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491 Strong Old Man

Chapter 491: Strong Old Man

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Ye Mo looked at the old man and his heart sunk. For the first time, he couldn’t see what his power level was. Also, this old man gave him a death threat feeling. It was the first time he had such a feeling.

The old man was a strong enemy. He had a certain temperament of vastness to him that almost made Ye Mo think of the pressure Foundation Establishment cultivators had. If Ye Mo hadn’t been sure that there were no cultivators in Gourd Cave, he would be running now. The old man was too scary. Ye Mo gathered all his chi, so he was ready to break through their barricade.

He had been too careless, he didn’t expect there could be someone that terrifying in Xiang Mingwang’s base. If Ye Mo had known there was an old guy like that, he would have killed Xiang Mingwang at the top of the Broken Top Mountain.

"I am the Ye Mo, the one who has killed your Gourd Cave’s members." Ye Mo breathed. Since he had already come, he needed to face it. Even if he couldn’t run away, he would drag a few with him.

"You’re very bold. You killed my sect members, but you still dare to come here empty handed," this old man said plainly and then took a step forward casually.

An invisible force charged at Ye Mo and his clothes flailed. It was as though a big hammer smashed him in the chest. He subconsciously used his chi around his body to calm down.

Still, he was shook hard. Was that old man at great heaven level? If he was, then what was Tan Jiao supposed to be? Didn’t people say there were no great heaven masters? Where did the old man come from?

These big sects were not easy to deal with indeed. It seemed that the Jiu Ming Academy and the Wang family might also have people like these as well. If that was the case, then he really had been underestimating this world.

"Mmm." The old man saw that Ye Mo had taken his inner qi blow and was a little surprised. That move seemed simple, but Ye Mo could take it without taking a step back or getting injured. This was no simple challenge. For the first time, Ye Mo caused in him a strange feeling.

The old man sighed, he seemed to be struggling to talk, "Ye Mo, you could accomplish great things, such a pity."

"Sect Leader, he killed our elder and humiliated our sect. Our genius sect member Lu ran was also killed by him. Even Peng Nigui lost an arm! If you hadn’t come out in time, our thousand-year-old heritage would have been gone to waste and we wouldn’t have been able to keep the spirit well," Xiang Mingwang said respectfully.

"Are you the sect leader?" Ye Mo was shook. He didn’t expect the sect leader to suddenly finish his solitary cultivation.

"That’s right, I am the sect leader of Gourd Cave, Ren Pingchuan. Since you killed that many sect members of mine, then no matter how genius you are, you need to stay here today," Ren Pingchuan said plainly.

Ye Mo sneered. He was going to give his all, he couldn’t dodge it either way. He looked at the extremely old man and sneered again, "Sect Leader Ren, I respect your power, but not your character. Your sect provoked me, am I not allowed to retaliate?"

Ren Pingchuan said slowly, "My Gourd Cave Sect is the biggest sect in the outer hidden sects. We don’t need you to teach us what to do. Moreover, Xiang Mingwang just asked you about your heritage. Even if he killed a person of yours, you can’t retaliate against us."

Ye Mo laughed, "Old fart, how shamelessness! I was wondering why the Gourd Cave people were all so shameless, it seems that’s all part of its heritage. Old thing, just because you reached great heaven, don’t think that you can do anything to me."

Ren Pingchuan didn’t seem to hear Ye Mo’s curses, he just looked up into the clouds with a frown. Then he said plainly, "I’ve been in solitary training for 80 years, yet I didn’t reach great heaven. Pity, I don’t have much time. Sigh-"

"Old thing, you’re not at great heaven level?" Ye Mo was shocked. He was sure that Ren Pingchuan was at great heaven level, but he turned out not to be great heaven.

Ren Pingchuan said plainly, "The fact that you’re able to kill halfway great heaven masters at this young age means that your heritage is very significant. In that case, give it to me. Perhaps I might be able to take that step forward with it."

Then, Ren Pingchuan walked forward and palmed Ye Mo.

Ye Mo almost thought that Ren Pingchuan was a cultivator. There was a 5 to 6 meter difference between them, but it only took him one step to get in front of him. Before the palm even landed, the searing wind and a sharp killing intent were already looming over him.

Ye Mo really wanted to avoid it, but he realized his entire body was cloaked in the palm wind. He had no other way but to it head on.

The flying sword appeared in Ye Mo’s hand instantly and, using 90% of his chi, he pierced Ren Pingchuan’s palm.

Rumble- The palm and fist didn’t clash together, but a many-meter deep ditch was created. Ye Mo wa smashed by the palm wind and thrown into a Gourd Cave member. This person didn’t even get to make a sound, he was instantly killed by the crash.

"Good sword, I didn’t even see where you took out your sword from. You’re capable." Ren Pingchuan didn’t seem to notice at all that a sect member of his had died because of Ye Mo. He didn’t even seem to notice that the sword had sliced his hand.

Ye Mo resisted the ruptures in this dan tian and gulped down the blood he was about to spit. He was shocked at the old man’s inner qi intensity.

"Young man, you’re this young, you have such dense inner qi and such sharp weapon; your heritage is significant indeed. Give me your heritage and end yourself. I can assure that our sect members won’t get revenge on your family nor go to that Flowing Snake of yours." Ren Pingchuan was really interested in Ye Mo’s heritage now.

Ye Mo used 100% of his chi and the flying sword in his hand turned into a huge door-sized sword, as he tried to hack the old man with countless killing intent. At the same time, he sneered, "Old fart, your promise is bullsh*t in my eyes."

Ren Pingchuan had reached the bottom line. Ye Mo felt that although Ren Pingchuan’s inner qi was much greater than his, he could have a chance since Ren Pingchuan was too old.

Ye Mo knew that for masters like Ren Pingchuan, his fireballs and wind blades were no threat at all.

When he saw the huge sword, Ren Pingchuan’s expression became very excited. He murmured, "It’s a real magic artefact! The legends are true!"

Ren Pingchuan grabbed a black stick from his waist.

Rumble- Ye Mo’s flying sword clashed with Ren Pingchuan’s stick creating a huge chi wave. The weaker sect members were knocked out while the others retreated in fear.

Ye Mo was smashed into a wall again, his body was covered in blood. Ye Mo felt his bones were breaking, even his dan tian was about to break. He didn’t think too much, he immediately took two lotus life pills. After taking them, his wounds recovered rapidly.

Luckily, he had lotus life pills with him, otherwise he would be over. He had too little offensive means. After all, the resources were limited there and a lot of means required chi.

Ye Mo had to use the sword control now. It was his life-saving trump card, but Ren Pingchuan was too strong and he had to use it then.

Ren Pingchuan also didn’t take the attack lightly, blood seeped out of his mouth.

"Young man, you’ve completely annoyed me now," Ren Pingchuan said. He hadn’t seen Ye Mo take the pill and even if he had, he wouldn’t care. There was no pill that could help him recover after such heavy injury that quickly.

"You go cut off his legs and bring him over. He shouldn’t be able to move anymore after that," Ren Pingchuan pointed at a black level tertiary stage man and said.

"Yes, Martial Ancestor," the person rejoiced and ran to him.

Ye Mo subconsciously looked for the road he had come from and found that it was sealed. Xiang MIngwang thought Ye Mo was hoping for Feng Wu to appear and sneered, "Feng Wu and Zeng Zhengxia won’t be coming, don’t count on that. Even if they came, they wouldn’t help you."

Ye Mo ignored Xiang Mingwang, his flying sword moved again and split the black level stage man in half.

"How dare you?!" Ren Pingchuan yelled. His stick brought a whirlwind of killing intent, as it smashed Ye Mo’s leg.

Ren Pingchuan couldn’t control himself after seeing Ye Mo still had the ability to kill after that.