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Chapter 497: First Woman
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Blood splashed. A few seconds later, Ericson's headless body dropped on the ground.

Jiang Chuanwu stared at the head rolling far away. He didn't know how that young man had killed Ericson, they were clearly so far apart. He even forgot to beg for mercy.

Ye Mo was tired, however. He had very little chi and had chased the fox for quite a long while.

"Big Brother, you can have that woman fir-" Jiang Chuanwu finally reacted but before he said anything else, Ye Mo's flying sword pierced his neck.

That day at the break of dawn two heads rolled to each other.

Ye Mo wanted to use a fireball to burn them both, but he really felt his chi wasn't enough.

When he saw that Song Yangzhu was almost in a frenzy, Ye Mo didn't dare waste time and quickly made his way over. He went into the tent wanting to use acupuncture to force the poison out, but Song Yangzhu had already charged at him and put her arms around him. She started to pull Ye Mo's clothes.

Ye Mo sighed, but he didn't push her away. He used a golden needle to pierce into a chakra point. As soon as he did, Ye Mo's expression changed. He just realized he was out of chi, how was he going to force the poison out?

Song Yangzhu was obviously poisoned by some extremely strong aphrodisiac. She wasn't going to last much longer.

Ye Mo was angry, those two men were too vicious. However, he was out of chi and he couldn't cure her.

Even if he did that with Song Yangzhu, it might not go away completely. But if he didn't do it, Song Yangzhu would immediately be in danger. But in the case that only a little bit of poison were left, as long as she didn't lose her mind, she could force it out herself with her yellow level peak power.

Just when Ye Mo was deciding on what to do, his top got torn. Ye Mo only had a thin shirt on him.

Now that it was torn off, Song Yangzhu burning body touched his. Ye Mo, who had never had sex before, immediately felt hot. He had many mind-calming chants but they required chi to use. How could Ye Mo, who was depleted of chi, resist against this attack?

Although Ye Mo had the power to push her away, she was in danger indeed and his heart was already aroused by Song Yangzhu. He didn't want to push her away. He even pulled out the golden needle.

Ye Mo felt guilty about Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying, but he could only lie and convince himself that Song Yangzhu had saved him before. He knew it was an excuse, but he still used it to comfort himself.

Rumble- When Song Yangzhu's hand grabbed his private area, Ye Mo couldn't think about anything else. He was drowned by Song Yangzhu's fire.

He could no longer care about anything else, as he grabbed the feeble Song Yangzhu. They were both noobs but they didn't need anyone to teach them, they just had to follow their instinct.

Despite not touching anything with his hands, Ye Mo felt the lustful fire. When he was enveloped by her warmth, he subconsciously made an animal like growl. He lost himself for a brief moment.

Song Yangzhu clumsily rode on him and the pain briefly woke her up. It was her first time, but the pain wasn't just physical, it was also mental.

She woke up, saw Ye Mo and suddenly started crying. She wanted to stop herself but she was soon engulfed by that desire again. She had forgotten everything.

Ye Mo grabbed Song Yangzhu. Even if he lost his first time to that woman, he didn't want to be the passive one. He started taking the active role, and he placed her on top of the clothes in the ground. With her clumsy welcoming, he had forgotten who was under him.

But lust eventually faded. When Song Yangzhu felt some sort of hot liquid, she opened her eyes. Ye Mo stopped moving and stared at Song Yangzhu, who stared at him back. Ye Mo felt his face was burning, like a little kid found doing something wrong. He didn't dare move.

Song Yangzhu's face was numb, her eyes were numb. She didn't move at all.

When Ye Mo saw her face, he got anxious. He had never experienced that before. He had thought countless times of him being with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue, sometimes even at the same time, but he had never thought of being with another woman, especially one that was from his enemy's family.

Ye Mo didn't know what to say, so the two of them just looked at each other for tens of seconds.

Song Yangzhu's eyes got misty and tears trickled down her eyes incessantly.

She pushed Ye Mo away, he felt her hands were shaking, shaking very hard. Ye Mo didn't know what to say to comfort her, "I did this to save you"?

Song Yangzhu struggled to stand up and took a towel from her bag to wipe the blood on her leg. Then, she slowly put on her clothes and packed her things. She just walked outside with that big bag of hers, not even taking the tent.

From beginning to the end, she didn't say anything to Ye Mo and he didn't know what to say either. After Song Yangzhu walked outside, Ye Mo slapped his head, packed everything up, including her tent, and chased her.

Although he didn't love Song Yangzhu and she was her enemy, that woman was still his first one. Ye Mo was an emotional person and he couldn't just do nothing about it.

"Don't come over!" Song Yangzhu looked back at Ye Mo with madness in her eyes. Her voice was a little cracked. Ye Mo believed that if he went to her, she might even try to kill him at all costs.

Despite having his flying sword, he only had a bit of chi, hence Song Yangzhu might be able to kill him.

Ye Mo sighed and threw her tent on the ground, "This is yours."

Song Yangzhu picked it up silently. The madness in her eyes had become dejection. Then, she slowly turned away and left.

The moon appeared and its moonlight was reflected on the snow mountain, lighting up the area with a smooth pale light.

Song Yangzhu's figure disappeared from Ye Mo's sight but he still stood in the same place without moving for a long time. He didn't know how to feel.

Was he wrong? Had he become soft? Ye Mo frowned. In the cultivation realm, power was everything and so was there; if he hadn't had power, he would've been killed long ago.

The Song family wanted him dead, so why couldn't he kill them?

How could he doubt his heart because of something like this? Cultivation was to pursue the great dao that went against the heavens. If he couldn't even control his heart, how could he reach the pinnacle of power?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo opened up. Even the confusion towards Song Yangzhu disappeared. He stood there and howled, he felt his wounds recovering a little. He was sure that once he fully recovered, his state would increase a step too.

Song Yangzhu heard it and paused for a moment. After Ye Mo's howl finished, she kept going.

A white fox was hiding in a corner of the valley and, when she heard Ye Mo's howl, she carefully peeked out and stared at Ye Mo.