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475 Battle at the Foot of the Mountain

Chapter 475: Battle at the Foot of the Mountain
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"I underestimated you." For the first time, Wang Lenchan looked serious. He couldn’t lose that fight. If he did, the Wang family would be wiped.

If Wang Lenchan had known that Ye Mo was that strong, he would have rather lost everything in his bag than attack Ye Mo. If Ye Mo hadn’t killed his Wang family people, he would rather leave then. Ye Mo’s power made him lose his composure. For the first time, he felt things weren’t under his control.

"Wang Lenchan, since you’ve messed with me, take this blow then," as soon as Ye Mo said this, the flying sword turned into a white ray, aiming again at Wang Lenchan, but at a faster speed than before.

Wang Lenchan wanted to attack, but now that Ye Mo’s flying sword was coming to him, he wasn’t worried at all. He knew that if Ye Mo could shoot one, he could shoot more.

Rumble- Wang Lenchan used more than 90% of his inner qi. Because of this, the long sword turned into a screen of long sword that clashed with the sword ray. It was not the sound of weapons clashing, but the sound of thunder.

Ye Mo knew that it was because their swords hadn’t really clashed, it had been a clash of inner qi. Wang Lenchan probably knew that his sword was inferior to Ye Mo’s sword, so he had used his inner qi to fight Ye Mo.

After the loud rumble, a ravine many meters long appeared next to them due to the clash.

Ye Mo and Wang Lenchan both took many steps back. Wang Lenchan looked at the ravine and was shocked. He had overestimated Ye Mo, but he truly hadn’t expected Ye Mo’s inner qi to be that strong. It was even a bit stronger than his.

It was only a second of shock before Wang Lenchan dashed up again to attack.

Ye Mo still didn’t throw his flying sword out. He knew that when facing a master like Wang Lenchan, if his flying sword didn’t kill him, his trump card would have been revealed without knowing whether Wang Lenchan had any of his own.

It was very exhaustive to use the flying sword with chi, and if he fought a long battle with Wang Lenchan and then another master like Xiang Mingwang came, he would be in danger. These people could make him seriously injured before he could get on the flying sword to get away.

This time, Wang Lenchan’s sword turned into a straight line. Ye Mo knew that this was as strong as the sword veil before. Wang Lenchan had indeed mastered his sword technique. He could use his sword technique with his qi. Even in the Luo Yue continent, Ye Mo hadn’t seen someone who could use the mortal sword technique to that extent.

Ye Mo knew what Wang Lenchan wanted. He wanted to compete inner qi with him, but Ye Mo wasn’t afraid at all. He gathered chi in his flying sword and pierced the line. At the same time, Ye Mo kept slicing his palm.

Wang Lenchan didn’t know why he was doing this while competing inner qi with him, but he only had to hold Ye Mo there. The middle aged man who had come Wang Lenchan was already behind Ye Mo then. He was going to ambush him while Ye Mo was fighting Wang Lenchan.

But pity, if a dao cultivator like Ye Mo couldn’t notice an ancient martial artist sneak up behind him, he wouldn't deserve to be called that.

Rumble, rumble, rumble-

The sword in Wang Lenchan’s hand exploded with inner qi. Ye Mo sneered. He knew Wang Lenchan’s intention was to make him retreat so he could be ambushed by that middle aged man.

Although Wang Lenchan was sliced by Ye Mo’s sword chi and got a blood gash on his body, Ye Mo was also pushed back by his inner qi.

Clank- Wang Lenchan seemed to have heard the sound of swords clashing and he looked surprised.

Slash- It was the sound of sword piercing into flesh and this made Wang Lenchan rejoice, but his expression soon froze.

The middle aged man who had snuck up behind Ye Mo had been sliced in half from the shoulder without any way of fighting back.

The first ‘clank’ had been the middle aged man discovering his wind blade, which he had blocked with his sword chi, but he didn’t manage to block the second and third one, so he had been sliced in half.

Ye Mo knew the drawbacks of his fireball and wind blade. They were easily discovered by people with high power. After all, his power was too low. Before the fireball was released, they could feel the heat. Even if he did shoot it, it could still be dodged. It was just be a waste of chi. The stronger someone was, the easier for them dodge it. This middle aged man was earth level tertiary stage. If he hadn’t tried to sneak up on Ye Mo, it would have been harder for the wind blade to hit him.

Of course, if Ye Mo had essence chi pills, he could keep shooting wind blades and fireballs. Like that, even if the opponent was strong, he would be killed eventually. But against Wang Lenchan he couldn’t use that. If he used up all of his chi and still not be able to kill Wang Lenchan, it would be his death. Moreover, even if he had essence chi pill, he didn’t want to waste it like that.

"An inner qi forming sword? You’re at that stage, are you great heaven?" Wang Lenchan looked at the man who was killed, it had happened while he had been trying to keep Ye Mo distracted. He couldn’t keep calm any longer.

His face went pale and the veins in his arms popped out. Seeing Ye Mo having no intention of replying to him, he said, "Is it your trump card? Why didn’t you use it against me?"

From Wang Lenchan’s perspective, it was very hard to dodge that wind blade. If Ye Mo had used that against him, it wouldn’t have taken long for him to be defeated.

Ye Mo sneered. He knew that it looked strong, but Wang Lenchan would have been able to dodge it for sure. It would just be a waste of chi and, in the end, Wang Lenchan might really be able to get away.

Seeing Ye Mo still not replying to him, Wang Lenchan said as he raised his sword slowly, "This was the third time I underestimated you, Ye Mo. I won’t anymore, now die."

With a slash, the sword emitted thin rays. Wang Lenchan also spat mouthfuls of blood. He was using his using up his potential to use that attack, and it hurt him quite a bit.

Ye Mo was sure that if he didn’t have spirit sense, he wouldn’t have been able to see those thin rays.

Rumble- As the rays clashed with Ye Mo’s qi, they exploded creating many airflows.

If they had been average ancient martial artists, they could have only dodged or they would have been grinded into mincemeat because of the chi.

It was impossible for Ye Mo to fly in that situation. At that moment, Ye Mo finally realized that he also underestimated this Wang Lenchan. He was at the same level as Wu Dao, he was the stronger than Xiang Mingwang and Feng Wu. He hid really deep.

If he hadn’t underestimated Wang Lenchan, he could’ve flown up and not been in that chi exploding environment.

But that way, Wang Lenchan would know his trump card and if Wang Lenchan knew he could fly, he would run for sure. If Wang Lenchan wanted to run, he could keep up with him, but it would take time to kill him. If he ran to Xiang Mingwang and Feng Wu, Ye Mo would have no chance of killing him.

Ye Mo also used 90% of his chi, while the sword in his hand emitted an aura the size of a door and bursted out.

In the huge collision, Ye Mo was sent flying away more than ten meters, before landing. He wiped the blood from his mouth, he sustained multiple injuries. He knew that with his battle tactic he wasn’t going anywhere. He had overestimated Wang Lenchan, but he still underestimated him.

If Ye Mo knew Wang Lenchan was that strong, he wouldn’t have fought like that and taken damage for no reason. Ye Mo knew it had been because he had kept his spirit sense on the bleak wind, and that distracted him. Despite this, Wang Lenchan was far more injured than him, and Ye Mo was sure he couldn’t use that move a second time.

"Ye Mo, I admit you’re strong and I’m no match for you, but it’s not easy for you to kill me. I swear I will get revenge on this." Wang Lenchan was far more shocked than what he showed, seeing that Ye Mo was only lightly injured after the clash.

"Really?" Ye Mo sneered and suddenly raised his long sword, as it turned into a white ray aimed at Wang Lenchan’s throat.

"Small trick, let’s see how much power you have without your sword." Seeing Ye Mo throw out his sword, Wang Lenchan’s expression was happy. He was concerned about Ye Mo’s sword, but Ye Mo had thrown away that advantage. If he was going to be hit with an attack like that, he wouldn’t be Wang Lenchan.

But Wang Lenchan could only enjoy this for a moment before his smile froze.