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492 Gruesome Battle

Chapter 492: Gruesome Battle
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Ren Pingchuan’s cane brought a bursting force with it that shook the entire square. Even the sect members on the side were suffocating from that attack, much less Ye Mo who was at the forefront of it.

Seeing the tornado-like wind come pressing in, Ye Mo’s heart sunk. He knew that Ren Pingchuan wanted to break his legs completely. If that hit his legs, then even if he immediately became Foundation Establishment level, he wouldn’t be able to recover them.

At this moment, Ye Mo had to use his trump card. He knew that the flying sword wouldn’t be able to hurt Ren Pingchuan at all, but he still used it. At the same time, he gathered all the chi in his body and released it at the tornado force.

The reason why he used his flying sword to attack Ren Pingchuan was to stop him from using the inner qi into the tornado. If he let Ren Pingchuan continue inserting his inner qi like that, he wouldn’t be able to block that move no matter what.

And this was Ren Pingchuan not wanting to kill him! If he did, Ye Mo would be squashed into a pancake.


Ye Mo’s chi and Ren Pingchuan’s qi clashed, creating a huge explosion and shattering the rocks nearby. This scene would really mean nothing much for immortal cultivators, but for mortal ancient martial artists, it was quite shocking.

"Sword control!" Ren Pingchuan said in shock. He saw Ye Mo’s sword pierce at him from a weird angle. He wasn’t some Wang Lenchan. He could tell that this flying sword was controlled by inner qi.

There was such a thing in the world? Ren Pingchuan’s heart was full of astonishment. He immediately stopped putting qi into the tornado and used it to attack Ye Mo’s flying sword instead.

Even if Ye Mo were at peak condition, his flying sword still wouldn’t be able to hurt Ren Pingchuan, much less when he was at the end of his strength.

Ren Pingchuan’s inner qi clashed against Ye Mo’s flying sword, and he felt a certain very mystical power and control. Eventually, Ren Pingchuan actually closed his eyes as he seemed to have been enlightened. His two hands clashed with Ye Mo’s flying sword subconsciously.

It was obvious he was learning something from Ye Mo’s flying sword. If it weren't for that, perhaps Ye Mo’s flying sword would’ve already simply been grabbed by him.

Ye Mo was pushed back by the force even further away and was smashed into a rock wall.

Ye Mo felt like his hands were about to break from the force. Despite blocking most of the force, his legs were still forced into a squat. The sound of bones breaking sounded once more.

Ye Mo was shocked. He quickly tipped all the lotus life pills he had into his mouth.

As soon as he did, his hand broke and the bottle fell on the floor. A few more cracks were audible as Ye Mo’s leg broke too, and he fell on the ground.

As soon as the lotus life pill repaired Ye Mo’s injuries, Ye Mo’s bone was crushed again.

Ye Mo felt lucky that he had used his flying sword rather early on and that that tornado was at the end of its force. If he hadn’t done that and Ren Pingchuan had kept inserting qi, his hands and feet would’ve been completely pulverized.

Ye Mo looked at his flying sword, and his expression turned very ugly. His flying sword wasn’t causing any threat to Ren Pingchuan at all, instead, he was sitting on the ground with his eyes closed as though trying to understand something. ‘This old fart.’ Ye Mo took back his flying sword tight away.

But Ren Pingchuan’s hands kept moving. Ye Mo was shocked. If Ren Pingchuan reached great heaven from that, he wouldn’t be able to live no matter what.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to let him stay in that enlightened state. He used his flying sword, and it rapidly pierced Ren Pingchuan’s shoulder, but Ren Pingchuan still sat there, moving his hands.

Suddenly, a strong force erupted from Ren Pingchuan. Ye Mo was stunned. Ren Pingchuan was beginning to reach great heaven! The force of reaching great heaven was this big? It would seem that Tan Jiao really hadn't been great heaven.

Just as Ye Mo wanted to keep using his flying sword to attack, Xiang Mingwang yelled, "Sect Leader is about to ascend to a greater boundary. Ye Mo is at his end now, charge up and kill him!"

Even if Ye Mo weren’t injured, he would have quite some trouble facing this many masters. Ye Mo could tell that these people were stronger than Wang Lenchan’s entourage back then.

Slash slash- Ye Mo killed 6 earth and black level attackers with his flying sword, but his inner qi and spirit sense depleted rapidly like that.

Slash- Xiang Mingwang’s long sword pierced Ye Mo’s chest.

Ye Mo used his chi to accelerate the effect of the lotus life pills, but he was just too heavily injured. Even multiple pills couldn’t help him now. And he was only getting more and more wounds. Ye Mo knew that the moment his chi was completely depleted would be the moment he died.

The flying sword spent 80% of the time fighting Xiang Mingwang and 20% of the time fighting others. The potency of the pill was getting weaker and weaker. By the time Ye Mo could move one hand, the potency disappeared completely.

Despair flashed across Ye Mo’s eyes - was he going to die here?

At this moment, Ren Pingchuan suddenly let out a long howl and a huge force erupted from his body. Ye Mo’s heart sunk even further. Even if Ren Pingchuan hadn’t reached great heaven, he wouldn’t be able to run away. Not to mention running away, he couldn’t even stand up.

Ye Mo considered some things and suddenly took out a wooden box from his ring before throwing it at Xiang Mingwang, "This is my heritage, take it!"

Xiang Mingwang caught it out of reflex and as he did, Ye Mo immediately said, "Xiang Mingwang, that’s a bomb in your hand. Tell your people to stop, or I will detonate it immediately."

Ye Mo was holding a controller in his hand. It was the one he got from the Fu Brothers. He got the bomb from them too. He didn’t know how strong it would be, but it wouldn’t be weak.

Even if he died, he could drag this entire sect with him, and he wouldn’t need to worry about these people going to Flowing Snake.

Xiang Mingwang subconsciously looked at the box and then at Ye Mo’s controller. A few seconds later, he said, "You’re an ancient martial artist, yet you use low means like this?"

Ye Mo sat on the ground and sneered, "If you dare put it down, I’ll detonate it immediately. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you try me! And since when are ancient martial artists not allowed to use advanced technology?"

Xiang Mingwang said calmly, "Ye Mo, if you think a bomb can do anything to me, you’re wrong. Even if you have a machine gun, you can’t do anything to me. Hand over your actual heritage and controller, and end yourself. I promise I won’t look for trouble with your family."

Ye Mo really wanted to jeer at him, but the burning feeling from his dantian made him spit blood. He knew that even if Xiang Mingwang didn’t do anything, he wouldn’t last much longer. Pity - his lotus life pills were all used up too.

Ye Mo knew that Xiang Mingwang was right. If this was just an average bomb, it would merely injure him or at most kill only him. At this moment, Ye Mo could only hope this was no ordinary bomb.

Xiang Mingwang was about to put the bomb to the side when Ye Mo gave a final warning, "Xiang Mingwang, if you put it down, I will detonate it immediately."

Xiang Mingwang was furious, but he didn’t dare to not listen to Ye Mo. If this bomb was really not an ordinary one and he threw it out, the entire sect would be destroyed due to him.

At the same time, Ye Mo was trying to gather some of his chi. He only needed a little bit, yet he couldn’t do it.

"Xiang Mingwang, tell your people to retreat to the door or I will do it," Ye Mo threatened coolly. Once they retreated to a certain place, he would be able to fly away on the sword.

Xiang Mingwang didn’t want to do it, but he had no other option. He didn’t dare risk himself and the sect.

Meanwhile, Ren Pingchan’s force was getting more and more potent. Ye Mo was worried. He knew that Ren Pingchuan was about to breakthrough. In his desperation, he bit his tongue and spat out blood, forcefully gathering some chi in the end. Then he summoned his sword under his butt and flew into the sky.

Before they realized what was happening, Ye Mo pressed the detonator. He knew that if Ren Pingchuan woke up, he wouldn’t be able to run away.

"Haha, I have finally reached great heaven!" Before Ren Pingchuan could properly enjoy his success, a huge explosion sounded in the valley.

Rumble- the ensuing shocking explosion and eye piercing bright light made Ye Mo dizzy.

Ye Mo could no longer actively control his sword and fell unconscious on top of it, and the sword plunged into the Lian Cang River.