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428 Overlord Business

Chapter 428: Overlord Business

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After notifying Xu Yuehua, Ye Mo brought Ning Qingxue to Flowing Snake. After Xu Yuehua would finish dealing with some business in Hong Kong, she would be joining them there.

Returning to Flowing Snake again and seeing their environment, not only Ning Qingxue, but also Ye Mo couldn’t believe what they saw. It had changed so much in such a short time. It had become a busy business district, the main streets were very wide and there were all sorts of shops and travel agencies everywhere.

The only thing Ye Mo wasn’t happy about was that, although the streets were wide, it obviously wasn’t meant to be like that, and they had been built casually.

The biggest Luo Yue outlet was in Flowing Snake. This had brought the attention of a lot of merchants; and these merchants had brought relative industries, starting a chain that moved forward different industries.

Ye Mo saw this and sighed. No wonder Xu Yuehua was worried about the countries next to it. With the way Flowing Snake was looking now, it was almost a second grade city.

Ye Mo frowned. ‘No, if it went down to that, it would be a easy target’. What made Ye Mo troubled was that if he was by himself, he could just leave; but the truth was that he wasn’t by himself. If a country was really going to attack Flowing Snake, then with even with his stage 4 power, it would be like throwing an egg at a rock.

No matter how strong his fireballs and wind blades were, he wouldn’t be able to go against an army. Xu Yuehua’s worry was reasoned. He had to quickly resolve this issue; otherwise, the longer he took, the more trouble it would be.

Although Flowing Snake was under Fang Nan and his men’s control, the place was originally chaotic and, as Flowing Snake expanded, there were security issues.

Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue were just standing there and caught a lot of attention. Ning Qingxue was too attractive, no matter where she stood, she would be the most attractive person.

"Big Brother, do you need a hotel? We provide all sorts of service, we’ll guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Don’t worry… I can bring you there now, just follow me." Before Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue could gaze at the scene, a middle aged woman had stopped them.

Although she was trying to do business, from her tone it seemed that Ye Mo had already agreed to it. And after she came, other people trying to sell stuff stopped around them.

Ning Qingxue frowned and got closer to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said plainly, ‘No need, we don’t need to stay in a hotel, move aside."

"Friend, how can you not live in a hotel at Flowing Snake? There aren’t beauty pills everyday, but as long as you live at out hotel, I promise you can at the very least buy the beauty pill, hehe…". Two other bulky men got in Ye Mo’s way. Although the man was talking to Ye Mo, his eyes were on Ning Qingxue with pure lust.

After he finished speaking, he started to play with a small knife.

Ye Mo’s expression sunk. He was angry. How had Flowing Snake turned into that kind place? Funny how he thought this was the safest place before. If Ye Ling wasn’t his sister, would she be also harassed like this? This wasn’t attracting business, this was threatening them to go stay at their hotel.

"Do you always coerce your customers like this? Are there no rules in Flowing Snake?" Ye Mo’s tone was sharp. This was no different from Flowing Snake two years ago. Or maybe even worse.

He was completely shocked. Flowing Snake had these hoodlums, but it was still so populated. If it weren’t for these people, then wouldn’t there be even more inhabitants? It seemed he needed to quickly solve some issues in that land.

Ye Mo’s anger grew. How were Zang Jiayan, Fang Nan and Yang Jiu managing Flowing Snake? This was too ridiculous.

But then, Ye Mo calmed his anger. These people had started from the bottom, they had no experience in managing cities and didn’t have a system. It was not bad that they could still stabilize the situation with this many people.

"Huan Gui, how many times have I told you? Don’t be so direct to customers. You’re doing this again and it is making it hard for me." A young voice was heard.

The bulky man called Huan Gui turned around and saw two young men. He immediate smiled, "Brother Huo Zi, please don’t mind on account of Metal Brother. Come have a ciggie, our boss and Metal Brother are brothers, hehe…"

Although he looked polite, he didn’t seem to take the Brother Huo Zi seriously.

Ye Mo stared at the young man walking over and his eyes sparkled with anger. He knew him, it had been him who had gone to Beijing to find him. This young man was called Xiao Huo, a loyal man of Fang Nan.

No wonder these people were so arrogant, they had support from someone. These gangsters couldn’t really have authority; once they did, they would think of ways to make profit out of it. He wondered who that Metal brother’s backup was.

"Okay, don’t over do it. Although Metal brother is my brother, Flowing Snake isn’t mine and it isn’t Metal brothers’. You’ve always been like this and it makes it very hard for me." Xiao Huo said with a sunken expression. He felt that what many brothers were doing wasn’t what Brother Ye had intended. However, Brother Nan had been focused on cultivation and rarely managed these matters. He had given his men to Rock and Xiao Metal. And now, this was the situation.

"Sorry, Brother Huo Zi, I must do this business this time." Then, Huan Gui stared at Ning Qingxue.

Xiao Huo shook his head helplessly. He looked up and then rubbed his eyes in disbelief. He was actually seeing Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue. Xiao Huo’s face changed immediately. He quickly ran in front of Ye Mo and bowed, "B- Big Brother, you’re back…"

Ye Mo sneered and scanned those passers-by businesses. Just when he wanted to speak, he saw more of those people stop another foreign merchant; they had almost pushed and dragged him away.

"Why is this trash in Flowing Snake? What is Fang Nan doing?" Ye Mo’s temper grew bigger. His company was based in Flowing Snake and with these sort of things happening in there, then no matter how effective his products were, it would affect his company’s interests.

"Who do you think you are? How can you dare point your fingers like that? Are you Xiao Huo’s big brother? Then let me tell you, if you want to act important, go do that at home, this isn’t the place for you." Huan Gui thought Ye Mo was a relative of Xiao Huo’s. He hadn’t heard Ye Mo’s words and walked over with a contemptuous tone. He didn’t even take Xiao Huo seriously. He only gave him some respect due to him being the brother of Metal Brother.

Slap- Xiao Huo slapped Huan Gui on the face unexpectedly, "Piss off, even if you’re one of Xiao Metal’s men, I won’t let this go. I would hit Xiao Metal here, I’m don’t even care about what you can do."

"Oh, Cheng Jihuo, you’re so powerful. You’re not even the big boss in Flowing Snake, how dare you hit my men? I want to see what you’re gonna do about it." Then, another young man brought two men with him and walked over. One of them seemed to be wearing clothes from the military.

Ye Mo knew this person. He was Xiao Metal, one of the two loyal men of Fang Nan. The other one was called Rock, but he didn’t expect him to be like this in only two years. Oh- Perhaps he never changed, he had always been this person, yet Ye Mo just couldn’t understand him.

"These people are really unreasonable…" Ning Qingxue saw this and frowned.

"Reason... I am reason-" Xiao Metal only said half an sentence before he saw Ning Qingxue. Such a beautiful woman, but this woman didn’t make him happy. He seemed to have recognized her. This woman had come to Flowing Snake before, and Big Brother Fang Nan had treated her like an important guest. She seemed to be Ye brother’s woman. It was her, Xiao Metal felt not good.

He finally saw Ye Mo, who had a cold face, next to Ning Qingxue. If he had another chance, he would not have looked at the woman first, but the person next to the her.

The instant Xiao Metal saw Ye Mo, his heart and body shaked. It was Big Brother, Brother Nan’s Big Brother. He hadn’t even had a chance to call Ye Mo Big Brother. Brother Ye had actually returned to Flowing Snake and his man Huan Gui had tried to coerce Brother Ye, but had been stopped by Xiao Huo.

Xiao Metal didn’t even dare to think about what had happened. He had understood. It’s over, Xiao Metal’s heart was full of worry. He did had done overlord business on the big boss. He wondered if the bastard Huan Gui had offended Big boss’ woman.

"Metal brother, Xiao Huo is getting worse and worse. He’s always been preventing us from doing business lately. If he wasn’t a brother of Big Brother, I would’ve…" Huan Gui’s voice suddenly stopped.

He couldn’t speak anymore because Xiao Metal had also slapped him in the face. Before Huan Gui could react, Xiao Metal had kneeled down in front of Ye Mo.

Huan Gui was dazed, but before he could react he saw his Metal Brother had knelt down in front of that young man.

"Brother Ye, I- I really didn’t know it was you." Xiao Metal was really scared now. Other people didn’t know Ye Mo’s power, but he had seen it with Fang Nan.

Ye Mo said coldly, "So, do you mean that if it had been someone else, you would be allowed to do this?"

Xiao Metal opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything. He believed so indeed. Since Flowing Snake was their land, and their Big Brother had forbid robbery; then so what if they did some coerced business?