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431 Who Kills, Pays

Chapter 431: Who Kills, Pays

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Ye Mo smiled, "I will deal with this, Second Brother. If you find people like that again, kill them all."

Of course, Ye Mo knew why they had come and left. Probably, those two guys he had threatened from the Hong Martial sect had spread the news, and it was related to that. For now, he needn't worry about these people investigating him. He just needed to find a moment to collect some taxes from them.

Yu Miaodan saw that Ye Mo had dealt with this already, and felt assured. She turned and said, "President Ye, I think that if we manage to buy this land here, we wont have that much trouble. If we make our business bigger, I think other people might get jealous."

Although Yu Miaodan didn’t say who these other people were, Ye Mo knew it clearly. Although Lu Se and Vietnam hadn't done anything yet, it was hard to say if it would stay like that in the future.

"Sister Yu, wait until Sister Yuehua arrives, then you can discuss a specific plan on how to buy the land. See what they say." Ye Mo also believed that the problem must be solved immediately, otherwise, it would always be a hidden threat.

Xu Ping nodded seriously and said, "Third Brother, I believe once we establish Flowing Snake as our land, we can establish another hidden sect. No, we'll establish a public hidden sect. Let everyone know the prosperity of Flowing Snake."

Yu Miaodan smiled, ‘Second Brother’s words are a little limited. I believe one day we can consider building Flowing Snake into a country-like city. we could hold a magnificent fete. By then, we could call this place Luo Yue City."

Ye Mo smiled. If he had been just by himself, he wouldn’t have even considered establishing a city, but now, there were more and more people following him. If he really could establish a city of his own, then it would indeed be great.

But Ye Mo didn’t feel that Flowing Snake was a good place to build a city, the land was too small.

Another thing was that his power was too weak, he hadn't even finished foundation establishment. It was easy to say, but building a city was harder than reaching the skies. Regardless of whether he had an army, a bomb could always suddenly blow it all away. Actually, Ye Mo had a bigger plan, but his power was still too weak.

If his power reached a certain stage, then he could establish a big city and set up a defense formation. Although that defense formation would be trash in the cultivation realm, it would be fine on earth. Ye Mo also knew that it was almost impossible. Even if he could reach foundation establishment, so what? Were there any spirit stones anywhere? What about the formation materials?

Putting those thoughts aside, after Ye Mo finished discussing the specifics, the phone in the meeting room rung. Yu Miaodan picked up the phone and listened, then her face changed drastically.

"Yang Jiu and Fang Nan were beaten when they were checking Flowing Snake, they’re seriously wounded. Xiao Huo said that those who beat Han Zai were from the military. A lot of police men also came to Flowing Snake, so they didn’t retaliate", Yu Miaodan said, as she placed the phone down.

Ye Mo stood up, "Sister Yu, prepare the company for Qingxue, I will go have a look. Qingxue will be completely responsible for the company from now on. Qingxue, I’ll leave this to you, I’m going out for a bit."

Ning Qingxue nodded, "Go, I will deal with things here for you."


Ye Mo came to the place of the incident. Fang Nan and Yang Jiu were pointed at by guns with twenty people around them in camo. There were also more than ten police men standing on the side.

Everyone had a gun, and the atmosphere was tense.

Han Zai was on the ground, his leg was covered in blood. There was also a young man beside him, but he had taken a bullet to the heart and died.

"Brother Ye…"

"Big Boss…"

Ye Mo had arrived, so Fang Nan and Yang Jiu greeted. Ye Mo nodded and looked coldly at the people around them. He pointed at the two men on the ground, "What’s this?"

Fang Nan said, "These people say they’re from the border barracks, they wanted to break into our building to search; so we stopped them. But they were unreasonable, they killed Jian Liang and shot Han Zai."

Clap, clap, clap- A bleak voice said, "Finally, someone who dares to talk. If no one had come, we c-would have gone straight in and killed anyone who dares to stand in our way."

Ye Mo looked coldly at this man in camo, his badge meant that he was a warrant officer.

"You’re very cocky, did you kill him? Who gave you permission to kill people here?", Ye Mo said coldly.

This warrant officer studied Ye Mo and also said coldly, "Do I need your permission to kill? If anyone else tries stop me, I will kill them all. Don’t tell me this isn’t my land, this isn’t your land either. In Flowing Snake, whoever is stronger, is better. Now, I’m stronger than y- ugh-"

Before he could finish, he grasped his neck tightly but he couldn’t stop the blood from gushing out. He stared at Ye Mo in horror, he hadn't expected someone to really dare attack him. He had only seen Ye Mo’s hand move a little.

"How can you dare to kill me?", although he wanted to say that, the words got stuck in his throat.

Slump- The warrant officer dropped dead on the ground with his eyes wide open in disbelief.

Ye Mo said plainly, "It seems like I’m stronger than you."

The soldiers around them reacted quickly and raised their guns.

Slush- Blood flashed across the air, and the three men who had raised their guns all had their hands sliced off. The gun fell on the ground and so did they with a pale face.

Ye Mo scanned them and said coldly, "The reason I didn’t kill these three yet is because I haven’t told you my rules yet. My rule is that if someone dares to point guns at me, I will kill them without hesitation. And, if someone dares to kill anyone in Flowing Snake, I will make you pay with your life."

No one had seen how Ye Mo had attacked; everyone at the site stayed silent. Seeing three people mysteriously lose their hands, the rest of them all lowered their guns. Even Yang Jiu and Fang Nan were shocked. Ye Mo had dared to kill a military officer. Although this was Flowing Snake, everyone was still a Chinese resident.

The young man's strength was too absurd. It was as though he only needed to move his hand, and he could kill invisibly.

A man in his 30’s moved foward and said to the men behind him, "Put your guns down."

Even if this man hadn't said it, all the men would have put their guns down. After this, he walked to Ye Mo in his own manner, "We come from the borderland barracks, I’m Li Dong. You’re very strong, you must be an ancient martial arts cultivator? Is it because you’re strong or because you come from a hidden sect that you can kill our officer? Even if you kill all of us, do you think this little place can stop our army?"

Ye Mo said plainly, "So, in that case, you should be the one who kills our people, right? When you open fire, should we raise our hands and wait to be killed?"

"How can that be compared? We came here to apprehend people, it’s normal to accidentally kill. If we really wanted to shoot, would there have been only one death? Don't you think everyone here would be have been dead? Furthermore, Warrant Officer Liao only killed an ordinary person, but you killed a warrant officer. Even if he had made a mistake, it’s not your right to kill him." Li Dong said with a bursting red face.

Ye Mo’s tone was sharp, "Killing is a mistake? So, that means you’re better than others? Sorry, in Flowing Snake pack away your arrogant attitude. Here everyone is equal. Who kills, pays. Piss off, you're not welcome here. If you hassle more, I will kick you out."

"You... I don’t care who you are. Even if you kill me now, I will still say you deserve death sentence for killing a military officer. We came to apprehend Guo Qi and Fang Wei, tell me, are those two here? I can leave, but after I do, I will come back with tanks and missiles.", Li Dong’s tone also turned darker. It could be seen that no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he still feared death.

Ye Mo sneered, "Piss off. Tell your officer that I will bring Guo Qi and Fang Wei over. And about Qiu Zhifei, tell him to clean his neck for me to cut. If Captain Lu is harmed in anyway, even Han Zaixin wont be able to save him."

"What? Director Han?" Li Dong was shocked with words. He was someone who knew about Director Han and could call his name, he couldn't be a simple person.

"Who are you?" Li Dong’s tone wasn’t as tough as before. This was the first time he had seen someone acting so dominant after having killed a warrant officer.

"Tell you officer to investigate this matter thoroughly. Otherwise, don’t blame me." Although Ye Mo appreciated Li Dong’s courage, he disliked his attitude of acting better than everyone else.

He came from the cultivation realm. There, if people were stronger than you, they felt higher than you, and this Li Dong was doing the same.

"You... are you Ye Mo? Beijing Ye Mo?" Li Dong’s face changed. He didn’t know what to say anymore.