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445 Asking to Die

Chapter 445: Asking to Die

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By the time Ye Mo arrived at Xi Tong Town, it was already daytime. Ye Mo didn’t know where Shi Xiu lived, so he called him and as soon as he did, the phone was picked up. Shi Xiu didn’t sound sleepy at all. Ye Mo could tell that Shi Xiu hadn’t slept that night.

He didn’t know what had happened, but for now, Ye Mo just got to the temporary residence Shi Xiu lived in. When Ye Mo got there, Shi Xiu and Song Xiaotan were already waiting at the door.

"Shi Xiu, why are you living in a place like this? This Wu Ze sure has got some balls!" Ye Mo might not be in politics, but he definitely wouldn’t let Shi Xiu live in such a tattered place.

Shi Xiu’s eyes were red, and the bags under his eyes were completely black. One could tell he hadn’t had a good sleep for a long time. Although he was curious why Ye Mo had visited him at this time, he didn’t ask. He could tell from Ye Mo’s expression that he was very angry though, so he quickly said, "This has nothing to do with Mayor Wu or Brother Zhou Ping. They are also very troubled right now."

Ye Mo came to understand that there might be some other reason. Wu Ze probably wouldn’t have dared do this.

After Ye Mo went inside and sat down, Shi Xiu started explaining.

Back when Shi Xiu arrived, he wasn’t admitted into the Senate due to his lacking experience. This way, he couldn’t help Wu Ze in the Senate while the secretary of Mayor Hong Zhao was a rather domineering person. Before Wu Ze’s arrival, he already had a firm grip on all power. So when Wu Ze appeared, he only had Zhou Ping to help him, hence they were on the down side.

If Luo Yue hadn’t encountered any problems, Wu Ze still might've had some power, but it had been reported that the beauty pill had negative effects. Since Luo Yue was brought in by Wu Ze and Shi Xiu, that only served to make their situation even worse.

Despite Wu Ze being a man of the Li family, he would turn valueless if he needed the Li family to help him with this. With Wu Ze being alone, the situation was getting worse and worse. Li Chunsheng wasn’t able to help Wu Ze either as he was in trouble himself.

"My job is pretty much a hollow shell now. Everything is controlled by Hong Chao’s men, and Mayor Niu is Hong Chao’s supporter. Xiaotan and I discussed for the whole night last night, because she was trying to persuade me to give up the position, but I remain unsatisfied. You helped me get this position, and I don’t want to give up before even having begun," Shi Xiu said helplessly.

Ye Mo nodded. No wonder Xi Tong’s dam incident could be suppressed; even the secretary was Mayor Niu’s guy.

Ye Mo patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, I can solve this for you. You know about the dam incident right? The one that enabled you to rise to your current position."

Shi Xiu immediately nodded, "Of course I know, everyone does. Still, the higherups suppressed it. I suspect that it must have something to do with Mayor Niu, but no one dares say anything without evidence. My instinct tells me that Mayor Su has to have been wronged."

Ye Mo couldn’t help but commend Shi Xiu’s political instinct.

"Your suspicion is correct; I have evidence of Mayor Niu’s money laundering." Ye Mo took out the card and told Shi Xiu to turn on his computer.

Half an hour later, Shi Xiu was completely baffled. This information was so top-secret that it even contained the schemes of Yuan Bei Corporation.

Ye Mo, this..." He couldn’t imagine how Ye Mo had managed to obtain such a thing. It was only yesterday that the beauty pill had been reported to have side-effects yet now, Ye Mo already had this kind of evidence on film. Ye Mo was too absurd, too powerful! How could Yuan Bei Corporation even fight him? This was nothing but suicide.

Fighting Ye Mo was suicide indeed.

Seeing this, Ye Mo patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder and said, "I copied the info to your computer, and you may use it as needed. If you can’t rise up now, I won’t help you anymore, and you can just help me over at Flowing Snake."

"Ye Mo, you are my best friend. Saying ‘thank you’ is meaningless, but if I can’t rise up from this, I might as well die. I will be going to Flowing Snake for sure. After I get my revenge, I will go. Although I like politics, Xiaotan doesn’t," Shi Xiu said.

Ye Mo nodded, "Then what will you be doing next?"

"I will notify Wu Ze first and then go find Mayor Li in He Feng. He’s been really troubled lately. If he can gets his hands on this, he will know how to use it," Shi Xiu immediately said. He knew his power was too low, so giving it to Li Chunsheng would maximize its potential.

"Okay." Ye Mo was happy with Shi Xiu’s reply. It showed how mature he was now.

Ye Mo called Yu Miaodan and sent over the video he’d recorded and told her that as soon as she got his call, she had to post this video on the official Luo Yue website.

Yu Miaodan really couldn’t believe that after Ye Mo went out for only one night he managed to get this evidence fresh from the press. The meeting had been recorded very clearly; no wonder Ye Mo had told her to get a good camera.

Yu Miaodan really suspected that Ye Mo might have stood right in front of them as he recorded.

Regardless, with this recording, even if they didn’t do anything, Luo Yue was safe. Yu Miaodan put aside her worries and felt greater respect for Ye Mo. She really wondered how he had done it.

After Ye Mo sent Yu Miaodan the video, he immediately went to He Feng with Shi Xiu.


Li Chunsheng was feeling huge pressure when he came to He Feng. He wasn’t an actual member of the Li family, yet as soon as he came here, he realized that the waters ran very deep in this city.

After only a couple of meetings he could already barely save himself. He was nothing but a Vice-Mayor. Luckily, he was a Vice-Secretary too; otherwise, he wouldn’t even be getting the chance to speak.

Li Chunsheng knew that however hard it may be, he couldn’t ask for help from the Li family now. He had only been a Vice-Mayor before and only thanks to Li Qiuyang did he become a Vice-Secretary for the central power. It could be said that he had taken this position away right from Mayor Niu’s group.

This was might've been due to the Li family’s might, or perhaps Mayor Niu was about to be moved away. Otherwise, Li Chunsheng could never have gotten the rank.

However, it was at the same time a clear sign that if Li Chunsheng could make some good progress, the next mayor of He Feng just might be Li Chunsheng.

If he received all this and still wasn't capable of standing tall, he would be deemed useless and might get dumped by the Li family.

Li Chunsheng knew that the purpose of today’s meeting was to suppress his power, on account of his mistake of bringing in the Luo Yue which sold fake medicine.

Li Chunsheng sighed. He knew that this Mayor Niu was full of schemes, but he had to go nonetheless. Just as he was about to leave, someone unexpected appeared before his door.

"Mayor Shi, how come you are here? Did something happen in Xi Tong?" Li Chunsheng’s felt like this couldn’t be good.

Shi Xiu’s situation was even worse than his, and he was on the same team as Shi Xiu. Something had to have gone wrong in Xi Tong for Shi Xiu to visit him.

Hold on- Li Chunsheng immediately saw that although Shi Xiu’s eyes were red, his expression was one of excitement.

"Mayor Li, we can flip the tables this time!" Shi Xiu could no longer contain his excitement.

Li Chunsheng’s level of political awareness wasn’t something Shi Xiu could compare with; he looked around carefully before calmly saying, "Shi Xiu, come inside and have a seat first."

Then, Li Chunsheng brought Shi Xiu in and closed the door.