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506 Seeing Luo Ying Again?

Chapter 506: Seeing Luo Ying Again?
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"But, there shouldn't be any other forces intervening-" Youjin said.

Hai Modan shook his head, "That's not what I mean. Although there's no clear statement saying who Flowing Snake belongs to, everyone agrees that it's our land. I'm worried that if that Ye Mo really is a wizard, then no matter how strong our armies are, he can just kill our commanders. How are we going to fight that?"

Mohanse said in contempt, "If he's really that strong, shouldn't he be here now then? Didn't he make Maisa come tell us that he was coming tonight? Then how come I don't see him-"

No one agreed to Mohanse's words, and he stopped halfway as well, because suddenly, an extra person had appeared in this room. Everyone stared at him not knowing where he came from.

Ye Mo had come to this meeting, but since he didn't understand a word, he could only walk out.

"He- He's the president of that Luo Yue! So he's really a wizard, he really came!" Maisa screamed.

Hearing this, the guards at the door thought something had happened and rushed in but as soon as they did, Ye Mo threw two fireballs at them, and they were turned to dust.

Ye Mo then found a place to sit and sat down before saying, "Maisa, it seems you guys didn't take my words seriously. There's not much time left from the 24 hour time limit. If you don't make a move soon, then don't blame me. I will kill you guys first, and then I'll take care of your army. I'll kill every living thing I see."

Everyone realized now that what Maisa had said wasn't nonsense.

He was the first to react and translated Ye Mo's words.

Not only Hai Modan and Youjin's faces were pale, even Mohanse couldn't say anything.

They were sure Ye Mo was a wizard now, a strong wizard at that, like one from the legends that could curse an entire country.

"We agree, we agree," without arguing any further, Hai Modan kept nodding. He felt regret for how greedy they'd been.

Due to it, they offended a wizard. Lu Se was still an imperial state a little over ten years ago. They'd only recently become a democratic country, so Mo Haidan's power was much stronger than other presidents'.

"Our president agreed - our army will retreat immediately, please rest assured," Maisu kept nodding like crazy.

Ye Mo knew they wouldn't dare reject him, but he didn't think it would be this easy. Ye Mo didn't expect them to think of him as some all-powerful wizard.

Since they'd agreed, Ye Mo didn't need to kill anymore. He looked at Maisa and said, "Do I still need to give Luo Yue?"

"No, no, we'll immediately give you the governing right of Flowing Snake!" Maisa answered without even asking the president.

This was too simple, wasn't it? Ye Mo had wanted to kill one or two higher ups, but he didn't even have to ask anything, yet they already agreed.

"Sign this sale of territory agreement and send it to Flowing Snake by tomorrow." Ye Mo took out an agreement and dumped it on the ground. Then he shook his head and left through the window while invisible. This was for some extra show too; he needed to make them fear him. People fear what they cannot comprehend.

The four saw Ye Mo disappear out of thin air and looked at each other. No one spoke for ten minutes. If there wasn't for the agreement right in front of their eyes, they would've thought it had been an illusion.

In her subconsciousness, Ning Qingxue felt like she was being embraced. She was shocked, but that familiar smell allowed her to realize that Ye Mo was back. In her joy, she squeezed deeper into Ye Mo's arms.

Ye Mo used a few mind-calming chants to calm himself down and sighed. After that incident with Song Yangzhu, he seemed to have gotten a lower resistance to these things.


The next morning, when Ye Mo was still in bed with Ning Qingxue, Ning Qingxue's phone rung. It was Yu Miaodan.

When Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue went into the meeting room, Ye Mo found that almost everyone was already present except for him and Ning Qingxue. Ye Mo didn't mind, but Ning Qingxue's face was burning red as though the whole world was looking at them.

Yu Miaodan took out a document and put it in front of Ye Mo, "Lu Se gave up Flowing Snake for free and sent this agreement earlier this morning. They didn't make any requests."

Ye Mo smiled, this was as expected. Wasn't he just too kind? A more evil person would've perhaps made Lu Se compensate.

As soon as Yu Miaodan finished, Xu Yuehua got up and said, "In the morning, I received another news. Vietnam also said they're willing to give us the Flowing Snake territory, but they have some conditions. They have an entrepreneur who also wishes to invest in us, they want us to give them tax-free privileges and easy passage, and they want us to open an outlet in Vietnam."

Ye Mo nodded, "These are two pieces of good news. We'll agree to Vietnam's condition. To us, it doesn't matter if we open an outlet there or not."

Ye Mo then left Xu Yuehua to deal with the city building. Once his power was high enough, perhaps at foundation establishment, he would set up a formation over the city, making it the strongest fort on earth.

After the meeting, everyone went to their respective positions, and Flowing Snake became busy again.

Ye Mo wished to go find Feng Wu now that all the planning had been pretty much taken care of. He wanted to ask about the spirit well and the crystals. He could power up from them and perhaps after that, he could go to the inner hidden sects to find more herbs. After experiencing Ren Pingchuan's power, Ye Mo didn't want to casually enter the inner hidden sects and put himself in danger again.

"Sister Yuehua, do you have something?" Ye Mo saw that Xu Yuehua didn't leave and asked.

Xu Yuehua nodded and said carefully, "Last time, you told me to investigate the Northern Sand, and today, our men reported back with some news. It's from Vietnam."

Ye Mo got excited.

Xu Yuehua took out a letter and said, "Northern Sand seems to have lost something important to them, and the member responsible for it has also escaped. They are searching for him all over. I have a picture of him."

Then, Xu Yuehua gave the letter to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took it and said with praise, "The people you sent out really are something, even being able to get a picture."

Xu Yuehua smiled and said, "This was also our luck. We didn't take the picture; they found a heavily injured Northern Sand member who was about to die and got it from him."

'Technical personnel has escaped?' Ye Mo thought of the Space Flower blueprint. If that was what this man was responsible for and Ye Mo managed to find the guy and bring him to Flowing Snake... Ye Mo quickly opened the envelope.

In it was a bundle of obscure photos.

"Luo Ying?" Ye Mo was dazed after seeing one of the pictures as he noticed a certain figure in the crowd.