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430 So It Was About Lu Lin

Chapter 430: So It Was About Lu Lin

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When Ye Mo saw Guo Qi and Fang Wei, they were clearly lost and looked sort of dumb. They both sat in the room, not moving. They had gun wounds on them, but it seemed that Yu Miaodan had got people to take care of that for them.

"Brother Ye, we're sorry. We are causing you trouble, we really don’t have anywhere we can go." Guo Qi saw that Ye Mo was expressionless.

"Master..." although Ye Mo hadn’t take Fang Wei in as his disciple, he was still used to calling Ye Mo 'Master'. Ye Mo smiled and let those two sit down before asking, "What happened?"

Guo Qi sighed and didn’t say what it was, "Brother Ye, I’m really grateful to your friend, Sister Yu. If it wasn’t for her taking us in, we’d probably be dead now. I really didn’t expect you to know the CEO of Luo Yue…"

After hesitating for a while, Guo Qi continued, "To be honest, if it wasn’t for Lin Lin, I really wouldn't have come here to trouble you, but I know that no one else other than you can save her. Although this request is overbearing, I really want to save her."

Guo Qi didn't finish explaining.

Seeing this, Fang Wei quickly said, "Sister Lu and Brother Guo are in love with each other, and last time when we were back, Sister Lu had gotten promoted. This was a good thing, but just when they were about to get married, something big happened."

"A week ago, the grand master who once instructed us, Xu Shi, brought in a young man called Qiu Zhifei to train in our squad. His origin is very powerful, and he could choose which squad to stay in. Eventually, he chose to stay in the Eagle Squad led by Sister Lu. This was fine, but the second day after he joined, he got drunk and he got into Sister Lu’s room wanting to assault her. However, he couldn’t beat Sister Lu and was knocked out.

"Qiu Zhifei?" Ye Mo suddenly remembered the Beijing Qiu Family, was it them again? If it was, then they were really too cocky. He had just taught Qiu Zhizhe and Qiu Dongchen a lesson in Beijing, but now they were causing trouble again.

Fang Wei continued, "As soon as Qiu Zhifei had been knocked out, Sister Lu’s door was kicked open. Lieutenant Han and a sergeant came in together. What Siser Lu didn’t expect was that they not only didn’t stop Qiu Zhifei, but instead apprehended Sister Lu. Then, they tried persuading Sister Lu into doing as Qiu Zhifei pleased, saying that if she did, she could immediately rise to colonel."

Guo Qi clenched his fists.

Fang Wei looked at Guo Qi and continued, "Of course, Lu sister didn’t agree. At that moment, Qiu Zhifei stood up and told Lieutenant Han and the instructor to strip off Sister Lu's clothes. Those two really wanted to do it and were about to rip her clothes. Right that moment, Brother Guo and I saw this disgusting scene. Brother Guo pulled out his dagger and stabbed Lieutenant Han without hesitation. I helped him stop the sergeant. But because Brother Guo saw Sister Lu’s clothes were seriously torn, after he killed the Lieutenant, he killed the sergeant too."

Guo Qi continued, "Those animals had tried to rape Lin Lin, I couldn’t control my hands, and I just had to killed them. After I thought about it, I felt that Qiu Zhifei had done it on purpose. That day, when he got drunk and entered Lin Lin’s room, he still had two men following him. No matter what, it seemed planned. If I hadn't happened to be looking for Lu Lin that day, I don’t dare to imagine what would have happened."

Fang Wei nodded, "When Sister Lu told us this, Brother Guo got very angry and crushed Qiu Zhifei’s scrotum. Just when Brother Guo was about to kill Qiu Zhifei, people came. Brother Guo didn’t have a gun and didn't manage to kill him on time. He pushed us and fled, but we didn’t go very far since Sister Lu’s leg had been shot. Sister Lu stopped and told us two to leave her behind. She said that if we all got caught then we wouldn't have a chance in the future. Although we had been also shot, we still ran away.

However, we didn’t have a place to go, so we could only come to Master’s place. Brother Guo wanted to ask Master to save Sister Lu. Sister Lu is being held captive in the barracks; other than Master, no one can save her."

After hearing this, Ye Mo felt a little sad. He knew that Guo Qi had guessed right, that Qiu Zhifei had planned this. He wanted to use getting drunk as an excuse to rape Lu Lin, but was afraid he would be no match for her, so he had called two men to help him. If that happened to him, he would have killed everyone without hesitation, like Guo Qi.

Although Lu Lin was very curvaceous, her looks were only average. Why would the Qiu Family choose Lu Lin? But Ye Mo didn’t ask why. Regardless of the reason, they needed to be held responsible.

Seeing Ye Mo sunk into silence, Guo Qi knelt down, "Brother Ye, I know my request is overbearing but I know that if there’s someone in this world who can save her from there, it’s you. With Xu Shi’s power, even if our entire little squad attacked him, we wouldn’t last a minute. Lin Lin is very pitiful, she chose to join the military because she had been heartlessly abandoned. I would rather suffer myself than have Lin Lin get raped by that animal."

Ye Mo immediately pulled Guo Qi up and said, "We’re friends, don’t be like that. I know Captain Lu, I will help you for sure. How about this? I’ll go to a meeting first because Luo Yue is my company, and I haven’t been back for a long time. I'll finish arranging some things; after that, I’ll go with you to the barracks."

"Master, is Luo Yue your company?" Fang Wei’s mouth was wide open, he had disbelief in his face.

Ye Mo smiled and nodded, "Yeah, if you don’t want to stay in the military, you can always choose to help me here."

"Of course, how can I still stay in the military after this? We’ll be dead as soon as we get seen. Guo Qi, what about you?", Fang Wei asked with joy. He no longer looked pale and numb; compared to Guo Qi, he cared less about being wanted.

Guo Qi said in a deep voice, "No matter what happens with Lin Lin, my life will be yours Brother Ye."


When Ye Mo came into the meeting room, Yu Miaodan and the other had been waiting for a long while. Ye Mo smiled apologetically and said, "I was delayed due to some things, let’s get straight to the point. We’ll be having our first big meeting after opening. Sister Yu, tell us about the corporation."

Hearing this, Yu Miaodan immediately said, "To be honest, if it wasn’t that our product was absurdly magical, we would have shut down before we even began. We don’t have a proper management procedure. We don’t even have proper pharmacist staff."

Ye Mo nodded. She had gone straight to the point, he didn’t need to look into the specifics to know.

Seeing this, everyone knew that it wasn’t easy to manage a company. Although they were the earliest group of people Ye Mo had brought with him to the company, none of them could manage a company properly. If it wasn’t for Yu Miaodan, the situation could have been worse.

"It seems like I need to find a suitable person to manage the company." Ye Mo frowned. He didn’t know who would be suitable for the job either.

"How about I give it a try?", Ning Qingxue whispered by Ye Mo’s ear. Although she wasn’t old, she had had many years of experience managing a company.

Ye Ling said excitedly, "Yeah, Brother, you should let Sister-in-law handle the company, I can help too."

Ye Mo was touched by the idea. Since Ning Qingxue had said this, it meant that she was willing to stay in Flowing Snake long term, helping him.

"Okay, we’ll do that. From now on, Qingxue will be the president of Luo Yue; Sister Yu, the CEO, responsible for sales, management and expansion. CEO Zang will still be responsible for production and buying supplies, as well as some other things."

Then, Ye Mo looked at Xu Ping and said, "Second Brother, I’ll leave the safety of the company and Flowing Snake to you. As for a managing person, I will find someone."

"I’m fine with it", Xu Ping said excitedly. He had only been with his third brother for a short while and was already black level middle stage. He couldn't have imagined in the past how quickly he was progressing.

"There are still some miscellaneous matters that I will give to Xu Yuehua to deal with."

Zang Jiayan said hesitantly, "A while ago, there were a lot of people with doubtful identities coming to Flowing Snake. However, during this period, we didn't have enough men yet to investigate. After I told Xu Ping about this, we were about to star investigating but these people disappeared completely. It’s very eerie, as though they came and left together under some arrangement.