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Chapter 438: Fully Seated

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Ye Mo took the camera. Although he really wanted to finally spend one night with Ning Qingxue, Ning Qingxue also understood that it would be better to solve the problem early on.

Before Ye Mo had left, Xu Yuehua had brought her men to Flowing Snake. Ye Mo didn’t feel rushed about the development of Flowing Snake. As long as he had money, it wouldn’t matter.

He knew of Xu Yuehua’s capabilities and under her leadership, Flowing Snake would be changed day by day.

What made Ye Mo worry the most was Flowing Snake's territory. If he wanted to expand Flowing Snake, he might even need to buy land from China.

This wasn’t the cultivation realm, so even though power was what rules over all, there were some other matters to take into account as well. Even when the States wanted to invade Iraq, they needed to do it in the name of justice.

If this was the cultivation realm, then as long as you had power, people would do nothing but congratulate you even if you annihilated another sect. Over there, there was no such thing as giving help when needed. There was only throwing rocks when you were already at the bottom of a well.

Although Ye Mo came from the cultivation realm, his principles entailed that if people didn’t offend him, he wouldn’t offend them. If they didn’t want to sell him the land, he couldn’t just go kill them.

But Ye Mo also knew that since he'd opened up factories here, if Lu Se and Vietnam didn’t want to sell the land, it wouldn’t be because of the land being precious but because of them not getting enough benefits from him.

Ye Mo shook his head. He decided to not think about it for now. Just as he put these thoughts to the back of his mind, he realized that he had arrived at He Feng.

Other than going to the Yuan family for evidence, he would be going to Xi Tong Town to visit his friend Shi Xiu.

He Feng's Yuan family wasn’t ranked as one of The Great Families of China but in He Feng, they were the local snake and the biggest family. It could be said that He Feng was Yuan family’s territory.

When Ye Mo came to He Feng, he didn’t go find Li Chunsheng. Although he knew that Li Chunsheng was the Vice-Mayor, Ye Mo wanted to check whether he had done things as promised.

Yuan Bei Corporation was situated next to the Wu He Lake. Unlike other companies, behind Yuan Bei Corporation was where the Yuan family was based. They lived in a big manor-styled mansion, very spacious and grandiose.

Ye Mo came to their office building, a 38-story building. When he walked in, it was fully packed. Most of the people present were executives who came to support Yuan Bei Corporation, as well as some upper level members of the Yuan family and a lot of important figures of He Feng.

Ye Mo might not know these people, he was sure that many of them would also be cooperating with Luo Yue.

Ye Mo turned invisible as he entered the office of Yuan Zhirong. Ye Mo knew that this kind of people liked to be in their office when discussing confidential matters. Ye Mo marked that office with his spirit sense and then went into the meeting rooms to leave spirit sense markers before leaving the mansion. He knew this would be Yuan Zhirong’s most glorious moment. No matter how contemptuous he was towards Luo Yue corporation, he wouldn’t spill his plans here.

"President Yuan, if China didn’t have the supporting pillar of Yuan Bei Corporation, then this Luo Yue incident would have lost face for all of China," a fat man raised his glass of wine and said to Yuan Zhirong.

Yuan Zhirong laughed, "Haha, let’s not discuss other companies today. The reason why Yuan Bei Corporation could have what it has today is due to credibility. These nefarious scandals were bound to be found out eventually. Unfortunately, it’s the citizens, the people who suffer. Of course, Mayor Niu has been a constant support for us Yuan Bei Pharmaceuticals as well as a constant support for the people. Cheers, Mayor Niu!"

Then, Yuan Zhibei raised his cup to another middle-aged man.

The man replied with a sigh, "President Yuan Bei, you’re being too polite. The reason why our He Feng's finances can keep rising is all thanks to the support of Yuan Bei Corporation. A big pharmaceutical corporation takes many years of development to start up. Pity that many of our officials only look at the short-term benefits and don't take the long-term developments into consideration, nor do they consider the safety of our people."

"I agree to Mayor Niu’s words. Although these words are very sharp, but what's up with Vice-Mayor Li Chunsheng wanting to bring in Luo Yue as soon as he came. Although he’s doing this for the development of He Feng's finances, I don’t feel like Luo Yue is trustworthy. And indeed, it’s only been how long yet something dodgy appeared about," another very righteous-looking man said.

At this moment, Mayor Niu raised his cup and said, "Old Liu is a straightforward person; today is President Yuan's family gathering, so let’s not talk about politics. Drink, drink!"

Everyone grabbed their glasses and drank everything. The atmosphere grew vibrant on the tables.

Ye Mo found a bar and kept his spirit sense on his spirit sense markers. If someone touched them, he would know. He believed that Yuan Zhirong wouldn’t just simply find so many people to drink with tonight for no reason. These people were all those loyal to Yuan Zhirong. After drinking, they would talk about important matters.

"Sir, may I ask what you would like?" a hot bar girl walked up to Ye Mo’s seat and asked seductively.

"Anything will do," Ye Mo waved his hand.

"Huh?" The girl was dazed. Anything? There were hundreds of wines in their bar and their price difference was very high. This made things hard for her.

"I’ll have two cups of Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine. Make it my count." A woman in her thirties walked up to the bar and sat next to Ye Mo.

"Blue Flower Blue Leaf Wine?" Ye Mo was stunned.