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493 Enemies meet again

Chapter 493: Enemies meet again
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On the outskirts of the Mei Nei snow mountains, a woman was climbing them arduously. The woman wore a blue puffer jacket and carried a huge climbing backpack.

It wasn’t the best season for climbing, she was the only one doing it at a time like this. Her hair was messy due to the wind but her cold expression also showed perseverance, as though she would never give up climbing, no matter what.

But she also knew that she was still far from the peak. If Ye Mo saw her, he would recognize her as the woman he had saved twice whose name was Yangzhu.

Although she hated Ye Mo, she had to admit that Ye Mo had saved her last night. No matter what, she felt that Ye Mo had some bad intentions towards her.

Regardless of whether her instincts were right or not, she left the city that night, but she didn’t go back to Beijing. She knew that the one who could protect her, her master Tan Jiao, had entered solitary training once again. Her martial uncle Luan Qingfeng hadn’t been back for a while due to some incident last time.

Even if her master hadn’t gone into solitary training, she couldn’t rely on him. Ever since her master had come back last time, his attitude towards her had become apathetic. She knew that it was due to Ye Mo, and she needed to walk her future path by herself.

Without her master’s support, she didn’t dare to go back to Beijing with the black rising pill.

Even if the people from the hidden sects didn’t do anything to her, she couldn’t resist the authorities’ children in Beijing. Her master didn’t like her and the Song family was gone. She was a lone wolf now.

She wouldn’t have imagined that she would happen to see Ye Mo again when she was attacked in Beijing. Hence, she left the ghost city at night and went to the Mei Nei snow mountain.

She had come because she was aware that her power was weak, it was no simple feat to kill Ye Mo and get revenge.

When she went to the Broken Top Mountain’s tomb, she got three things. She found a jade slip and a yin yang fish. Other than that, she also got a map from the two tomb raiders. It was obvious the map lead to a tomb which was at the Mei Nei snow mountain.

If it had been some other time, she wouldn’t have cared about it, but what she got from the Broken Top Mountain changed her mind.

That night, she had overheard the two tomb raiders saying that the tomb belonged to a descendant of Yuan Tiangang. Yuan Tiangang was a mage of the Tang dynasty. It’s said that he knew dao art. If he did, she might be able to get it from the tomb. She couldn’t figure anything to do with the fish, but she somehow got an inner qi cultivation method from the jade slip.

When Song Yangzhu focused on it, the jade slip turned back to normal. She had thought it was just an illusion, but when she practiced according to the cultivation method, she found that in one night her inner qi had become stronger. This discovery made her very happy; still, she was disappointed to find out that she couldn’t get anything from it when she tried investigating.

This made Song Yangzhu more fervent about going to the ancient tomb in the Mei Nei snow mountains.

The only thing she was confused about was that she had fallen unconscious in the tomb that day, who had saved her and brought her back? It was stuck in her mind.

The Cang Lian River was very beautiful. When Song Yangzhu got there, she had already forgotten her purpose.

She rested at one of the river’s branches. The water there seemed a little red, it had the name of the "peacock river". Song Yangzhu looked into the river and got lost in her thoughts. If she didn’t have to take revenge for her family, she could imagine herself going there with the person she loved.

"Such a pretty place," Song Yangzhu murmured and then put down the bag. She decided to stay there for the night and leave the next morning.

Song Yangzhu made a simple tent by the river, then she walked over to the river to wash her face. She had been on high alert for a few days and now she could finally relax a little.

But when she approached the river, she found a shocking scene. Moments ago there had been nothing there, but now there was a body.

Was this person dead or alive? Song Yangzhu dragged the man to the river bank and she realized he was covered in sword wounds.

Song Yangzhu could see that the person was probably and ancient martial arts cultivator. He had probably died from such serious injuries already. Thinking about this, Song Yangzhu grabbed a branch and flipped the man over.

When Ye Mo fell unconscious on the flying sword, he knew it wouldn’t end well. Since he didn’t have any chi, he didn’t manage to stop himself and fell straight into the river. The cold water woke him up briefly.

Ye Mo couldn’t do anything to heal himself, he couldn’t even move. He could only change his breathing into inner breathing, but that would only make him last a few more days.

When he was flipped over, he woke up for a brief moment. But he knew that it would only last for a short while, he was soon going to fall unconscious again.

"It’s you?" Song Yangzhu looked at Ye Mo dazily. She wouldn't have expected that the person she had tried to kill with all her might would fall into her hands in that state.

Was that the subtle cause and effect that exists in the world? The heavens had given him to her so she could get revenge. In that moment, Song Yangzhu pulled out a dagger without hesitation.