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432 Silent Retrea

Chapter 432: Silent Retreat

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The men behind Li Dong looked at him in shock. Was Ye Mo very famous? How come they hadn’t heard of him? Why did captain Li treat him like that?

But although they didn’t know who Ye Mo was, they could tell he was no ordinary person. Furthermore, everyone knew who Director Han was, and the young man had called him by his full name.

Li Dong was very shocked. Other people didn’t know who Ye Mo was, but he did. He was from the Beijing Li family; and, although he was from a branch, the Li family made as a clear rule that Ye Mo was the person they must get on his good side with. Anyone who offended Ye Mo, would be kicked out of the Li family.

Thinking about this, Li Dong started to sweat. Although he wasn’t afraid of death, getting kicked out of the family would be humiliating.

Warrant Officer Liao might already be dead, just like how Song Qiming was killed mysteriously. Everyone knew that it was probably Ye Mo, but no one dared to do anything to him. A mere warrant officer was nothing. It probably wouldn’t change anything; yet, funnily enough, he had been still trying to make Ye Mo pay with his life and report him.

Now that he thought about it, he had been too naive. Even if Ye Mo hadn't been that strong, could their army really come to Flowing Snake? It wasn’t China’s land. If their army came, there would be war.

Now, not only did Warrant Officer Liao die for nothing, but Qiu Zhifei was also over. No matter how strong the Qiu family was, they weren’t as powerful as the Song family in their prime. He hadn't expected Guo Qi and Lu Lin to know Ye Mo. This wasn’t as simple as it looked anymore, this meant that the Qiu family had offended Ye Mo. It was a fight between the Qiu family and Ye Mo; if he intervened, he would just be pawn.

"Ye-Qianbei, sorry, we were just following orders. We didn’t intentionally offend you. Guo Qi and Fang Wei killed a colonel-level officer, this isn’t something I can decide upon." Li Dong was sweating. He knew it was a battle between gods and he had gotten involved. He was desperately thinking of ways to make the situation better.

Ye Mo sneered, "Oh, how come did I hear something different to what you said? That guy, Qiu Zhifei, used drunkenness as an excuse to assault captain Lu. That colonel and that warrant officer helped him instead, and tried to coerce Captain Lu into agreeing. Guo Qi helped Lu Lin resist and killed that scum."

"What?" Li Dong immediately realized that he and his team mates were being used. No wonder they specifically chose him to capture Guo Qi. There were scared that if news got out, the Li family could only be forced to help the Qiu family.

In that moment, Li Dong felt like he had swallowed a fly. Although he knew that Guo Qi must’ve intentionally killed and not just help resist, that wasn’t important anymore. He was being used and he hadn't even known about it.

It was fine if Warrant Officer Liao died, he had been trying to use him. But the three brothers that lost their arms, they were his responsibility.

Although it was a one sided story that came from Ye Mo, comparatively, he trusted Ye Mo more. Qiu Zhifei’s words were suspicious. Furthermore, with Ye Mo’s status and power, he didn’t need to lie about such a small thing. If he wanted to save Guo Qi and Fang Wei, all he had to say was that they were his men.

Li Dong’s soldiers also felt something wasn’t right. They had all heard Ye Mo’s words and it seemed to be different from what Warrant Officer Liao had said at the start of the mission. Something didn’t seem right. Captain Lu was one of the few female captains, many people had heard of her, how could she have helped others kill military officers?

"Ye-Qianbei, it is my fault this time. I shouldn’t have come apprehended people without doing my own investigation. I need to save my brothers first before I can repent." Li Dong apologized and slapped himself twice in the face.

After this, Li Dong said, "Take these three to the hospital immediately, their hands have been cut off."

Li Dong knew he was putting up a show, but he was unsatisfied. Since he had already offended Ye Mo, he would make sure that the person who used him would also suffer. Furthermore, it wouldn't be Ye Mo. Tian You, that bastard, had nefarious intentions indeed.

Looking at ferocious soldiers come and leave desperately, Ye Mo sighed. If he wasn't Ye Mo, then even if Li Dong knew he was wrong, he would have still captured these people without hesitation.

Sometimes, the world was like this. Although there were good things about Li Dong, he still had the arrogance of members from big families. Ye Mo didn’t like that. And, the last two slaps had been obviously an act. This made him look down on it.

But regardless, Li Dong had some sense of responsibility and had remembered to save his men. Although Ye Mo could cure their hands, he wouldn’t do it for someone who had pointed a gun at him.

"Sorry, Brother Ye, we caused you trouble." Guo Qi and Fang Wei already knew there were people coming to get them and had walked outside. But when they did, Li Dong had already left.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "It might mean trouble to you, but I really don’t consider it trouble. We’ll go to the borderland barracks in the afternoon."

Guo Qi hesitated and asked, "Brother Ye, how is Xiao Chi?"

"Xiao Chi?" Ye Mo was dazed, he didn’t remember who she was.

Fang Wei quickly said, "Master, Brother Guo meant Chi Wanqing. After you left, she also left the military. She said to Sister Lu that she was going to go find you and since then, we haven’t been in contact so…"

Hearing this, the image of Chi Wanqing’s pretty face appeared in his mind. Ye Mo treated her like Ye Ling, like his sister. But from how she had been to Ning Qingxue when looking for him in the desert, he knew she seemed to feel different about him.

Qingxue said that she had gone to study abroad in England, he wondered how she was. Ye Mo was dazed for a second, and then remembered that Guo Qi was waiting for his reply. He smiled bitterly and shook his head,"I’ve only seen her once after that. I heard she went to England, I don’t know anything else about it."

"Master, are you saying that you’re going to take me and Brother Guo to the borderland barracks?" Fang Wei remembered. He knew that Ye Mo wouldn’t harm them, but he still couldn’t help feeling worried.

Ye Mo nodded, "En, we’ll go after lunch. Mo Hai has a helicopter here, we’ll use that to get there."

"Huh, are we really going? Master, if we go, how will we even live to come back?" Fang Wei asked worriedly.

Ye Mo smiled, "If we don’t go, how are we going to save anyone?"

"Yes, we’re have to save Sister Lu. Wait, Master, even if we were going to save her, we should sneak in there. If we just appear there like that and hope to leave easily, wouldn’t it be suicide?" Fang Wei asked.

"Regardless of how it may be, I will go." Guo Qi clenched his fist.

Fang Wei immediately said, "Brother Guo, I’m coming too of course. But if we sneak in there, I think our chances would be bigger."

Yes, Guo Qi looked at Ye Mo confused. Going straight in like that was suicide.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "We’ll just go doing it the proper way after lunch."

Guo Qi’s Eagle Special Forces Squad belonged to the Xiang Yun military zone’s special forces department. Despite it being a peaceful era, the special forces had more missions than normal soldiers.

Every military zone would have its own special forces squad. These special forces were different to the Flying Squads of Beijing, the requirements weren’t as strict.