could fire within a second, and no one would be able to dodge.

Although once one reached the black level, one could catch a bullet, these guns were specially crafted. Even earth peak fighters wouldn't be able to stand his ground against one, much less so many.

As though to back up Liang Shiguo's words, as soon as he spoke, the 23 men took out their guns.

"Since Mr Liang won't mind, that's great." As soon as Ye Mo said this, he jumped up.

Liang Shiguo's face changed. He didn't expect Ye Mo to really attack, did he not want to live? If the 23 people fired, even immortals wouldn't be able to get away. Even if like those Black Sun ninja, he could travel through earth, he wouldn't be able to travel through this concrete floor.

Liang Shiguo didn't want Ye Mo to die. He had many ways for Ye Mo to die, but he just wanted to cooperate with Ye Mo. He knew Ye Mo was very strong and didn't want to offend him too badly. That's why he chose to abduct Ye Zifeng.

He heard that Ye Mo cared about his women a lot. The reason why Ye Mo caused the Song family's decline was Ye Mo's wife, Ning Qingxue, and Dongfang Xi had died for wanting to touch his sister. This time, Liang Shiguo chose carefully and abducted Ye Zifeng. This wouldn't offend Ye Mo too much, yet would also let him know of their power.

If they then lowered their attitude and gave some money, perhaps they could even establish a friendly relationship with Ye Mo. This would benefit them greatly.

But he didn't expect Ye Mo to be this violent and attack immediately.

Bang bang- the black-clothed men acted fast and shot as soon as Ye Mo jumped.

But the gunshots stopped just as rapidly.

After that volley, they stopped altogether, and Liang Shiguo was dazed. Ye Mo stood where he had, as though he had never moved, but the 23 black-clothed men and the 4 black level fighters had all fallen to the ground. If it wasn't for the blood trickling from their body, Liang Shiguo would've thought they were just taking a nap.

"You, you, you-" Liang Shiguo froze. This many people having died this time, even he wouldn't be able to report back without consequences.

They had lost 23 elite members and 4 black level warriors just like that. These black levels were deemed precious resources within the organization. Each death would be called a huge loss, not to mention four deaths at the same time.

Liang Shiguo didn't expect Ye Mo to react like this. The two men beside Liang Shiguo were about to attack, but Liang Shiguo quickly stopped them. He knew Ye Mo had the power to kill the earth peak warriors too, and if these two died, his only option would be to kill himself.

"How can you kill so many of our men?" Liang Shiguo tried to force himself to calm down, but he couldn't.

Ye Mo smiled, "I asked you before, and you said you wouldn't mind, so I killed them."

"Ye Mo, I know you're strong, but you can't kill my men before we even start negotiating. If you kill all of us here today, can you annihilate the entire Northern Sand?" Liang Shiguo calmed down. He felt like he needed to make Ye Mo know what sort of an organization Northern Sand was. No matter how strong Ye Mo was, he was only one person.

So they were from Northern Sand! Ye Mo was sure that Xu Yuehua wouldn't have let others know that he was investigating them.

In that case, why did they abduct his family? Was he easy to abuse or something?

Hearing Liang Shiguo's words, Ye Mo sneered, "Negotiation? When did I say I want to negotiate with you? Did I let you abduct my brother willingly? I'll say this once more; we can negotiate, but you must get my brother here first. Also, don't sit that high up, or you might fall to your death."

"Are you not afraid of us killing your brother? And we invited you over to negotiate in the first place. Why are you so aggressive? I know you're strong, but our Northern Sand isn't something to be messed with." Liang Shiguo was getting angry. He had already made his power clear to Ye Mo, but this guy was still so arrogant.

Ye Mo sneered, "You can kill Ye Zifeng, but if you do, I can also I promise you that the three of you won't leave this meeting room alive, and from now on, I will kill Northern Sand people whenever I see them. I won't stop until I kill you all!"

"Hmph!" That white-clothed man clearly understood Ye Mo's words and wanted to fight right then and there.

Liang Shiguo stopped him, though. He knew that even if the two were to beat Ye Mo, they would be heavily injured in the proces. Ye Mo could even kill all of those Black Sun ninja. Although his two men were strong, none of them could kill so many ninja alone.

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