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507 Strange Enemy

Chapter 507: Strange Enemy
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"Luo Ying?" Xu Yuehua didn't know what Ye Mo meant.

Ye Mo looked at the photo carefully and ignored the escaped Northern Sand guy. He only noticed a slim figure in one corner of the photo. That was Luo Susu.

Ye Mo's mind had wandered off into the dessert, under that searing sun, to the yellow-dressed goddess that was out of this world.

Seeing Ye Mo seemingly lost in thought, Xu Yuehua didn't say anything. Ye Mo was probably reminiscing something. She waited for Ye Mo patiently.

"Sister Yuehua, do you know where this photo was taken?" Ye Mo breathed heavily. Even though the photo was dated two months ago, and he might not find her even if he went to the location of the photo, he had to go check at least.

Xu Yuehua shook her head, "We found this on the Northern Sand member. We don't know where it was taken."

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Okay, thank you, Sister Yuehua, stay alert on the topic of Northern Sand but for now, put the main focus on building a city. We must build our own city."

Xu Yuehua said, "President Ye, our current power still comes from Gui Lin, but due to the scale of our constructions, the supply isn't enough, and if we want to make Flowing Snake our own, we can't rely on others too much."

Ye Mo had never thought about this. if he relied on others, there would be a conflict of interest, and he would be held back.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo immediately said, "We'll continue to recruit large amounts of technical personnel and excavate our own civilian facilities. We must control all of it."

"But our funds..." Xu Yuehua uttered worriedly. Although Luo Yue was earning a lot, they were spending more than they made.

Funds were an issue indeed. Ye Mo frowned for a while before saying, "I'll deal with the funds, you start on it in the meantime."

After Xu Yuehua left, Ye Mo was left thinking about how to earn money in his office. He had face preserving pills and luminous pearls, but these were unique items. Once they were sold, they'd be gone.

But it was still better than not selling at all. If he took it to a normal auction, he wouldn't be able to sell much. That face preserving pill ahd only sold for 100 million with Mo Hai's help. This was far from what Ye Mo would be happy with. It would appear he needed to go to that space organization from the Xi Xia Temple. Only they could sell it for a higher price.

Just when Ye Mo was thinking about how to earn money, Ye Ling ran in with red eyes. She was clearly worried.

"Brother, something happened to Second Brother. He disappeared last night. Someone sent a letter to Flowing Snake in the morning for you, saying it's related to Second Brother." Ye Ling handed Ye Mo the letter.

Was his name still not big enough? Someone dared touch Ye Zifeng? Ye Mo had stated that Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng were his siblings. If someone had dared touch Ye Zifeng, he would slaughter all involved.

At the same time, Ye Mo wasn't too happy with Tan Jiao and Luan Qingfeng. It was because they had agreed to protect the Ye family that he let Tan Jiao live yet now, Ye Zifeng was abducted.

"Don't worry, let me look at what this is," Ye Mo comforted her and opened the letter.

The letter was very polite, too polite even.

"Mr Ye Mo, we've heard of your big name, and if possible, we would never want to mess with you or cause any misunderstandings with you. Hence, we didn't take your sister and took your brother instead. Please understand.

Ye Zifeng is living very well here. We wouldn't mistreat him at all, so please rest assured. We just need to discuss some things with you personally, but because we had no way of seeing you, we could only use this measure. If you don't mind, please come to the Otherworldly Entertainment Center in Luo Cang City within 3 days."

There was no time nor person nor reason given, just a location.

Ye Mo knew the Otherworldly Entertainment place. That was the HQ of Metal River. Why did these people choose that location, in Luo Cang City furthermore.

Ye Mo got that this thing was 100% related to him and that Ye Zifeng was probably just taken due to him. Who had he offended? He killed everyone who he offended. Even those people who might scheme to target him, they wouldn't dare to touch the people around him.

"Ye Ling, don't worry. If you have time, learn to cultivate chi with Qingxue." Ye Mo patted her shoulder.

With this, Ye Mo once again confirmed that no matter how strong he was, without his own land, a safe base, the people around him wouldn't be safe. As long as there were benefits involved, people would still target him.

Ning Qingxue had also heard about it.

Ye Mo wasn't too worried about her now as she was already at the peak of stage 2 and had learned the fireball magic. She should be able to protect herself.

"Qingxue, I'll leave the matters here to you. I will bring Zifeng back," Ye Mo stood up and said.

Regardless of what their motives were or how polite they were, they were declaring war by abducting Ye Zifeng.

There were many ways to contact Ye Mo, yet they chose this one.

Ye Mo had wanted to stay at Flowing Snake for a while with Qingxue and earn some money, but then this thing had to happen. He was very angry. There was just no end to these things.

He couldn't even get one moment of peace. For the first time Ye Mo felt that there were more and more people around him, yet those who were really capable were only Xu Yuehua, Yu Miaodan and a few others.

His men didn't have much power. However, if you take Qian Longtou for example, even though he was only a mafia boss, no matter where he went, he was someone feared.

Was he too kind? For the first time, Ye Mo felt that he needed to arm his men. He needed his own army and stronger power.

"Perhaps I should go to Sai Na when I'm free. It'd be a good idea to store an army there," Ye Mo murmured.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo suddenly stood up. Although the order of the world was already set, and it was hard to build his own army and city, since he'd made up his mind, he had to do it.

He wouldn't allow others to control the fate of those who followed him.


Luo Cang.

Otherworldly Entertainment seemed much more grandiose than last time.

Ye Mo walked in, and a pretty looking waitress approached him immediately, "May I ask if you're Mr Ye?"

Ye Mo nodded.

"Please follow after me, Mr Ye." This waitress was very polite. It was obvious she had been especially waiting for Ye Mo.

"Lead the way." Ye Mo's tone was calm. His spirit sense had already scanned the 30 people at the top, and Ye Zifeng wasn't there.

The waitress took Ye Mo to a special elevator and with it, they soon stopped at the top. She didn't follow Ye Mo out. Instead, two men in black were waiting at the door and gestured Ye Mo to walk in.

Ye Mo scanned around casually. This top floor room was around 200 sqms. There were 23 men dressed in black, and although they were seemingly empty handed, Ye Mo knew that each of them had a gun behind their back.